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“You’ve all sacrificed so much to be here, to be a part of this. It’s the first ever large scale colonization mission to come this far into our galaxy. We’re making history. Everyone back on earth is really greatful, for your hardwork, and your courage. I just wanna say that, I couldn’t pick a better bunch of jerks to get marooned on a distant planet with. So, um, TO THE COVENANT!” - Daniels
Alien: Covenant (2017)
Prolouge: The Last Supper

Barry: Iris I think we need some space. Westallen fandom:

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Magi 353 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which everyone wants to be stomped by the swords of giant angels… except those four, of course.

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BTS reactions: You beating them at basketball 1 on 1.

Requested by: Anonymous 

Request: “  Bts reaction to beating them at basketball 1 on 1 “


  He will look at you and start smiling “My jagi is so talented.Next time go easy on me, ok?

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

 He would just stare at you and not believe what happened. “Next time warn me that you a GOD at something, before I challenge you.Like this was MY area!

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Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

 He will be supper happy and not care about you beating him “You are so amazing jagi!Let’s go challenge Jungkook!

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

 We will be stunned “My calculations were perfect, except the fact that I can’t play…but still!

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Park Jimin:

 He will laugh in his adorable way, then check again before looking at you shocked “Why didn’t I know sooner of this ability of yours?You are amazing!

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Kim Taehyung/V:

 He will jump around and start yelling ,before grabbing your shoulders “Teach me your ways master!I want to beat Jungkook at something for once.”

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  When the score comes out, he will choke on his water “What!”then turning slowly to you “Jagi you are amazing, but let’s keep this between us.If the guys find out, I am done for.

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ace, sabo, zoro and luffy headcanons/reactions on their s.o lying them on her lap and absent mindedly tracing patterns on their skin, or maybe caressing their hairstrands? (#they all probably would end up falling asleep but xp)

I hope you enjoy!!

•ace loves laying his head on your lap. When you pull him down, he gets supper happy.
•when you start tracing little patterns on him, he practically melts.
•ace loves touching you, he loves little moments like this.
•he really cherishes it.

•Sabo is a very cuddly man.
•he’d wrap his arms around your torso and nuzzle his face into your belly.
•Once you start to trace little lines on him he gets up instantly and takes his shirt off.
•he loves feeling your skin on his.
•he’d lift our shirt up and give little kisses to your ribs as a way of returning the favor.
•he’d fall asleep soon enough.
•when he does fall asleep I’d be one of the best sleeps he’s ever had.

•right when Zoro’s head hits your lap he’s out like a light.
•in a second he’s drooling on your leg.
•when the u start drawing with your finger on his back he, like ace, he starts melting.
•he purrs like a cat.
•if he wakes up he just stares at you with love in his eyes.

•"hey Y/N what are you doing.“
•like his friend Zoro, he’s how like a light.
•he’d wrap his arms around you.
•if you wanna get up or grab something Luffy will wine and cry for you not to get up.
•if you really have to get up, you’ll have to drag him around.


This is what happens when I RP, I end up drawing memes of my kids (and @hiimtryingtounderfell ‘s), it’s a win win lmao.

((Well, happy memes and some not do happy scenes but don’t mind it >w>

*The last two pics are from this drawing meme chart thingy!

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ahhhh i love the dog headcanons they're so cute! that st. bernard is probably larger than chopper tbh. which dogs would the rest of the supernovas have?

Can you do Ace,Sano and Shanks with a dog too please? 

Hello, Blen-san! I would like to request dogcanons for any character that you’d like. I’d be supper happy if you do so! P.S. i really like your blog 😁

i’m so happy you like my blog? :D LIKE awww thank you a lot! And I’D love to do more dogcanons tbh! They’re beyond adorable and make me SUPER happy because I love dogs and Im about to adopt my first own one <3 and Im also SOO sorry for all the other requests that are delayed, i want to do them justice and work on them once im creative enough again, long story short dogcanons make me uber happy <3

btw Kid and Law’s dog are heavily inspired from @op-heartstealers, but I sadly cant link anything since she deleted her blog


