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I love your art so so much and i was wondering what tools/pens/pencils do use when not doing digital art?

Thank you so much ^ U ^ ! Well I hardly ever draw traditionally now but a company called Artnfly recently sent me some alcohol based markers to try out! So I bought a Strathmore watercolor sketchbook and I’ve been using them. I’ve got their 6 Skin tone sketch markers and their 24 variety set, I’ve never really worked with markers much before but I like them so far!
I might do a review on them for my youtube <3 

besides those I used to use Maries and reeves watercolor paints with prismacolor pencils for traditional art

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Could we like,please get a summary of the plot that was supposed to happen in the cancelled comic?

//enters the room strumbling and carrying bags of art suplies and 346948 paper sheets


Stick goes through all the underground, and i was gonna show that quickly in about 2 or 3 posts, because the main focus of the comic was the battle with Asriel.

Through all the story, Kara was always pushing Stick forward just because they wanted to see Asriel again. They were kinda angry that Asriel didn’t die with them, and wanted to see their friend again. A lot of times, Kara kept Stick alive just because of this hope.

After Stick wins the final battle, Asriel says the common quote

And that makes Kara feel really bad. They went through all of that because Asriel was the only thing they really loved. So when Stick notices that Kara is silent (also, forgot to say, they become friends after everything), and notice what’s going on, they take the decision to reset the game

And that takes everyone back to the beginning of the comic, when Asriel and Kara are playing hide and seek.


At the very right moment when Kara is about to stab themselves to death, they stop. They look below. They notice they have stepped on a stick and for one single moment their memories pass through their mind like a flashlight, and they remember

And then they go to Asriel and

“Wait. Come with me.“

And take Asriel to the hole where the humans fall. When Asriel asks them what’s happening, they say “a new friend is coming“. And the ending scene is the two sitting under the hole, waiting for Frisk to fall.


its so important



Dear journal,

Today Sirius and I helped Teddy to pack his trunk for Hogwarts. He was leaving soon and we wanted him to be ready and not have to stress about his things to be all packed. He was already nervous about coming out to his classmates, we didn’t want him to be overstressed.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit too much jumpers?” Sirius asked.

“You can never have enough jumpers.” I said, giving Sirius a kiss on the cheek.

“Dad’s right.” Teddy smirked.

“Nothing will ever replace leather jackets!” Sirius said.

We laughed and continued folding Teddy’s clothes. He had all his books for the year, his potions suplies and many quills. Because they always break.

“I think you have everything. We’ll give you some money before you leave.” I said, closing his full trunk.

“You guys don’t have to.. I have enough.” He smiled.

“Oh no I insist. We won’t have you around and I want you to have fun and not miss anything.”

“Okay then.. thank you dads.” He smiled again.

“You need to always have chocolate under your bed in the hidden box, remember?” I smirked.

He nodded and chuckled. Whenever he was sad or missed us, he would take a chocolate bar from his hidden box. Just like I use to do when I was a teenager.

“Do you think your going to be named quidditch capitain of your team?” Sirius asked.

“I hope so.. it’s either me or the other 7th year beater.. but i think I have a good chance Keepers are often nammed capitains and the whole team sees me as the leader.” He said.

“I think they’ll name you. I mean you’ve worked so hard for the tittle, they can’t not choose you.” Sirius said, giving him a little shoulder push.

“I’ll write to you every week, just like last year. And we can skype too!” Teddy added.

“You’ll have to show me how it works again because i’m not good at all with muggle technologies!” Sirius laughed.

We laughed and Teddy chose a few books of his he wanted to bring to Hogwarts this year. They were mostly muggle books because the Hogwarts library was filled with wizard books. He set them in his backpack and sat back down on his bed.

“On Sunday we’ll make your favorite meal before you leave.” I said, comforting him.

“Okay. I’ll miss you guys.” He said, looking down.

“We’ll miss you too.” Sirius said, hugging him.

“But we still have two days together. And then you’ll be home for christmas. It will go fast, don’t worry.” I added.

“Can we have a movie night tonight?” Teddy asked.

“Anything for my future Hogwarts graduate!” Sirius said.

