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godlike-jeff  asked:

My chameleon laid eggs last week and we decided to keep some of them. Now I need at least 3 names and I've chosen you to come up with them :) Knowing how much you love chameleons, I'm sure you'll do a great job!

OH MY GOSH this is an honour and such a responsibility oh my goodness me 

maybe if i publish this, some of my followers could also make suggestions? my mind has gone blank at the moment and all i can think of is ‘bob’ and 'jeremy’ and oddly enough i feel those aren’t particularly suitable for a chameleon

Get to know me

Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)

Tagged by: datjonah


Name: Alessandra

Birthday: March 7th 1995

Favorite color: Blue

Lucky number: 7

Height: 1,55 cm

Talents: Mmmh singing, writing, dubbing, recognizing voices xD, procrastinating!

Last dream you remember: I remember just a bit of it: I was in an hospital with Patrick from (Perks of being a Wallflower) and Jared Padalecki arrived braking the window behind Patrick (without even noticing it xD) just to say hello to us, and while we were chatting Jensen arrived too and he started hugging me with almost tears in his eyes, and he kept looking at me with the proudest big brother’s look in his eyes and he just wanted to hug me more :’)

Can you juggle: nope! xD

Art/sports/both:  both (I’m very athletic in my mind or I aspire to be it XD)

Do you like writing: yes

Do you like dancing: sometimes

Do you like singing: yesss =D


Dream vacation: Probably London, but actually anywhere nice which respects my tastes, but most importantly with the right people 

Dream guy/gal: Guy actually, mmh I don’t have particular tastes in this, I just want a good person, who makes me feel comfortable, protected, loved and who makes me laugh. He should be my best friend but with a romantic touch and a nice appearance 

Dream wedding: Romantic and happy =) With the people I love the most, the man I love the most and possibly a studding dress xD

Dream pet: The one I already have! :3 My beloved cat is perfect and I love her more thank almost everything/everyone

Dream job: Dubber xD Or artist in general, something that makes me come back home happy and satisfied 

Favorite song: I CAN’T pick one!!! XD

Favorite album: idem

Last song you heard on the radio: Testiy - Scott Clifton (not actually on the radio, but…)

Least favorite song: o.o god who knows?

Least favorite album: I don’t know! 

Least favorite artist: Aaaaah idem! XD


Guys/girls/both: Guys, I think…

Hair color: Ginger :3

Eye color: Green probably

Humorous/serious: Humorous but having a serious conversation is obviously important

Taller/shorter: Taller :3 Well not that I have much of a choice anyway…! xD I’m so short that it would be kind of difficult to find someone shorter than me!  XD

Biggest turn-off: Being impolite 

Biggest turn-on: Don’t know, anything could be sexy depending on the situation xD

I tag: superwholockmadness i-believe-in-dean ink-phoenix lilyrosethedreamer nerdmoriarty your-arms-t-rexin

(only if you want to!)

Things I’m Currently In Love With….
Thanks captainstrat for tagging me in your first tag! *-* (I feel so honored! And beside that I just love this tag, I think I should do this once a month xD)

1 song:
Up - Olly Murs, Demi Lovato

2 movies:
Night at the museum: the secret of the tumb

3 tv shows:
The Pacific
Halt and catch fire

4 people (real or fictional):
Rami Malek (I bet none of you would have guessed that xD)
Fabrizio L.
Fernando Alonso

5 foods:
Nutella B-ready (fuck yeah!)
Conad chips
Lasagna xD
Il Moretto (? xD) 

Now the difficult part, I tag: 
superwholockorsomething emilyisemrys superwholockmadness amadgirlwithoutabox farewellmasterburglar your-arms-t-rexin