  • Bonney would get an English Bulldog
  • It wouldn’t matter to her if it was a male or female one she loves it either way
  • the damn dog eat about as much as Bonney herself lol
  • Bonney’s Bulldog is pretty drooly too and affectionate around Bonney and her crewmates, also lazy as fuck
  • not because of it’s just because it’s Bonney’s dog
  • Bonney trained it to tug at her boots whenever it senses a hot girl


  • This gorgeous creature is Kid’s dog, a pitbull
  • He’d get a boy probably and he heavily plays into the stereotype of pitbulls being aggressive
  • He loves his dog, and his pitbull is very well trained and only listens to Kid
  • He’s very affectionate around children at which Kid rolls his eyes at
  • The crew loves him too and feeds him with leftover meat
  • Kid always styles him in a really intimidating manner, like spikey collar and a dog leash decorated with small metal sculls

(btw pitbulls arent aggressive per se, they are family and guard dogs first an foremost, the aggressive and violent behaviour of some pitbulls comes from irresponsible owners)


  • Capone’s pride and joy
  • his male little Papillon
  • Capone loves his Papillon, his son and his wife and crew (in exactly that order)
  • spoils him rotten
  • he’d give him a fancy male italian name like “Donatello” or “Michelangelo”
  • and dress him up with a bowtie
  • Capone has pictures of his dog inside him as well as professional expensive paintings


  • Hawkin’s pride
  • Now Hawkin’s would get himself an Afghan Hound, with long beautiful golden hair (fur?)
  • She’d be female and Hawkins would give her a name like…”Morgana” or “Ursula” or something like that
  • She’d be by his side and most of the time and get lots of cuddling sessions with all the Hawkins pirates
  • Hawkins also gets her a a long purple coat so they can match


  • I feel like Killer would get a Boxer!
  • A male one as well, he wouldnt want to get a stereotypically aggressive one like a Pitbull like Kid he rather has a really even tempered and playful one
  • His Boxer is very active and wont leave Killer’s side
  • Very good friends with Kid’s dog, to parallel their owners, Killer’s Boxer often seems like the reasonable one, especially since he’s a bit older too
  • He doesnt mind that he never saw Killer’s face, he can perfectly sense his owner by his scent (and blonde locks)


  • Ok so Drake gets himself a Golden Retriever
  • He doesn’t care about the sex of the dog but he would specifically want this breed just because they just look like the embodiment of sunshine
  • Drake’s Retriever can totally make him smile
  • And it loves their owner sooooooo much
  • Drake would let his dog get out and explore whatever island they’re currently docked on and you guessed it would bring a horde of kids to the ship who wanna pet the dog and Drake’s Retriever fucking loves it
  • Drake would absently pet him whenever reading something


  • Urouge would get a Tibetan Mastiff
  • It just really fits aesthetically both being super large and all
  • Urouge wanders a lot with him and the Mastiff really likes climbing mountains just like their owner
  • He’d actually feed him with a lot of sweets, just not chocolate but yeah Dog sweets
  • his crewmates made fake wings the dog can wear for aesthetics


  • Law would 1000000% a German Shepherd Dog
  • She’d be female because Law thinks they’re easier to train, and dammit she’s very well trained
  • Law’s German Shepherd, Killer’s Boxer, Kid’s Pitbull, Hawkins’ Afghan and Sabo’s Husky are the best trained dogs on this list
  • She’s super smart (she once beat Bepo in Tic Tac Toe three times in a row)
  • carries Law’s sword around whenever he puts it down
  • very protective of Law


  • Apoo’s Havanese is totally the most playful and adorable one of this bunch, 10/10
  • It’d be a girl and she loves APOO SO MUCH, they love each other a whole damn lot
  • She loves it when he sings or plays an instrument for her
  • as much as she’s playful and lovely around Apoo she’s kinda wary and much on guard with strangers, she barks at them most of the time and stays close to Apoo
  • much like her owner she’s LOUD


  • Ace would probably have a Doberman and it would be a male
  • He’d give him a name like “Apollo” or “Ares”
  • he only listens to Ace, Ace thinks it’s cool but his dog is a little aggressive so he has to keep an eye on him
  • other than that he’s a cuddle monster, he’s infatuated with Ace
  • very fun loving but not afraid to pull lots of shenanigans and honestly? He isn’t super well trained, this one is totally on Ace
  • Everybody on the Moby Dick about Ace’s Doberman: “He’s an asshole but we love him.