So we ordered chinese food and watched a good action movie together. I will miss that when Teddy will be gone…


Almost all the artists I know: *put some soft melodic music at a reasonable volume, sitting on their organized desk, with some tea or soft drink near them* Okay it’s time to draw, I gotta get in the mood, relax a little, maybe vent while it, let’s think clearly what I wanna draw or doodle…

Me: *puts speedcore at 100% , trows all art suplies into my disorganized bed, swallowing a  mountain dew without breathing*   FUCK YEAH BITCH LET’S DRAW PERIDOT RIDING A FUCKING PIÑATA

Imagine Ragnar being to stubborn to accept your help

:  Heya ^^ If you have time and stuff could you please write a one shot with Ragnar & female!reader where he gets badly injured on a mission? But he loves the Reader and wants to feel able to protect her and so doesn’t want to seem weak in front of her. So he hides his injury from Reader, but she finds out and is frustrated he’s so stubborn but helps look after him and it’s all fluffy? Thank you so much Hun 💕
Words: 1741
Note: Fluffy enough?

You always looked up to those shielmaiden, joining those viking males into battle and raiding. Not that it presented much now, it was a mission that the Earl gave, raiding a small village on the egde of the ocean. It took only a small group of man and you where among them, more in concerne of who would get wounded … or for Ragnar. Your eyes traveled up to his muscled back that walked in front of the small group. He liked to take the reins in missions like this, the earl didn’t approve of it. He saw Ragnar as a real treat, or at least as somebody who would get further in his life. And that was something you looked up to, Rangar, so young and already leaving marks on the world. Like he knew you where watching him he looked over his shoulder, a cocky grinn on his face. You smiled softly, looking down to the ground again, blushing by the fact he really gave about you. You weren’t some fearless shieldmaiden, you were just … you. A girl who cared about the world, a healer who helped Kattegat, a farmer who supported life. And that was something he admired about you. Not your lack in fightingskills but your strenght in helping others. Althrought he never wanted your help personal, he loved to see you work with others. It was like just the beginning, this love, but it warmed you. Brutal, confident and young Ragnar Lothbrok, falling for somebody like you …

The village looked so harmless. You saw some farmers working on the fields and you didn’t really understand why the earl gave his men this kind of mission. ‘You stay here at camp.’ Ragnar said to you. He wasn’t looking to you, he was studying his axe with that smug grinn on his face. Besides you there were two others girls, young woman more.
‘Be safe.’ You reacted. He looked up, eyes with that kind of bleu and green you could watch forever in.
‘Safe isn’t the viking way.’
‘You know what I mean Ragnar.’ You smiled uncertain. You really didn’t liked the whole violence thing, that was what maked you so different from the others. Killing people you only did when their wounds were to bad and even than it was a hard call to make. He grabbed your throat, pushing your back and head against a tree.
‘If the gods want me to die so be it. But my time isn’t there, it feels as if I have to take a lot of adventures first.’ That was his way of saying that he would be safe in his raid on this village. He squeezed your throat, placing his lips on yours in a long fearless kiss. You felt your body react on the pleassure of his lips and his hand around your throat.
‘Ragnar! We go.’ Somebody yelled, pulling the two of you right out the moment. He pulled back, hardly inches and looked down on you with that wild smile again.
‘Be safe.’ You whispered for the last time.
‘Always.’ He winked before running of to his fellow vikings. You breathed slowly out, walking over to the egde of the forest, looking down on the village. It was so peacefull … and that peacefull just became less peacefull when those vikings ran in. On that point you decided not to watch any longer and walked back to the camp you maked, getting a fire started for when they should come back.

It was some time around midnight when they came back. You refuses to sleep and stayed by the fire, keeping your hands up so you could ingore the cold biting your body. Their laughter said enough, they won and probably they drank already enough in the village to be knocked out within this and a small hour. You looked for Ragnar, not seeing him gave the cold a change to cover your body in goosebumbs. The relief was just so big when you finally saw him. You jumped up and walked over to him. ‘Are you alright?’ You asked worried, seeing the blood covering his clothes nearby his shoulder.
‘It’s not mine.’ The darkness took away a lot of your sight on him. His smile said enough and you breathed out, relaxing your body now you knew he was alright.
‘Hurt somewhere?’ You asked, looking over his body to be sure. He grabbed the back of your head and pulled you closer, pressing a kiss on your forehead.
‘Rollo needs some help.’ He nodded towards his brother when he let loose of you. You looked back at him, studied his face in the dark, he looked tired …
‘Okay, you sure?’
‘Yes Y/n, just go you stubborn woman.’ He smacked you on the ass and you ran of to his brother.

