The Signs as YouTubers

Aries Doddleoddle

Taurus SprinkleofGlitter

Gemini Danisnotonfire

Cancer Tyler Oakley

Leo Evan Edinger

Virgo Connor Franta

Libra Crabstickz

Scorpio Emma Blackery

Sagittarius Kickthepj

Capricorn Superwoman

Aquarius Phillip DeFranco

Pisces AmazingPhil

People ask “How did you get out of depression?” and my answer is genuinely “I don’t know.” I just remember…I remember vividly I woke up in this room. I just handed in my final paper. I pulled an all-nighter. Maybe the lack of sleep switched something, I have no idea. I handed in my paper, I went to sleep. I remember waking up. It was 7am. I woke up in this very bed on this side of the bed. And it sounds so dramatic, but it’s the truth: that was the first time in a whole year I realized that the sun was shining. And I woke up and I was like “Oh god, it’s so hot. It’s such a sunny day.” And I turned around and I was like “Wow, it’s such a sunny day.” And to be honest, every day prior to that might’ve been sunny, but that’s the first time I realized it.
—  Lilly Singh (”A Trip To Unicorn Island”)
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