i really really want to make souvenir pennies a thing for the thirteenth doctor

like technically all their regenerations are supposed to be used up but they’re still kicking

“look it’s a penny, all beaten up, worn out, forgotten. someone would think that it’s worthless”

“and when it’s transformed and pressed and stamped it’s made into something new, something worth remembering, something that reminds people of memories”

and it’s like a metaphor for how the companions think they’re ordinary and forgotten and not worth being but they get reforged into something memorable in their travels

Their thing would be:

New shape [smiles and flips the coin, catches it, examines for heads or tails] same purpose

(especially if the thirteenth doctor was a woman or a person of color or someone who is not a whitecisdude)

and whenever they have an episode that’s particularly traumatic they make a little coin or something as a reminder (how hard would it be so sonic a penny press really) and put it in a cabinet so they won’t forget it

and 13 gives the companion’s fav coin to them when they leave so they can’t forget and they’ll have a reminder they can keep doing good by being ordinary and decent

Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to devote to a proper edit or fic this time around, so all I have to offer are these little pieces of possible scenes taking place between Jack and Castiel (and I’m submitting it so late orz). But anyway, here it is:

Scenes in which Captain Jack Harkness tries (and fails) to seduce Castiel.

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Why didn't you tell him sooner?

     Dean didn’t like it, but it was true as the freckles on his face, that Castiel had fallen in love with another, someone by the name of Jack Harkness.

    No, excuse him, Captain Jack Harkness, that asshole.

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Here is my participation for the Fanwork Friday of Superwholock the comics ! The career change theme was cool and when i read “What if  Sam and Dean Winchester were the last of the Timelords?” i was enthousiastic about the idea and had to draw it.

I did something very classic but drawing the tardis / impala was fun, and so was painting the space

If you don’t know the Superwholock comics well you should read it now, because it’s a great job : The story is really good, cleverly mixing the differents universes with a well balance of the differents characters. Definitly a must read. 

Superwholock au: New Years resolutions. (click to see larger images)
  • Rose resolves to show Dean new planets.
  • Dean resolves that if when he finds Cas, he’ll show them to him too.
  • The Doctor resolves not to pick up any more strays, no matter what Rose says. 
  • Meanwhile, Sam resolves to spend his time in the TARDIS learning as much as he can. Who knows, maybe he can find something about the apocalypse…
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Thank you everyone for your support and general awesomeness! I’ve come so far since I started this a year ago and so much of that is thanks to you!

To celebrate, let’s EXPLODE Fanwork Friday with SWL Comic shininess!! Send in gifsets of your favorite comic moments, fanart of your favorite comic pairing, fics to fill in any time gaps, posters, edits, EVERYTHING! If you can create it I want to see it!

Submit your work here or post it to your own blog with #superwholockthecomic as one of the first five tags! I’ll reblog it on Friday evening and you’ll get a teaser in your inbox for participating!



From superwholockthecomic’s amazing masterpiece, this particular interaction is found here.  

This kinda sorta completely changed my head canon for DW okay. I like the idea that the reason 11 never goes back to see his old companions is because he knows how much they meant to 10.  (Because, let me be honest, before this I hated that there was so few connections to 9 and 10 in 11’s era).    

I never thought that I would really really love drawing Sherlock and John.  But apparently I do because Sherlock is always the one I finish first.  Another part of my post-apocalyptic!Superwholock (inspired by superwholockthecomic’s Fanwork Friday ideas).  

I love doing these quick drawings, they’re such great ways to get rid of art block.  



So… I made a gif series on my other account for superwholockthecomic for Fanwork Friday (found here).  Then I decided to do what the actual prompt was this week which was genderbend.  So, you get a few doodles here yep.  One from each fandom.  I might do more later :)

(These are each approximately ten minute sketches max? I think?  I don’t know but they were fun to do regardless)