“why don’t you like superwholock?” like why do i have to have a reason to not like something like i just don’t fucking like it fuck off???? but also the shows are poorly written, the actors are garbage, and the fandom is a bunch of ableist cissexists who fetishize white gay men. 

This is my fav 👌🏼😂
From today, I’m getting together my crap, trying to focus more on school and finally: being more active so I can get 3k on this acc because it’s taking ages and that sucks 😓
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Michael Fassbender


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FOLLOW SPREE! (Mainly Supernatural)

Alright, I’ve just started on a new show I’ve been wanting to get into for awhile now. And I’ve been following some blogs who mainly post things related to this already but I want more of you guys to seep me in further as I continue my marathon.

So if you…

●post any Supernatural edits of your own (no reposts please. I can tell)
●reblog any Supernatural edits
●post or reblog stuff about the wonderful cast

Please, like or reblog this. Carry on.


So I made a new youtube video and its very destiel.