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Going into labor with Namjoon as your husband.(first part is a text scenario)

A/N: I don’t know how I got this idea in the first place.Nonetheless I hope you guys like it and the first part is a text scenario, just like the one I did with Taehyung. These are actually kind of short, sorry for any mistakes made.🙂

Word count: 1,715

Warnings: Swearing

Part1 ( text scenario ) / Part2

  Your contractions were still in 30 min intervals, so it wasn’t as bad as it was going to be. You placed your phone on the floor next to you and leaned on the wall. You went into labor while you were grabbing a cup of water from the kitchen. 

  You were able to tell Namjoon to come home A.S.A.P. which is great, but it still took him a couple of minutes. After awhile you heard the door open up loudly.

“YAH!” you yelled out “I hope the door is still attached to the wall for your own good Kim Namjoon!” you turned your head to the side to look at your husband, who was about to start crying. 

“Jagya!”he ran over to you and picked you up from the floor “What do I do?”he was walking around the house with you in his arms, but you weren’t happy about it.All that extra movement was a bit too much for you.

“Stop that!” Jin hit Namjoon with something 

“Jin hyung is right.Let’s go to the hospital.” suggested Jungkook as Taehyung ran to open the door of your apartment 

“That is not what I meant to say.”Jin pouted “I can help Y/N without going to the hospital.”

“Midwife Jin, thanks but no thanks.”you were rubbing your belly and breathing heavily 

“Let’s go!”Hoseok pushed Namjoon and he ran in the elevator

  It got a bit cramped in there with the 7 of them and you, not to mention the sweet old lady which lived next to you. The boys were trying their best not to crush her or you.

“Morning sweetie.”she smiled “Where are you going?”

“Morning.”said Namjoon “She can’t talk right now, we are kind of in a hurry.”

“Oh, where to?” she was such a nice old lady, it would have been very impolite to not answer

“I am in labor.”you were able to say through your teeth

“Oh my.”she placed her hand in front of her mouth “That is wonderful news dear. Judging by the size of your belly, it must be a boy.”

“It’s a girl.”said Namjoon

“That is what I said, a girl.”she laughed out and walked off on the 3-rd floor ”Do your best, I can’t wait to see her.”the old lady waved you goodbye

“Ok, is it just me or did she say that it was going to be a boy?”asked Jungkook

“No, I heard it too.” Jimin nodded his head

“Anyways.”Yoongi looked at the numbers next to the buttons in the elevator “We are here.” the door opened immediately and Namjoon ran for the car. Jimin opened the door for you, Yoongi sat next to you and Namjoon on your other side. Jin was getting ready to drive.Once everyone was in, you started noticing that the contractions were at shorter intervals.

“Can we hurry up!?”you asked

“Ok.”Jin looked back at all of you “First are your seat belts on.”

“KIM SEOKJIN I WILL MURDER YOU!” you grabbed his shirt and pulled him back.In a split second he started the car and drove like crazy.

  The good thing was that the hospital was close to your house. Jin stopped in front of the building. Hoseok got out first and opened your door.Namjoon lifted you up again and Yoongi hurried to open the next door.Everyone was synchronizing their movements for your sake 

 The first doctor that saw you rushed you to the maternity ward. The nurses let only Namjoon in while you were giving birth.When the moment came you were crushing his hand and screaming. 

“It’s ok, jagya. Everything is going to be alright.”he was trying to make you feel better.Both of your hands grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to your eye level.

“Don’t you dare tell me what is going to be alright!”the words were coming from in between your teeth and you weren’t happy at all “Why don’t you try having a HUMAN BEING rip out of your body!”

“Mrs Kim, I would like you to push.We can see the head.”the doctor asked of you

  Once you heard his words, you knew that it was almost over, you had to keep it going just a little bit more.

“You can do it jagya!”

“Nurse!”said the doctor

“I could have done that at home, with some warm water and towels.” your head moved up and you saw him standing next to you ,with his hand on his waist

“JIN!”you gasped

  He looked at the doctor and then at you “I didn’t know we were going to get personal.”he was talking about going over there and seeing what the doctor was.

“How the fuck did you get in here!?”asked Namjoon amazed and still holding your hand

“Forget about that.”you said after another painful push “Get OUT!”the words became one with a painful scream 

“But I got her this adorable dress and cute shoes that match.” he pulled out clothes from absolutely nowhere 

“JIN!”you yelled out again

“Did I mention that they are pink?” 


