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(PILNE) Czy w aptekach sprzedają sam chrom w tabletkach czy trzeba kupić jakiś suplement zawierający chrom?

Powinni Ci sprzedać a jak nie to zapytaj w jakiejś innej aptece czy sprzedadzą jakis suplement z chromem

Humans are space Orcs

So I’m going to toss in one of these cus why not.
What if all aliens just don’t get the concept of “Pets”

Year of the Gu'meks: 34458, 45, 3
Human year: 2254, 11, 15
Today I was assigned as the new ambassador to Earth. I have gone through most of the lessons of human quirks, but I still have to go through “Pets”, and “The will to survive” I have no idea what pets are, but I have a good idea what “the will to survive” is.

Year of the Gu'meks: 34458, 45, 4
Human year: 2254, 11, 15
I have borded the Human vessel “Edmonton” in order to be transported to Earth. I have met the Human ambassador on bord, and she is in charge of teaching me the concept of “pets” Her name is Alexadra. She is very kind, but the fact that femal humans always have their teets, even when not nursing child, confuses me. If evolution was slightly different on Gu'mek, perhaps we would to.
It also baffles me that Humans are the only spiecis that the name of the spiecis is not realed to their planet.

Almost as soon as I was done writing my log, Alexandra came to me and said she wanted me to meet someone named “Doug”
It turns out Doug is on of these “pets”. He is a domesticated Earth canine. Alexandra explained that humans keep domesticated animals as companions. I guess being the “Apex preditor” of your planet has its advantages. She also explained that hundreds of human years ago they used these animals to help hunt, and still do.
I do not understand why humans still hunt, now that they have had farms on their planet for hundreds of years, and access to food replcation technology for about 96 years.

Year of Gu'mek 34..why am I doing this, no one is going to find us.
We crashed of Tummaah 4, and everybody exept Alex and her dog, and obviously me, has died. Alex has told me that now I shall see this “will to survive” humans are so famous for.

It has been 20 days scince the crash, and I have given up on rescue. When I brought this up with Alex, she simlpy stated “then we will make this hellhole our home”

Day 50.
We have built a crude house out of the wreckage of the ship. Alex is sad about the loss of the ship. She said it was named after her home city.

Day 61
DISASTER. A brutal storm struck and completely destroyed the house we resided in. A peice of debrie landed on Alex and Doug, wounding them both. Alex completely disregarded her own injuries to treat Doug. Her injuries I may add, were quite extensive(broken leg, cracked rips, and a piece of debrie sticking out OF HER STOMACH.) This. This is the human will to survive. Alex, after making sure Doug was comfortable, finaly started treating herself.
I would try to help, but I know little about human physiology.

Day 70.
We have re-built the shelter, and even after all of her injuries, she insisted on hunting for food, despite the fact I offered to do it. She told me “I can still go out and hunt. Yes it will be painful, yes it will be harder than normal without Doug by my side, but I can do it. You on the other hand…well the Gu'mek are not that stealthy. You evolved to blend in with rocks and such, Humanity evolved to hunt. Now stay here and make sure Doug gets enough water, he is very sick, and I don’t want to lead anyone else.”

Day 100.
A ship has found us!! Its landing..ITS THE QUA'TALL

We have been on the run for 5 days. Alex came up with a crazy plan. Take the Qua'tall ship. Its a ship of 50. We are 2. 3 if you include the dog. Alex told me that if she can get one of their guns, she can do it by herself.

We did it. We have a gun. Doug and I are to stay here while Alex goes out. If she dies, I am to care for Doug as long as I can. He is aparently 12 years old, and dogs live for about 14.

IT WAS AMAZING. Alex has killed all of them. That was the human will to survive. It was amazing, she was hit multiple times. She just got up and kept going. We are now on the ship, and heading for Allied space.

Ok so this turned into something completely different and long.
But hey thats my addition to this tag.

Bill, after being rescued by Dipper and rebuilt in his basement. He never got changed from his Sister Location design, but Dipper had to suplement some parts with others, including pieces of his toy carapace and his original checkered pants. His left leg is bare endoskeleton and wires from the knee down, as is his right hand. His jaw is no longer bolted shut, he just doesn’t move it often. It’s not like he can do anything except smile anyway.

Yes, Dipper is aware that Bill is alive and something far more sinister than a mere animatronic. Bill has saved him on multiple occasions, so he trusts him

I have a headcanon that in modern AU Asajj and Obi-Wan are bff

you know the kind

- accidental hipsters (that beard. those tattoos. But they do it so effortlessly and probably don’t even realize how they look when they order with their organic coffee on a way to yoga lessons)

- both well versed in martial arts, very possible this is how they met

- share a brain to a point when they finish each other sentences (sandwiches too)

- flirt with each other. Non. Stop.

- are they having a thing? Had a thing? On a way to have a thing? You just don’t know.

- the world didn’t implode yet, so it’s very possible they don’t

- Roommates?? Roommates. (because their quirks suplement each other)

And you can pry this headcanon from my dead cold hands.

Nauka rysowania i malowania - co polecam i co pomaga

Co jakiś czas ktoś mnie pyta “hej, jak stać się lepszym w malowaniu / rysowaniu?” ‘Prawdziwa’ odpowiedź na to pytanie zajęłaby dobre pół godziny, więc najczęściej rzucam jakieś dobrze znane “robić dużo, pracować więcej, codziennie, i będzie”. Ilekroć jednak to mówię, zdaje sobie sprawę, że więcej w tym szkody niż porady. Zawsze można pracować więcej i… robić te same błędy, kultywować złe nawyki i nie uczyć się absolutnie nic a nic nowego. W tym tekście postaram się wypunktować jak ja staram się unikać takiego kręcenia się w kółko, a co faktycznie pomogło i pomaga mi w nauce.

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I've bought your plan and I will start tomorrow :) But what if after the workouts I'll get muscle aches? Do I have to rest the days while having muscle ache? Pls help and thank you so much for your motivation! ♡

muscle pain is normal and welcomed 💪😄 if you feel too tired you can go easy or not do it at all- listen to your body ❤️ drink a magnesium suplement after working out- it might help 👍

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Do you think we could see iconic legends that doesn't have a card such as Urza, Yawgmoth, O-Kagachi, Gisa and Gerald... in suplemental products, such as Commander or Planechase?,Could you answer this question with one of those ''OK, who would like to see iconic legends...?'' :)

Okay, who would you guys like to see us do in a supplemental product?