Thank you for sending this request in! It’s short, unfortunately but I do hope you will still enjoy this. I do have to apologize for getting this out super late. I always have troubles writing characters I am not very familiar with but hopefully, this was alright? Thank you so much.

“How is your day?” You watch as Clara gently lands on the floor before walking up to her. You give her a smile when she gives you a bright grin. You see the smudges on her cape as well as her uniform. “Tough day?” You ask before holding your hand out.

This is one of the things that Clara likes about you – the fact that you don’t even blink at any of this anymore and how you are always offering a hug; you seem to know when she needs them. So Clara steps in to your arms and sighs as you rub her back soothingly. The fight had taken most, if not all, of her energy and it definitely had been taxing – Clara can’t remember how many times she had been thrown against a building.

“Do you want something to eat?” You ask as you pull away. “I can heat up some food.” You tell her, looking at your beautiful girlfriend. Even when she is covered in dust and alien blood (or whatever it was), she still looks beautiful.

Clara nods her head. “Yes, please – I think I’m going to take a shower first.” She tells you and you nod her head before ushering her to the bathroom. You throw a few of her clothes to her and Clara laughs. You shake your head before heading to the kitchen to heat up the food you had saved up for Clara.

Fifteen minutes later, Clara comes out dressed in her pajamas and her towel hanging around her neck. You shake your head at that habit of hers. “Come here.” You motion for her to come to you and she does as you say – she sits on the ground, right in front of you. You pick the towel from her neck and begin to dry her hair.

“Did you manage to finish the article you were writing earlier?” Clara asks as she lets you dry her hair.

“Yes, I did but then boss called me up and told me to write another article about the fight the Justice League had.” You tell her – you had only managed to get a few good shots of the fight before fleeing the site. You definitely did not want to get caught in the line of fire. “But article wise, it’s going somewhere.”

Clara hums appreciatively when you finally finish drying her hair. She turns to look at you, taking the towel from your hands. “I don’t deserve you.” She places a kiss on your hand and you smile at her before pulling her up and towards the kitchen.

“Come on, superwoman – it’s time for you to eat and then get some sleep. It’s been a long day.” 

Supergirl And the Halloween of gay

Clark is dressed as a mummy, James is superman and Winn is a cyborg. Maggie is a secret agent and Alex is a cop

Maggie: what do you think is taking little Danvers so long?

Alex: she will be here soon

Winn: she will not miss her own party

Kara walks in, wearing full Wonder Woman suit with lasso

Clark: Kara is that the actual Wonder Woman suit?

Kara: *blushing and hiding the hickie on her neck* no psshh nope definitely not, that would mean that there is a naked Wonder Woman somewhere and I certainly have not seen a naked Wonder Woman

Alex: nope nope I do not want to know

Clark: I told her not to seduce you

Kara: *puts hand on hip and touches lasso of truth* she was not the one doing the seducing


Alex: no nope do not encourage this

Winn: do I get to meet her

Clark: she slept with you

Kara: we most certainly did no form of sleeping,



Kara: damn lasso of truth she told me not to bring it