  He sighed and left.The day was getting more and more crazy. This was supposed to be a normal child birth.You were hoping someone called your parents ,because you were in such a hurry that you forgot your phone on the apartment floor.


  The moment you heard that sweet angelic cry ,your tears started flowing down your cheeks like a river.You were happy and once you were holding her in your arms, all that pain felt like nothing compared to what you received.

“My baby.” you were kissing her and didn’t want to let go when the nurse had to wash her up

“You did amazing jagya.” Namjoon was holding onto you and thanking you for all your hard work “Thank you for making me the most happiest man alive.”his kisses were showering over you

“Here she is.”the nurse handed Namjoon your baby girl 

“She is beautiful.”he said, gently caressing her cheek

“Wait…”your hand reached out and pulled the blanket down a bit, exposing her clothes “Jin!”

“What?” the boys walked in together 

“When did you do this!?”you asked pointing at the clothes your daughter was wearing, the same that Jin had.

“Why should I tell you all of my secrets?”

“He smiled at the nurse, she got hypnotized ,so he used the moment to dress her up.”said Yoongi yawing, he obviously slept through this glorious moment 

“Y/N.”you looked down at the side of your bed, seeing Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin looking up at you with puppy dog eyes.

“Can we?”

“Awww, I can’t say no to those cute faces.Here you go, but be careful.” you gave them your baby girl and their eyes sparkled once she smiled at them.

  The nurse that was taking care of you was supper cool and she didn’t care how many people there where, she could get rid of them in a second if she wanted to.

“Ok,ok let the mother and the child rest.Wait outside.”she took the baby out of Jimin’s hands and gave her to you, smiling

“But I am the husband.”said Namjoon

“Excuse me?” the nurse turned around to face him in a sassy way “Um,did you give birth sir?”


“Were you having back pain and were vomiting for 9 months straight?”


“Well then get out.This is the maternity ward.Last time I checked you aren’t a woman.”she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him out, the face Namjoon was making was hilarious and adorable at the same time. 

“Sorry about that, they can be a bit noisy.”you told the nurse

“Oh not at all dear.First time dad I presume.”she helped you sit down and feed your baby properly 


“To be honest it was very funny the moment you came in here.Your husband was carrying you, one of your friends opened the door to the hospital, the other one was bringing in your bag, the charmer parked the car.You made my day, in fact you made my whole week.”she was a supper fun person to be around

“That is how we are.”you said

“Don’t they have a concert?” her question was so sudden and your face had shock written all over it “What?You thought I didn’t know them? BTS are famous after all.”she patted your back “Nonetheless this is a hospital, I must ask your husband to be a bit more quiet.”

“About that.”you looked behind her and she turned around, seeing the boys looking through the glass.Namjoon was jumping and broke something, judging by the look on his face.

“May I?”

“Be my guest.”you said

  The nurse was about to walk over to them, when they walked in. She wasn’t very happy about it and in a way she was right.

“Sir there are a lot of babies and mothers sleeping here.If you aren’t quiet they will wake up.” she placed her hands on her waist in an ‘angry mom’ position. 

“Don’t worry, we have Jin hyung here.”Namjoon pointed at him

“That is right, I will sing to them.”and he started 

“That is great sir, could you sing outside please.” 

  The boys were talking a bit loudly and you saw how your baby girl frowned her little eyebrows and was about to cry. Jimin casually looked over to you and his body froze. He pushed Jungkook and pointed over to you. Kookie grabbed Jin.

“Hyung, you should stop.”

“I am not done yet Jungkook.” he pulled his arm away

“Hyung.”said Jimin

  Yoongi sighed and grabbed Jin’s head moving it towards you.The moment your eyes met, was the moment he felt fear on such a high level.It was like someone started plying ‘Run’ in the background, they were gone immediately.

  The nurse walked over to make sure everything was ok.

“You have to tell me how you did that.”

“I have my way.”you laughed out

  Soon you felt your body getting weak and the sleep finally caught up to you. The nurse took your baby and placed her next to you. 

“Rest, you earned it.” 

  It was was such a sweet sleep, something you had never experienced before. Yet it didn’t last long, after 2 hours you heard them yelling and making a ruckus again.

“Your wife needs to sleep!” and the nurse came to scold them again.It was going to be a long visit for them, but in a way a fun one.

