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Game of Thrones mash-up with “The Last Supper”

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I was going through thomas sanders tumblr and noticed he rebloged a few things about being gay, (Im not saying this makes him gay. and if he is theres nothing wrong with that.) and I started to think. none us of really know his sexuality. in his vines he has positive representations of LGBT+ and that’s supper cool! he leaves it up for the view to figure out it seems and that somehow makes me feel better about myself? like I like to think of him as bi because I think it would be cool to have someone relate to me and be so positive and friendly.

Idk im writing this at 2:30 am rn so I think im just rambling.

anon: You should write a short story where Zach gets shot and Cam has to fix him up in a moving vehicle while they flee dramatically. And let’s say Preston and Macey are there? I don’t know, I’ll let you run with this :) love your writing btw!

anon: I really loved your little Zach/beach story! Maybe one where Zach doesn’t really like people playing with his hair anymore (because Cathrine did it) but then one day he gets shot or something and Cam’s running her fingers through his hair to calm him down and he likes it? Idk, it’s kinda cheesy but it would be supper cool if you did it :)

God bless you two for waiting this long, because these were the first Ship Weeks requests that I got.  Anyways, I stuck these together, because they work together.  Enjoy!

Hands in his Hair

It used to send spikes down his spine.  It used to make him cold and rigid and most of all, scared.  Having hands in his hair is not an act unknown to Zachary Goode, but it is an act unwanted.  He can’t stand the paranoia – can’t bear that whole-body coil that comes alongside the feeling of fingers through his curls. It feels like her voice is in her ear, singing sweetly to her little Zachy as he falls asleep on her shoulder.

Except this isn’t the mansion.  And the voice isn’t his mother’s.  “I don’t care what you hand me, as long as it’s got alcohol in it.”

That’s Cam.  He loves Cam, especially when she’s got that sense of command in her voice.  She always tells him that she’s lost – always worries that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  But she does.  She always does.  He loves that.

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Natsu Dragneel - Dragon or Demon?

Natsu Dragneel(@sirdragneel​) is probably one of Fairy Tails most destructive mages and his sudden boost of power during the X792 GrandMagicGames was differently something to talk about. But what did he do for the past year Fairy Tail was disbanded? What kind of training did he push himself to do? These, and many more, are the questions that will be answered in this article!

Warning Headcanons Ahead.

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Combaterwing Optical USB Wired 4800 DPI Professional Gaming Mouse

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When He Blow Ya Back Out Again

So Jaebum takes you to the bathroom upstairs and you already singing Going Over Yonder cause he finna talk you all the way to hell. He holding your hand tight too and aint even looked at you since bringing you in the house.


Think he slick and picks you up so your sitting on the bathroom counter, he kissing on your neck got you feeling all good with that A++ foreplay. That’s how he trapped your ass in the first place but you forget he gonna rip you in half when he licks the side of your neck.


You wet. Of course. How could you not be? He tonguing your next down like it’s the last supper. Cool. You stroking on his sides and shit, giggling when it starts tickling.


Knows damn well he was already hard before he made it inside so he wastes no time in stripping off your pants and panties.


This is it. The moment when you would go on to glory. He rubbed the tip against your slit, grinning when your legs fell open for him. Smug ass.


Lowkey knows he was a little brutal the other night, so he pushes in slow, giving you that Avant “making good love” dick. Soon as you start moaning and scratching his back he pulling his face from your shoulder asking how you like it.


You straight up thinking about Petey Pablo song Freek-A-Leek. Just ready to say how good Daddy feels, when he rolls his hips so you take all of him, that burn from the other night creeping back up.  He got your face looking like every emoji at the same time.


He grinning, fucking you like aint got no worries


😟 😠 😡 😔 😕 🙁 😣 😖 😫 😩 😤 😮 😱 😨 😰 😯 😦 *speaking in tongues*


He pulls out long enough to make you turn around, the gymnast in him bending you over so he can lean against the sink. You look back at him, seeing his hands behind his head waiting for you to throw it back. Like his ass gonna catch it and volley it back like a damn tennis ball.


You aint no punk so you slide back biting a hole in your lip when he moves his hips the rest of the way. Your eyes crossed and you just about to try to twerk, when a knock comes to the door. You stop moving, but he slap you on the ass making you move with his hands on your hips.


He answers the door, opening it just enough that they can see his face and not you bent over in front of him. You don’t even know what he talking about until he stands up straight and pulls you with him when they leave, kicking one of your legs so you spread them. He didn’t even close the door.


You crying wondering how in the hell you got to this point and wondering what the lord is gonna say when you show up at the pearly gates. He probably gonna call you a thot and send your ass to hell where Jaebum gonna be waiting telling you to come sit in his lap. This aint the life you was trying to live but Im Jaebum came in like he was Rich Homie Quan with the walk through on some The Weekend shit like ‘ Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?’

“Nah’, you say out loud.


He look back at you, knowing you need to go to sleep so he wrap his arms around your shoulders talking slick shit that had you thinking you could take him in the first place.


But you don’t say nothing because you have church in the morning and the last thing you need is to catch the holy ghost and shout “I’m delivert! I ain’t a thot no mo’” Cause Jaebum gonna be right there in the pew sending you freaky ass texts because you shouldn’t have taken him and his python to church with you in the first place. You know good and damn well snakes had Eve sinning.

But you end up letting him take you out during the praise break so he can show you his communion in the car.