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“My children… they… They require supervision,” Vader finally spat out, almost trapping her against the wall of her home. “They are wild and unruly. They’ve scared off four nannies already. I'm sorry, but when I got to this part, my brain stalled imagining Star Wars meeting The Sound of Music. XD


Hehehehee! I like it!

Well… I will say this. My facecast for fem! Obi-Wan is Emily Blunt and she has been cast as Mary Poppins in the new Mary Poppins movie (with Lin Manuel Miranda! EEEEK!). And Mary Poppins was originally played by Julie Andrews who played Maria in the Sound of Music so… it all checks out. XD 

I imagine Obi-Wan’s going to be making a lot of “Oh ANAKIN… Really??” faces in this story.

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Then again, I could just borrow a TARDIS and facecast Julie Andrews because I’m pretty sure she is channeling some “I am 1000% done with you, you Skywalking Brat.”

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my mom hits me badly. point of bruising and drawing blood. made me get butterfly stitches. made blood in my piss

but shes very very permissive and im allowed to do a ton of things that other kids arent

i always get my friends feeling bad for me and telling me how terrible my mom is and that i should hate her (some of em have actually seen this violence with their own eyes)

but meanwhile, their parents dont let them do shit, they have to stay in the house all the time, theyve got pointless limits on how long they can be out, theyve got requirements for supervision everywhere they go, they just dont get any fun or freedom

and honestly? i value freedom a lot, without it i feel dead

so like

id take bad physical abuse over strict authoritarian parents any day

id prefer momentary physical pain over like actual restrictions on LIFE u feel

thats just me personally obviously

i dont think i have it bad

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where do you go for college undergrad? <3 i saw you got your masters at Drexel. Great place! What are you up to in terms of school now? And what degrees are you pursuing if you don't mind me asking?

hello! I went to The College of New Jersey (TCNJ - go lions!! hehe) and I got my undergrad in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics. I am currently doing a Dietetic Internship, which is the required supervised practice you need to do after all the schooling in Human Nutrition to become a Registered Dietitian 😛


Varner Unit State Prison is a penitentiary for men, located near Grady Arkansas. The facility has a capacity for about 1,700 inmates, with a supermax wing that can hold 468 inmates. The supermax wing houses male death row inmates, although executions are carried out in another unit nearby. The unit also houses inmates who are considered a high security risk that require maximum supervision. When the facility opened in 1987, it was built with a capacity for 300, and then increased to 700 several years later, and increased again to 1,600. The Supermax wing was opened in 2000. Some attribute the rapid inmate population growth to the “Get Tough on Crime” era sentencing. During the 80’s – early 90’s, Varner unit also housed young male offenders, and during that time the facility earned the reputation of being a “Gladiator School”, but in recent years, Varner unit has experienced a relatively normal amount of inmate violence, compared to national averages. Varner unit housed the West Memphis Three – Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin, until their release.

The claim that religion prevents “society” from descending into moral chaos should always be greeted with suspicion. It tells us far more about how that person thinks than it does about society or morality.

On the other hand, maybe it’s nice of them to flag themselves as requiring adult supervision.

Many people talk about beating the odds, but one awe-inspiring young woman from the Bronx has truly proven what it really means to come out on top with the weight of the world on one’s shoulders.

The road toward graduating cum laude on Tuesday with a bachelor’s degree in English and a certificate in forensic science was an arduous one for Bianca Jeannot, 22, and not just because of the academic challenges. The College of New Rochelle graduate says she held down four jobs while also helping take care of her two older brothers.

Paul Santons, 34, was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease some 11 years ago and is currently on dialysis, while Michael Jeannot, 26, has Down syndrome and requires supervision. The siblings and their mother bounced around homeless shelters and family homes before settling in a government-funded apartment. When their mother died in 2012, Bianca became the family’s primary breadwinner at just 18.(…)

Bianca found time, somehow, to be involved in student government and several other organizations. She was the founder and president of an anime club that won two awards from the student association for presenting the best events on campus. Bianca also wrote for various campus publications and was the editor-in-chief of a literary and arts magazine called Phoenix.

All of this, she did while maintaining a 3.8 GPA that won her several scholarships, including one that allowed her to study abroad in Europe for three weeks.

Bianca loves animals and hopes to pursue a career in animal welfare.


ABC News

Can we talk about how amazing this girl is just for a second? ♥

[[ Supervision Required]] - Event closed for Komui


Exasperated didn’t even begin to explain how Sphintus felt.
Crouching in front of the rather large, and intricate float he was supposed to be riding on in less than an hour, all he could see was a mess.

The floats around him were all going up in an orderly fashion, all seeming not to have any trouble, in fact the aesthetic look to them was pleasing to the eye unlike what he was tinkering away with.

The University had been asked to submit a float to garner attention, and Komui had been selected in charge since his inventions were always rather… Flashy. Of course where Komui went, Sphintus followed and he found himself second in command of a rather… Percarious design.

But of course, it’s head of command was missing, with the schematic and half the equipment. Of course he was, Sphintus knew he should be used to the man’s lateness by now but it never reallly did good things to his nerves, and he could feel his stomach knotting with every minute that passed.

“We left from the same house this morning,  how is he not here?” He sighed, putting his wrench down in frustration, lacking the prowess with machinery his mentor had to get this thing off the ground alone.

“If he isn’t here in 10 minutes, I’m out.I quit. I am not running this alone”