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hello <3 I was wondering if you could help me. I keep seeing these supper cool twitter rps and I really want to join them but I have no clu how to twitter rp. Basically I'd love it if you could explain how to twitter rp <3 ps in love with your blog right now

awh you’re adorable, tysm bby ! i’m not that great w words but i’ll try my very best for you.

setting up 

( creating and setting up your twitter account is v simple and easy to get the hang of, but the thing with twitter rps is that you have to stay on top of trends lmao. once you actually begin rping it’ll become more clearer, but there are trends for both your @ and your display name. )

your account or @ is usually just your characters name with something like gtg or yikes or sike in front etc written in all caps. an example would be GTGAMELIA or SIKECIARA. your display name, however, is usually just a famous character your muse likes, but this will probs change several times throughout the rp. examples i’ve seen floating around are OCTAVIA BLAKE or KATHERINE PIERCE or DORY ( it can lit be anyone lmao ). some people just have their character’s name and that’s totally cool too !

okay onto your icon and header, these are pretty simple but again there are trends. your icon is always just a picture of your character, and so that’s entirely up to you on how you set that up. headers are a little more complicated, the trend going around now is to have memes for your header ( this, again, is entirely up to you ) or just something cute and aesthetic. when you’re actually rping your header and icon will probs change, your icon being whatever you want but sometimes ppl might ask ‘header for header’ and then you can have headers of each other’s character etc etc.

also your description can be whatever you want, but usually i find that most people have quirky sayings or tweets. a lot of people get their descriptions from here !

following accounts + ooc

the rest comes very easy. from your new twitter account you go and follow the main, which should be linked somewhere on the tumblr main page. you also go and follow everyone the main is following, and there you can basically see the variety of display names and headers etc. dont forget you can change all your display stuff at any time. when the main says you can post ooc interactions, basically you can post your very first tweet. just remember: if you want to post something ooc you just simply put a / before what you’re going to say ( for example: / yo yo waddup ). this applies for both the timeline and your dms, seeing as everything else you post or send is all in character. 

for your first ooc tweet you should post something short and sweet abt whether you’re more into chemistry or if you want to plot with people, and feel free to add a few details abt your muse there too. if you tweet something about plotting, there is a high chance people will come to your dms or like your tweet. if they like your tweet it means you should probs go to them to plot (just head over to their dms and introduce yourself or say smth quirky). dont forget to put ‘/ ‘ while plotting ooc.

tweeting and rping

everything from here on out comes v naturally, and everything you tweet or dm is in character, so basically all you do is tweet whatever is on your characters mind and most of the time people will reply. if someone tweets something its up to you to begin interactions, just like someone would post a starter here on tumblr and you would need to reply. and just remember everything is v casual and easy, but if you want to do some more in depth writing head to the dms. you can plot things out and then para it, it’s entirely up to you and the other mun. 

dont be offended if people dont reply to your tweet. tweet something else. i swear within the first day i often have 200+ tweets, you’re supposed to tweet regularly and keep the timelie moving. if no one replies to your tweet, that’s totally fine, you’re just voicing whatever is on your characters mind. go ahead and reply to tweets though, or like things you find humorous but dont want to reply to etc. 

you also post selfies on the tl with a cute caption ( again, i’d suggest ) or with smth witty or eye catching. people will 95% of the time see it, like it and retweet it. basically if you see a selfie you do the same, you can even retweet with a meme or smth like that as your character’s reaction. pro tip: if you see a meme, save it… they come in handy. 

some people create ask.fms or tumblr muse blogs for their character, but more often than not that will just be a task for the rp ( yes there are still cute tasks and events ! ) so that’s entirely up to you. and that’s pretty much it

wow this turned out rlly long, and i feel like this is just rlly basic info ? but that should help you out bby, and the more you do it you’ll get used to it and follow the trends and whatnot. but remember its all fun and about you having a good time and getting the opportunity to play your muse. if any ppl experienced with twitter rping want me to add anything important to this post, reply to this or just shoot me an ask. hope this helps you out !

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The way you make the reds and blues stand out in your colouring reminds me of stage lights in a theater and it's supper cool!

woAH, for real?? Thats so rad! I try to have fun with the different lights :D

Game of Thrones mash-up with “The Last Supper”

Really cool artwork by Sheilala, follow her on:

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My school is literally a house they turned into a school, so I can just go into the kitchen and just whatever food I want for free. It's supper cool.

that sounds pretty cool apart from it being a house. how small is that?

anon: You should write a short story where Zach gets shot and Cam has to fix him up in a moving vehicle while they flee dramatically. And let’s say Preston and Macey are there? I don’t know, I’ll let you run with this :) love your writing btw!

anon: I really loved your little Zach/beach story! Maybe one where Zach doesn’t really like people playing with his hair anymore (because Cathrine did it) but then one day he gets shot or something and Cam’s running her fingers through his hair to calm him down and he likes it? Idk, it’s kinda cheesy but it would be supper cool if you did it :)

God bless you two for waiting this long, because these were the first Ship Weeks requests that I got.  Anyways, I stuck these together, because they work together.  Enjoy!

