superwolf au

All I ask for is for a SuperWolf crossover where Cas meets Derek and Stiles and they don’t believe for a second that he’s an angel because, c'mon, angels? Seriously?

But Cas just gives them each a soft smile and to Derek, he says that his family is so proud of him and the man he has become and not once do they ever blame him for the fire; maybe cue in some hand holding where Castiel can transfer like memories from heaven to show Derek that his family is all together and well. And Derek just KNOWS now this man is the real deal and maybe cue in some happy tears yes?

And to Stiles, sweet doe-eyes Stiles, Cas tells him that his mother misses him every day, that she loves him so much: “What a handsome young man you’ve become, Genim!” she’ll coo, and that he should let his father eat a burger and steak every now and again. And to Stiles, Cas shows him his mother who is not sickly pale, but has glowing and healthy skin and a smile just for him.

And at the end of this meeting, Cas feels like he has accomplished what he always wanted to do here on Earth. Help people individually, ease their pain and suffering when others could not.

So their meetings end and they must now part ways; Cas walking away and deeper into the Hale territory and in the midst of it all, Derek swears he can almost see these enormous and translucent black wings that seem to shimmer and fade from reality.

It’s probably just his imagination though.

Superwolf AU???

So I’ve recently been reading a lot of destiel and sterek fanfiction, and I now have serious werewolf/pack/spark/supernatural/vampire/fallen angel feels. These feels, however, sparked my creative writers pallet within me, and now I have some ideas.

Being someone who believes the shameless/gallavich fandom needs more AU’s, I wanted to see who would be interested in a Superwolf (supernatural/teen wolf) AU, where the Gallaghers are from a long line of powerful vampires, and the Milkoviches are from a long line of fierce blood thirsty werewolves, who are in a constant war for territory.

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SUPERWOLF AU: The one where Dean fucked up again and Sammy walked out on him. The one where Derek saves Dean from a fatal injury and nurses him back to health. The one where they get too attached during recovery. The one where they start hunting together. The one where they begin to trust each other. The one where they eat fantastic PB&J sandwiches and drink stale beer in shitty motel rooms while watching re-runs of I Love Lucy and they wait for Dean to heal again. The one where Sam rings Dean up one night in a panic, and Dean takes the impala and just drives. The one where Derek wakes up in the morning to an empty bed and a note on the pillow. The one where Dean can’t sleep for days. The one where Derek can’t bring himself leave the motel they were staying at. The one where they only love each other when one of them is in danger or dying. The one where neither of them will answer any calls, but will listen to every single voicemail. The one where dreams just aren’t good enough anymore. The one where Derek becomes a bargaining chip for every enemy the same way Sammy was. The one where Dean becomes another nightmare Derek has to push away. The one where letting go was the safest option for both of them, but each can’t help but wonder if he made a mistake somewhere along the line. 

[ Part 1/? ]

Secrets Burn Us | Erica and Sam ; howlshewolf

      Sam let out a sigh as he sat in the passenger side seat. He still wasn’t at a hundred percent so Dean wouldn’t let him drive. He couldn’t believe they had come so close to closing the gates to Hell and they didn’t do it. He couldn’t really blame Dean for stopping him. Though he felt sacrificing himself would have been just considering all her had done. It would have been just to save future lives from being ruined by the same things that ruined his life.

      He looked over to Dean, shrugging a bit. ‘Why are we going out to Beacon Hills again?’ He hadn’t exactly been all for the idea. The only thing that had caught his attention was the fact that there were animal-like attacks that resembled werewolves. Which Dean had reminded him of every time that he had asked. 'Couldn’t we let some hunters that are more local attend to it?’ He rolled his eyes when Dean said that the local hunters were doing on hell of a job with taking care of the wolves.

      'When is this whole 'We don’t trust other hunters’ thing going to end.’ He shook his head when Dean remained quiet. When the impala came to a stop, he got out of the car, which immediately got Dean going. 'Relax, I’m just going to see what I can find while you get us a room. Okay?’