People ask “How did you get out of depression?” and my answer is genuinely “I don’t know.” I just remember…I remember vividly I woke up in this room. I just handed in my final paper. I pulled an all-nighter. Maybe the lack of sleep switched something, I have no idea. I handed in my paper, I went to sleep. I remember waking up. It was 7am. I woke up in this very bed on this side of the bed. And it sounds so dramatic, but it’s the truth: that was the first time in a whole year I realized that the sun was shining. And I woke up and I was like “Oh god, it’s so hot. It’s such a sunny day.” And I turned around and I was like “Wow, it’s such a sunny day.” And to be honest, every day prior to that might’ve been sunny, but that’s the first time I realized it.
—  Lilly Singh (”A Trip To Unicorn Island”)
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