superwolf edits


Superwolf/Sterek AU

in which the family of the Argents and the Campbells have a past. Chris knows the boys of John and Mary Winchester and calls them for backup when Stiles is possessed by the Nogitsune. Derek, however, doesn’t want anyone near Stiles, least of all strange hunters. He wants Stiles, and he wants him alive, possessed or not.

SuperWolf AU: Pack McCall comes face to face with the Winchesters. Can the group manage to convince the hunters that the real threat in Beacon Hills lies elsewhere?

Lydia: Stiles….!?

Stiles: Whoa, guys. A-Are the guns really necessary?

Dean: Depends on what you are… start talking.

Stiles: Would you believe me if I said we’re not the
droids you’re looking for?

Dean: Take one more step and–
Nogitsune: And what? You’ll shoot me? You’re not gonna shoot me, Winchester, because you’d be killing this kid too.
[Dean clenched his jaw, grip tightening on the gun in his hand]
Dean: Kid’s long gone. I know that.
Nogitsune: On the contrary. He’s still in here screaming, begging for me to stop hurting his friends. Shoot me—I’ll just possess another—but him? That scared little kid? He’ll be dead, and that will be on you. One more person you were too weak to save.

Yesterday I discussed the important subject of “what kind of underwear are fictional characters wearing”

We basically agreed on this:

Dean: classic black boxer briefs. Fits in every situation.

Derek: Classic grey or white boxer briefs. Accentuates his tan.

Stiles: Plaid boxers. Youthful and individual.

We didn’t get to Cas, but well, we already have something

and I approve.

So there you go. And you’re welcome. Brainporn away.