Imagine: Playing Card Against Humanity with Castiel.

When Castiel layed two cards on the table you were laughing so hard you almost stopped breathing. Of course this worried Cas but you assured him you were okay. When you asked him why he picked those cards he just shrugged and said he liked cats. This caused you to laugh even harder. Cas definitley won that round. 

‘How ___ sees me’ Game My fandom(s): Superwholock

How I see myself: 

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How friends see me:

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How strangers see me: 

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How my parents see me: 

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How my siblings see me: 

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How the rest of my family sees me:

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How my crushes see me: 

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How people who have a crush on me see me: 

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How teachers see me: 

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How pets see me:

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I shall now live with this knowledge


Sexy Men Post 10 - Purple

photos found on google except for the edit by cumberbum of Benedict Cumberbatch

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anonymous asked:

Homophobes should move out of the US

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

does anybody w an education higher than the fourth grade genuinely have this opinion 

edit: thought this said homosexuals sorry! but homophobes, yep move ‘em out. get them out asap actually 

kryssinykki said:

hey :) could you do a teen!superwholock?

soooo many faces! drawing this took really long but it was also fun to make…

so- ten science geek, rose as a cheerleader, sherlock the highschool consultent detective (he is on the side of the angels), dean, castiel and sam, all of them will probably hang out together at some point idk..

want a free sketch? send me an ask with your request!

yo who was all here for the brunt of the superwholock hell years? dont you think its fascinating to watch how your old internet friends have progressed? i didnt know what to do when i started to fade from those shows but now im even happier with my shit and i never thought i would be, its like everybody learned to find things more specific to themselves. all my old superwholockian mutuals split different ways. one friend went more into political stuff and other shows, some into poetry and mythology, some into hockey and books, some into self love and aesthetics, some into band/meme blogs, some dedicated souls stayed in the superwholock area and i became a lesbian cartoon/anime trashlord.

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