Am I the only one who thinks this?

Do you guys ever just look around your fandom, see other people who enjoy the stories as much as you do, and think to yourself “Wow, I’m part of such an amazing group” ?

…But do you also see the ones in your fandom who make you think “Have we gone too far as fans?” or “Why am I in this Fandom again?”

“Nothing here. Well, nothing dangerous. Well, not that dangerous. Know what, I’ll just have a quick scan. In case of something dangerous…”
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This needs updating. Badly. (Part 3/~)

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My fandom wish  

would be that every show

was as open to shippers as Dr. Who

because look at this

no matter who you ship

there is a kissing scene




one of them

and guys:


I'm in many different fandoms and I like to think of them as several different people just chilling in my head

Harry Potter: *has been resurrected* *confused muttering* *deep shock*

Merlin: ptsd

Sherlock: setlock. fake child. johnlock. pain.

Doctor Who: *is satisfied with my care*

Percy Jackson: *heavy breathing* dO YOU HAVE A MOMENT TO DISCUSS SOLANGELO

Supernatural: *yelling* *red and blue flashes* *fire* #destielstillnotcanon *is dead* *crying* *high pitched wailing* *frantic beeping*