Hands in his Hair

It used to send spikes down his spine.  It used to make him cold and rigid and most of all, scared.  Having hands in his hair is not an act unknown to Zachary Goode, but it is an act unwanted.  He can’t stand the paranoia – can’t bear that whole-body coil that comes alongside the feeling of fingers through his curls. It feels like her voice is in her ear, singing sweetly to her little Zachy as he falls asleep on her shoulder.

Except this isn’t the mansion.  And the voice isn’t his mother’s.  “I don’t care what you hand me, as long as it’s got alcohol in it.”

That’s Cam.  He loves Cam, especially when she’s got that sense of command in her voice.  She always tells him that she’s lost – always worries that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  But she does.  She always does.  He loves that.

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Voltron is such a good show!! It's about 5 people that end up going into space to fight an evil space overloard by piloting giant space robot lions that can combine into a super space robot man with cat heads for hand and feet!! The characters are super great and funny and there are so many supper cool aliens!! It's a really fun show and I would highly recommend you watch it!!

Thank you Anon-chan! I’ll give it a try!

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kenimmortal --url thing

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following; @kenimmortal

my opinion on;

how they play them: Really well dear <3 i love the way you play Kenny


do i;

follow them: Dumb question Y E S
rp with them: FUCK YEAH

want to rp with them: ALWAYS
ship their character with mine: C R E N N Y

what is my;

overall opinion: SM O R C H E S I LOVE YOU AND YOUR CHARACTER <333

I was going through thomas sanders tumblr and noticed he rebloged a few things about being gay, (Im not saying this makes him gay. and if he is theres nothing wrong with that.) and I started to think. none us of really know his sexuality. in his vines he has positive representations of LGBT+ and that’s supper cool! he leaves it up for the view to figure out it seems and that somehow makes me feel better about myself? like I like to think of him as bi because I think it would be cool to have someone relate to me and be so positive and friendly.

Idk im writing this at 2:30 am rn so I think im just rambling.

When He Blow Ya Back Out Again

So Jaebum takes you to the bathroom upstairs and you already singing Going Over Yonder cause he finna talk you all the way to hell. He holding your hand tight too and aint even looked at you since bringing you in the house.


Think he slick and picks you up so your sitting on the bathroom counter, he kissing on your neck got you feeling all good with that A++ foreplay. That’s how he trapped your ass in the first place but you forget he gonna rip you in half when he licks the side of your neck.


You wet. Of course. How could you not be? He tonguing your next down like it’s the last supper. Cool. You stroking on his sides and shit, giggling when it starts tickling.


Knows damn well he was already hard before he made it inside so he wastes no time in stripping off your pants and panties.


This is it. The moment when you would go on to glory. He rubbed the tip against your slit, grinning when your legs fell open for him. Smug ass.


Lowkey knows he was a little brutal the other night, so he pushes in slow, giving you that Avant “making good love” dick. Soon as you start moaning and scratching his back he pulling his face from your shoulder asking how you like it.


You straight up thinking about Petey Pablo song Freek-A-Leek. Just ready to say how good Daddy feels, when he rolls his hips so you take all of him, that burn from the other night creeping back up.  He got your face looking like every emoji at the same time.


He grinning, fucking you like aint got no worries


😟 😠 😡 😔 😕 🙁 😣 😖 😫 😩 😤 😮 😱 😨 😰 😯 😦 *speaking in tongues*


He pulls out long enough to make you turn around, the gymnast in him bending you over so he can lean against the sink. You look back at him, seeing his hands behind his head waiting for you to throw it back. Like his ass gonna catch it and volley it back like a damn tennis ball.


You aint no punk so you slide back biting a hole in your lip when he moves his hips the rest of the way. Your eyes crossed and you just about to try to twerk, when a knock comes to the door. You stop moving, but he slap you on the ass making you move with his hands on your hips.


He answers the door, opening it just enough that they can see his face and not you bent over in front of him. You don’t even know what he talking about until he stands up straight and pulls you with him when they leave, kicking one of your legs so you spread them. He didn’t even close the door.