Rollo didn’t need much care. So when you came back Ragnar was already sleeping. What wasn’t really his thing. Normally he would stay up all night long, singing songs for the gods and drinking ale. But now, he was far away. He didn’t waked up when you layed aside him on the ground. You studied his pale face for a while before you slowly fell asleep yourself. But he kept you awake on moments, always talking to himself, restless in his own body. With the crack of dawn you couldn’t take it anymore and you sat up, looking at his pale face. Now that the sunlight hitted the surrounding you saw a lot more details. The soft layer of sweat on his forehead, his braid slightly blooded and the ground … you looked over his body to the other side of him, the ground soacked with blood. Your eyes traveled to that shoulder again. He said it wasn’t his but it shouldn’t soack in to the ground if it wasn’t his. You carefully stood up. He laid on his side so you walked around him, crouching down on his back side. You took the top of his shirt and tried to look under it to his shoulder. ‘It’s a scratch y/n.’ He murmured. For a second you thought he said that in his sleep.
‘You don’t look good Ragnar, let me take a look?’ You asked him generaly concerned. He pushed himself up, his left arm hardly worked while he sat up against the tree. When his eyes met yours he still looked tired. You brought your hand up, pressing it against his forehead. ‘You are burning up, Ragnar what are you not telling me?’ You asked in disbelief. Was his proud bigger than his own life? He carefully took you wrist, causing your hand to stroke over his temple, cheek, jawline. He pressed a kiss on the inside of your hand and pulled you closer, on to his lap.
‘That you are the most gorgeous woman?’ He said innocent. You tilted you head a little, smiling tender.
‘That wasn’t the answer I wanted.’
‘You get nothing else.’ He teased you. You narrowed your eyes a little, still concerned and he only laughed about it. ‘I like it when you get all serious over me.’ His hand sneaked around your waist, pulling you a little closer, chest against chest.
‘I don’t like it when you don’t answer.’ You murmured in protest before he placed his lips on yours. It wasn’t the kind of hungry kiss you were just to from his. It had a certain tenderness. You layed your hand over his shoulder, causing him to groarn in pain. ‘Ragnar.’ You whispered, your forehead resting against his.
‘Let’s go home.’ He suggested. You sighned, not protesting against his stubborness.
‘Will you let me look at you then?’
‘Maybe.’ He smiled almost devilish, placing a fast kiss on your lips before he pushed you off, taking his axe like he was ready to fight again. And you … you just saw that he needed some care, he only didn’t let you.

The whole way back, luckely it was just a day travelling, Ragnar was bad. And he got worser the closer the company got to Kattegat. Sweat dripped from his forehead, his arm pressed against his body, blood still fresh on his clothes. As soon the both of you arrived on that farm you rushed over to him. ‘Let me look.’ You insisted. Pushing him on a chair before he could even protest, and he even didn’t. Said enough. You untied his shirt and helped him out of it, uncovering his naked chest you loved so much. But the backside was a lot worse. ‘Ragnar, this could kill you.’ You panicked, seeing the large cut in his shoulderblade. It was a deep cup, needed stitches at the least. But it also got infected, causing him to get a fever.
‘I told you,’
‘Yes, you have many adventures ahead. I would kill you myself right now.’ You reacted, rushing over to the small medical suply you had laying around. You took a bucket from that icecold water outside placed it on the table aside him. ‘This will hurt like hell.’ You warned him. He only nodded, half away in his own fever. You took a fabric, pulled it under in the water before pressing it on the wound. He groaned and you swallowed away your empathie. ‘Did the man causing this suffer?’ You asked, trying to keep him away.
‘Yes, very much.’
‘Good, I was willing to go back for him.’ You reacted. Not that you were capabel of murdering somebody, it maked him laugh, what sounded more as a wounded animal. Stitching his shoulder was impossible because of the infection so you just bandaged it after putting some healing herbs in the wound. When you were ready you turned to the front of him, laying your hand on his forehead again. ‘And now you need rest.’ You advised him, already helping him up.
‘You’re an amazing woman, you know that?’
‘I know a lot and if you don’t shut up right now I will maybe need to drag you to that bedroom of yours.’ You insisted him on walking on.
 ‘I really wanna kiss you y/n.’
‘Tomorrow, if you feel better you can kiss me as much as you like.’
‘Really?’ He looked at you, like a little boy that got his viking bracelet from the earl.
‘Really, I’ll stay around.’ You promised him. He didn’t said much further, sleeping as soon as he landed on the bed.

I’m growing soft on Ragnar Imagines I think … 

Infinite Reaction to you catching them buying condoms

What would happen if you found Infinite in the store looking for condoms while you were still dating? xD I just thought about this and decided to make a reaction post. Enjoy!

