The Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) was conceptualised in 2003 as a support and assistance group for women who are victims of domestic violence with special emphasis in the area of deliberate acid and kerosene burning.

To help female survivors of acid and kerosene oil burns in Pakistan by providing them appropriate medical attention and reconstructive surgery, psychological/psychiatric support, shelter and vocational training.

It started when a woman came to Musarat Misbah’s (a renowned Pakistani beautician) salon with her face covered.

“When she removed her veil, I had to sit down. There was no life in my legs,” Musarat said.

“In front of me was a woman with no face. Her eyes and nose were gone and her neck and face were stuck together so she couldn’t move them.”

The woman hoped that Musarat, a veteran of the beauty business, would help her look better.
Musarat called doctors and asked them to help the woman - and thus began her charity work for acid attack victims.

In the last 10 years, Musarat has helped hundreds of acid attack victims. With donations, she pays for their medical treatment and then trains them for the workplace. Some now work at her salon.

Bushra went to Musarat for help. Her eyes were burned shut, her nose was gone and parts of her ears had melted.

She spent years undergoing operations and now, after 150 of them, she has a chance to start a new life.

“I’m grateful,” she says. “I’ve got my eyesight back, my hearing back, I have a nose I can breathe from, a tongue, I can speak again.”

The scars on her face cannot hide her smile as she speaks.

One of the acid attack survivor Arooj recently got married and we think she looks simply beautiful! (last picture) They are truly bringing the smiles back!

To know more about the organization or to help the cause please have a look at their official site: The Depilex Smileagain Foundation

Source: BBC news

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