supervision required

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Five

-A four year-old runs up to my counter, entirely alone in this world. He stands up on his tiptoes to place a single baseball on my conveyor belt. He tells me, “Mom’s coming.” He is very sure of himself, but there are no adults anywhere in sight. Regardless, this boy already has all the supervision he requires.

-An inhumanly tall man came through my lane. Even the most cursory of glances revealed the strikingly unsettling similarities we shared: the thick, dark mops of hair, the deep brown eyes, the general dopiness encompassing our faces. There was no doubt in my mind that the figure standing before me, eye to eye, was the spitting image of who I would become in thirty years. The man handed me the keys to his car, I told him I would see him after work, and my father exited the store.

-The trend of ringing up gift-givers I wish I had in my life continues as a woman purchased a beautifully ornate birthday card, an adorably colorful gift bag, and two packs of teriyakily flavored beef jerky.

-A parent sporting a police badge entered the store, nine year-old son in tow, intent on teaching him a lesson on respecting the law and its keepers. I have not even the slightest doubt that this child will be learning very formative lessons on this subject, as I soon rang up his mother for a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

-Upon being handed a toy toolbox, a toddler thanked me and bid me goodbye. Shocked by this immediacy, I asked why he was leaving before his parents had even completed the transaction. He informed me that he had to leave for work. I now fully understand. Tight schedules are not a foreign concept to me, and I wish him the best in the grind to come, working the ensuing nine-to-five.


Animal Overalls for Toddlers

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You’ve searched the depths of the Internet. You’ve looked so hard for an explanation of your state of mind. Perhaps you arrived upon DD/lg. Or just followed a nostalgia blog that fit… Almost.

This is by no means a complete list. However, I hope it helps someone better understand themselves or perhaps a loved one.

🍼 The term “age regression” spans several categories. It can be a psychiatrist term for someone who is “stunted” due to trauma, it can be a coping mechanism for those who have experienced trauma or it can simply be an enjoyable experience for a person.

🍼 Age regression is a healthy coping mechanism, as long as it does NOT have a negative impact on your life. Signs of unhealthy regression can be: refusal or inability to handle any age appropriate duties (homework, chores, paying bills or your work), regressing at inappropriate times (such as at a funeral or other such times).

🍼 Age regression is common and is safe for minors. It is often confused with age play, which is role playing of a younger age for sexual gratification. Age regression is nonsexual. Whilst the regressor can be sexually active OUTSIDE of regression, they cannot consent to sexual activity whilst regressed.

🍼 Age regression is the mental regression to a younger (usually safer) age in the persons life. This regression age can span from infancy to teens. Since they are mentally that age whilst regressed, a regressor cannot consent to adult activities.

🍼 There is no set standards to be considered an age regressor.

🍼 Some age regressors are in kink relationships whereby they have a BDSM relationship as adults. This is perfectly fine as long as they are both physically and mentally 18+.

🍼 Due to the vast amounts of reasons and types of trauma that cause regression, some regressors are very strict on their interactions. Forcing unwanted interaction upon them is abusive in nature. Respect interaction requests and bans.

🍼 The terms used by age regressors is set by them and is not inherently sexual.

🍼 Age regressors often (but not always) require supervision. This is not because they are incapable of taking care of themselves on a whole, but because a Caregiver gives them 100% safety. Safety is vital for an age regressor to get both the full scale of therapy from their regression and also to regress without concern.

🍼 Age regression is in NO WAY affiliated with paedophilia or sexual deviancy.

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malec +shoulder kisses? +francy!! congrats on 1k!! you deserve millions on followers!! ily! ♥

thank you so much angel 💛

Magnus is standing over a potion, various bottles and cases opened and sprawled around the big spell book in front of the pot, light blue smoke slowly forming on the surface of the potion. He’s focusing on measuring the last few ingredients, and rolls his shoulders, faintly aware of how stiff his body is. He’s been at this since lunch, the potion requiring constant supervision and perfectly timed adding of ingredients, which in itself isn’t difficult, only exhausting.

“Hi.“ Alec’s voice comes from behind him, and Magnus jumps a bit. He hadn’t noticed when Alec got home, his wards no longer reacting to the familiar presence. Magnus feels when Alec steps into place behind him, hands going to his hips, a faint brush of lips against Magnus’ shoulder causes a small smile to spread across his face.

“Hi,“ Magnus says back.

“How’s the potion coming along?“ Alec asks, nosing across Magnus’ neck and shoulder, barely there, but enough to send a shiver down Magnus’ entire body.

“I should be done in about half an hour,“ Magnus answers, and he feels more than hears Alec hum in acknowledgement, followed by another, firmer kiss to his shoulder.

“I’ll get dinner ready then,“ Alec says, moving away from Magnus, but he’s barely two steps away when Magnus turns to him.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?“

Alec looks confused for only a moment, before realisation paints his features in light, his smile genuine and his eyes warm, as he leans over and presses a kiss to Magnus’ lips. Magnus smiles at him as he pulls away, letting himself take in the unfocused look in Alec’s eyes for a moment before turning back to the potion, finding his exhaustion retreated to the back of his mind.

francy’s 1k fic-fest

Married... With Egos

So… here it is. The mess I poured all my blood, sweat and tears into as a celebration of @markiplier‘s 18 million subscriber milestone.

