supia ji in


Still can’t get decent lighting in my room if my life depended on it -n- but hey, this is how the kitchen set is coming along! X3

Built a more permanent platform for the kitchen sets, there was this little awkward corner left so I turned it into a plant table… thing XD. Re-wallpapered everything, put up some shelves, spray painted Paddy’s chair and gave it some legs, and got a few new kitchen props.

Still got a lot to do, top of my list is to get glass for the window (I’m just going to buy a picture frame from the dollar store) and I want to rip the tap off the sink and replace it with something metal that will look more realistic.

Thought it was appropriate to photograph the resident Ma today XD

Actually just more of an experiment to see if I could get decent lighting in my room. I built a more permanent platform for the kitchen so it’s at the perfect height now, and I switched the wallpaper. I’m going to add a back-splash so it’s not stuck down permanently yet, but I love the new stuff, gives it a very vintage/kitsch feel XD


The Witch by Sion Darkness [on behalf of Kagami Design]
Via Flickr:
Here is my photo for Afisha contest with my witch Kira and some old-school magic ^^


Kira is Supia Ji-in Make-up by Bell-Chan Wig is by Kagami Design Eyes by SafrinDoll Dress is by AyuAna