You crying wondering how in the hell you got to this point and wondering what the lord is gonna say when you show up at the pearly gates. He probably gonna call you a thot and send your ass to hell where Jaebum gonna be waiting telling you to come sit in his lap. This aint the life you was trying to live but Im Jaebum came in like he was Rich Homie Quan with the walk through on some The Weekend shit like ‘ Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?’

“Nah’, you say out loud.


He look back at you, knowing you need to go to sleep so he wrap his arms around your shoulders talking slick shit that had you thinking you could take him in the first place.


But you don’t say nothing because you have church in the morning and the last thing you need is to catch the holy ghost and shout “I’m delivert! I ain’t a thot no mo’” Cause Jaebum gonna be right there in the pew sending you freaky ass texts because you shouldn’t have taken him and his python to church with you in the first place. You know good and damn well snakes had Eve sinning.

But you end up letting him take you out during the praise break so he can show you his communion in the car.

Prolouge for a Gravity Falls Blinded AU Fic I Will Never Write

So I did this instead of programming like I should have been. This is for dragonfangz’s Blinded AU, though I guess this is like an AU of it? I don’t know. Once you read this, you’ll get it. 

It probably sucks cause I wrote this in one hour-ish, staring at 12:30 am and ending at 1:20ish. Expect typos and what not. If this was something I would continue (I won’t), this would be a prologue to the story of two twins who have  forgotten themselves. Yeah, I’m rambling now so just go read it now.

PS: I did not look up the Blind Eye ritual scene again before writing this, so I probably got something wrong. Sorry. 

PSS: Sorry for being lazy but I am a hungry 18 year old with no hopes for getting through senior year. 

EDIT: Too many people were reading this, so I had to go back and fix the typos. I probably missed a few, but it’s at least more readable now. Tell me if you see any that I missed.  

            Ivan only did what his predecessor did to him: erase the memories of his heir. Make them the new keeper for the Society of the Blind Eye. With no past or future, the heir will be able to live detached to the rest of Gravity Falls. He can wipe the memories of those tortured and maintain the status quo of the healthy, if not listless tourist town.

 Of course, one had to consider the small issue that neither of the children he had chosen were willing to have their memories wiped like he had been, but he was gaunt with age and he could already feel his own sanity begin to chip away. If he no longer used the ray on himself, he would be fine and expect to live until he was too old to perform the ritual. Still, he did not wish to end up like his predecessor, a robust man who confessed that he did not want to end up like the man before him, and so on and so forth.

Now these children—they were smart. Foolish, but smart. The boy had a keen sense of logic and he was armed with a journal that looked quite familiar to Ivan (perhaps the red bound book was involved in a memory Ivan had wiped from his own mind). The girl seemed to understand people and, with the proper training, she could become a vital asset in finding those who have seen the supernatural. Perhaps one the way to end the brevity of the reigns of the society’s leaders was to have two heirs instead of one. Two people—siblings, no less!—sharing the burden of one. Now that was ideal.

It took time to convince the other members to go along with his plan. Too many of them knew the children personally. The boy and the girl were too precious, too silly, too sweet to ever be involved in something so sinister. Even Bud Gleeful put up a fight, insisting that Ivan was being “too hasty.”

But Ivan was acting with complete caution, or so he convinced himself. Yes, he still had time. But they were in need of an heir and these children were too perfect.

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Behold my masterpiece. A Homestuck summary site. Content isnt completely generated yet, end goal is to have a time line for each act and a better description of acts/characters, but it satisfied the assignment criteria so. 

I think im going to want to continue this, so if you’re interested in making awesome websites or homestuck (and have something to contribute content wise) that would be supper cool. I’d like to get some other people on board if possible

I’m looking for writers, graph makers, designers and general homestuck know how. 


Natsu Dragneel - Dragon or Demon?

Natsu Dragneel(@sirdragneel​) is probably one of Fairy Tails most destructive mages and his sudden boost of power during the X792 GrandMagicGames was differently something to talk about. But what did he do for the past year Fairy Tail was disbanded? What kind of training did he push himself to do? These, and many more, are the questions that will be answered in this article!

Warning Headcanons Ahead.

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No no no no! If you are a pigeon DONT eat bread. You'll die. So the only advantage is flying. And if you want that why not be a hawk or something. That's where it's at. Flying, regal, kill anything/one that annoys you with your supper cool talons, and supper good eye sight. Be a hawk. They are like wolves. But they can fly.

people already want to be hawks and falcons and stuff though

I’m a hipster and would like to be a pigeon