  • he would have a Husky and she would be female
  • she’s all calm around a lot of people, when it’s only her and Sabo she’d jump right into his arms and lick his face
  • she can be very sweet and let everybody pet her but as soon as Sabo gives the command she can make a 180 and go wilde
  • she’s very protective of Sabo, nobody can go anywhere near Sabo while he’s sleeping, she will lowly growl at you all like, “I dare you mofo get another step near my human.”
  • He’d give her a fitting name for a husky girl like “Lyanna” or “Darcy”


  • And this is Shanks’ dog, an Irish Settler
  • I feel like he’d get a girl too just to have at least one lady on his ship lol
  • She’s very affectionate and playful just like Shanks 
  • they’re ginger buddíes
  • very even tempered and LOVES kids a lot just like her owner
  • He’d let her wear funny stuff like ties or funny hats and laugh himself into an early grave
  • She’s the first one to put an end to his drinking before he gets too drunk and gently tugs at his fugly pants then
GOT7 reaction to their S/O commiting suicide


Requested by anon


Mark is already a pretty quiet person. I think he would become very closed off for a while. Maybe he would talk even less. Or he might just hate being around people at all. Being around people only makes him feel worse.

When he found out what happened, he would be angry. Not necessarily at anyone just angry. He would start blaming himself. “Maybe if I would have been around more…”

Alright. Here’s the thing. We all know Jackson is supper hyper and seems happy all the time. But I feel like his attitude would completely change. He wouldn’t be able to joke around for a really long time and he would need to take a break from everything to just heal.

He would try his best to continue doing his job and being around people because he knows that’s what they would have wanted. But inside he’s breaking and he spends most nights in tears wondering if he could have done something to stop them

He wouldn’t understand. He would spend a long time trying to figure out why they did it. Maybe if he could figure out why, he would be able to come to terms with it. But inside, he knew that wasn’t true.

A week after the funeral he would start packing their stuff into boxes. That’s what everyone was telling him to do. Because if all their stuff was gone, he could move on faster. But the second he walks into your shared room he would burst into tears and fall to his knees. He would never go back in there.

He would spend a lot of time in the dance room, alone. He would dance until he threw up because dancing was the only thing that made him feel alive anymore


I almost cried while writing this. So. That’s fun.

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Were you and Robin together before you went to PAX or did you guys kinda decide while you were there? Also, supper happy for you guys! :'D

well, we flirted a lot before the con, and from there we decided that if it went well and that if there was chemistry then we would move on from there c:


Mod Ichi  Happy supper late bithday!!  ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

This has an interesting story… no, not really. I started this as soon as I finished Mod Jyushi´s Jester, but as I didn´t know when your birthday was, I thought maybe I had a little bit more time, which seems not.

I´m sorry for being so late, I hurried up as much as I could when I started to see all the “happy birthday” messages. 

I hope you had a great day that day, and I don´t know, maybe I promise on my side that next year I´m going to be on time? XD!

I want dad!Derek who comes home and picks up his kid, cuddling them while they babble on. And even through he doesn’t understand a thing they’re saying he encourages them by saying stuff like “What? No way.”, “Really?”, “Is that so?”, and so on because he loves the look on his child’s face when they get supper happy because they’re dad is talking to them and listening. 

I want dad!Derek who was so scared the first few nights that they brought their child home that he sat up all night, scared the child would wake and he wouldn’t hear it - despite Stiles pointing out that they had a monitor system and Derek had werewolf super hearing. But Derek soon learns that the child is comfortable enough in their house that they sleep through the night with only the occasional nightmare.

I want dad!Derek who went to the store and picked out every single teething toy because he was feeling his child’s pain and wanted to help alleviate it. So when their kid starts teething, he gives them the child-safe painkillers, the teething toys and takes the baby’s pain because the last thing he wants is his kid feeling any pain.

I want dad!Derek who takes his kid on a walk every day, carrying them on his shoulders because they don’t want to go in the stroller, bundling them up in tons of clothes during the winter, and holding their hand when they start learning how to walk.

I want dad!Derek who does everything he possibly can to make his child happy and safe. 

I want dad!Derek who wants to be as good of a parent as his parents were to him.