Sunggyu - I swear, he would feel like dying :P he would feel his soul leaving his body when you pocked him on the shoulder as he was picking the condoms. I see him dropping everything on the floor, looking at you as if you were the devil. Your boyfriend would then start to laugh in embarrassement when you asked him what he was doing with the condoms. He would just feel so unlucky that you had to be there at that specific time. Sunggyu just wanted to get prepared, as he knew it was going to happen, and he wanted to, but didn’t want you to know that so early. And even though his cheeks would turn red, and his eyes would almost disappear as his shy smile grew bigger, he wouldn’t hesitate in give you a response… we know how much Gyu loves to talk.

“Jagi, you here?… Oh these? It’s not for me. It’s for the boys.” 

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Dongwoo - He would just burst into laughter when he got caught. He would look at the condoms he was holding, then back to you and laugh again. He would be embarrassed as well, but make it less akward by joking with you. It wouldn’t be as painful as with Sunggyu, because Dongwoo would make sure to let you know he loved you and disired you all the time, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise to find him there. Dongwoo wouldn’t feel as embarrassed, since he thought it was obvious that it was going to happen someday. He would probabily even ask you if you wanted a special one, to tease you and to make the situation less akward for both.

“It’s just… we might need them…”

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Woohyun - You would catch him putting the condoms in the shopping basket, and when you got to him, he was about to leave. He would look you with big eyes, as he tried to keep calm and hide the shopping basket behind him. But he has been spoted already. When you asked him about it he would feel like a kid that made something wrong and was trying to explain it to his confused mom. Your boyfriend would avoid looking you in the eyes, so he wouldn’t blush even harder. Woohyun would be worried that you thought he wanted to do it soon, as he wanted to get you prepared and comfortable with him, so being caught with condoms on the store would wreck all his plans.

“Jagi…these are just…for the future? Maybe we might need them someday…when you feel like…you want to.”

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Hoya - You two were dating for a while. As he invited you to go out for dinner, he thouht it might be his chance to show you how much he loves you. Just some hours before the dinner, he was looking for some “suplies” on the store, unluckily, you were on the store as well, and end up metting him in the nasty section (omg yas). He would be really shocked to see you, and laugh at how weird the sitution turned. Howon might ask you if you were thinking the same and went to the store to buy some as well, just to make the situation less akward. At least you already knew that he loved you and was ready to take the next step, so it was up to you, from then, to tell him when you were ready. (he would most likely get the dessert for dinner, that night. omg kill me.)

“Ohhh, this is akward.” 

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Sungyeol- He knew you wanted it too, and whenever he thought about doing it with you he would turn red from all the heat comming from him. He just wants to know you better, make you both feel good, so he decided it was time to get what he needed, but he was not expecting to find you on the store. Your boyfriend was choosing the box when you appear behind him, standing on your tip toes to kiss the back of his neck. Yeollie would scream and jump two miles away from you, looking at you with fear on his eyes. He’d complain about how much you scared him and try to make a conversation to distract you from the box he was holding. But once you noticed and asked him about it, he would get so nervous that he wouldn’t be able to explain, and just pretend he wasn’t even buying condoms for you two.

 “Oh, this is nothing. Gotta go, love you!” *smiles, kisses cheek, runs away.*

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L - This boy would turn a shy puppy when you bumped with him on the store, to find him holding a box of condoms. He would scratch the back of his neck, while looking at the ceiling to avoid eye contact with you, as his dimples appeared. He would then explain you he was just getting them because he wanted to be ready for when it happens and not because he was planning something dirty for the near future. Myungsoo would be so embarrassed that the next days he wouldn’t be able to look straight at you in the eyes, as if he was caught doing something wrong there, because that is what he thought he did. He just didn’t want to disappoint you.

“I didn’t know you were here…”

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Sungjong- He would be so scared when you found him on the store. He would probabily think you would see him as a pervert, when all he wanted was to be fully prepared for when it happen (cuz’ I get some vibes that this young man is still pure…). He would be embarrassed like the others, but more concerned that you got mad at him for having such thoughts with you, since you two had never done it. I see our maknae giving you a little and cute lie as an explanation and to avoid getting you mad, but we all know he wouldn’t trick anyone xD.

“Forget you’ve seen these, hyungs made me buy it because they want me to be prepared…just that… I am innocent.”

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This was fun to write xD I love writing for Infinite, they have a special place in my heart

Hope you liked it!

~I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, GOT7 and MONSTA X if you’d like to leave a request.