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Me: *sees a group photo*

Me: *aggressively looks for my favorite character*

Me: *locates them*

Me: Okay…okay we’re good…

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Guys help me out please?

Okay so I need more blogs to follow, so if you post any of the following things please reblog this so I can follow you because I need more of these things on my blog because yeah I like them
-The Walking Dead
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-How to Train Your Dragon/Dragons: Riders of Berk


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-Queens (Lana, Marina, Lily Allen, Kinbra, Betty Who)
-More Bands (SWS, MSMR, P!ATD, NONONO)

Choose Your Fandom Week

Many of us wanna live in the world of our fandoms, but sometimes it is hard to choose only one. So I thought, why couldn’t we live in all of them, one for every day of the week?

Here’s mine, followed by my reasons:

Sunday: The Hobbit/LOTR
Starts out happy, but you know something sad is gonna happen in the end.

Monday: The Hunger Games
If you can survive this, you can survive anything.

Tuesday: Supernatural
Does it need saying?

Wednesday: Harry Potter
Sometimes very magical, other times I’m suffering.

Thursday: Sherlock
After waiting for too long, you start to go insane.

Friday: Disney
Happily ever after.

Saturday: Doctor Who
The exciting day that I want to be more than 24 hours.

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