It’s a doozy. I spent literal hours agonizing over this, between the writing, editing, tweaking and locating all the appropriate sound effects…. But you know what? I’m proud of the finished product. It’s silly, cheesy and crazy and gosh darn it, I hope you guys like it. I hope Mark would like it. I took a lot of inspiration from him. >w>’

Mark, thank you so much for everything you do. Thank you for being such a good person, a generous person, a kind person. Thank you for donating to charity and caring for us, your community. Thank you for putting up with us all these years. Thank you for being you. I’ve never been more happy to see you, well, so happy! Please continue to enjoy yourself, your life and your success. Thank you.

Oh, also @alcordraws with the usual inspiration on the kiddos, eyyyy. <3


AO3 Mirror

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What about us?

Firstly, all I can think about now is the P!nk song…so there’s where this is coming from.. 


So what about us? What about all times you said you had the answer? 

Oliver paused halfway through the door, glancing back at William as loud, enthusiastic singing reached his ears emanating from the kitchen of Felicity’s apartment. She hadn’t answered his knock and now he guesses he knows why. 

What about us? What about all the broken happy ever afters? WHOA! 

William’s faces scrunches in distaste as the last part is screamed more than sung, but he follows Oliver until they’re standing in the living room, staring into the kitchen where Felicity dances around, hair thrown up into a messy updo and wearing an overly large shirt that looks suspiciously like one of Oliver’s missing Henleys. 

What about us? What about all the plans that ended in disasters? 

What about love? What about trust? What about us?! 

Felicity spins around coffee mug in hand, freezing when her gaze lands on Oliver and William who wear nearly identical bemused expressions. She quickly lunges over to stop the music, closing her eyes as if that could rewind the last few moments. “How long have you been standing there?” 

Oliver grins. “Not long.” He would say something far less appropriate about the last time he found her belting out songs at the top of her lungs in his kitchen, but his son is standing right next to him and the blush in Felicity’s cheeks leaves him with no doubt that she’s thinking of that same incident. He changes the subject: “Are you cooking breakfast?” 

She snorts. “I said I would hang with William while you went to your meeting, not poison him. Although, I must say my omelet is getting to be pretty good. Almost no charring anymore.” Spotting William’s concerned glance, she hurries to clarify. “I don’t cook. Like, at all. Because I burn things. I’m like a child: it requires adult supervision.  And constant attention, which is why we will be ordering take-out for lunch. 

“I can,  however,  make a mean cup of coffee, if you wa-” 

Oliver shakes his head. 

“Nope. Nevermind. No coffee for the kid. Got it. Coffee’s probably bad for developing brains and stuff. Got it. No coffee. Don’t give child coffee. I got this. No problem. I can do the babysitting thing. Not that you’re a baby, William. Obviously, you’re not. It’s just the phrase. Although-” 

“William brought his homework,” Oliver cuts in. He’s love to hear where Felicity was going with that, but he does have an emergency meeting to get to, which is the reason why he’s leaving William with Felicity on Raisa’s day off. “This shouldn’t take more than a couple hours.” 

“Homework,” Felicity repeats with a dutiful nod. “I can help with homework. Alright.” 

“I’ll see you later,  buddy.” William offers a forced smile before moving to the table and pulling out his work. 

Felicity walks Oliver to the door, looking a little nervous. 

Oliver leans down to press a kiss to her cheek. “You’ll do fine. Thank you for doing this.” 

She nods, nerves growing as he walked out the door, leaving her alone with a tiny human. Why she agreed to this, she’s not sure. She’s certain it requires more coffee though as she walks back to where William sits surrounded by paper. 

“Alright, kick some homework butt!” 

William blinks at her enthusiasm and his eyes dart to the door, as if Oliver might reappear and save him. “Uhhh…” 

“So, can I help with anything?” 

“Actually…” William tilts his head as he looks at her. “I do have a question.” 

Felicity lights up. “Great! Ask away?”  

“What’s up with you and my dad?”


Characters: Jin x Reader

Word Count: 7,955

Genre: Angst

Warning: Mentions of death. Oh, and I’m sorry.

As your eyes fluttered open, you were met with a familiar white ceiling and the sound of steady beeping coming from beside you. A quick scan of the surroundings confirmed your suspicions—you were in a hospital room.

A strange feeling bubbled up inside your chest; it wasn’t panic or confusion, but acceptance. You didn’t need to search through your memory for long before you were able to recall the cause of why you were lying here.

A car accident. Nothing more, nothing less.

As you tilted your head stiffly to look around the room, you noticed that it was unusually empty. That was a bit concerning, but you assumed that maybe your condition was stable enough not to require supervision, and that perhaps visiting hours were over or hadn’t started yet.

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13lizardsinatrenchcoat  asked:

Do your characters have any domestic activities that they like to do? I've always pictured Vlad as a bit of a stress baker/chef.

Oh, what a fun question.

Vlad is not much of a cook. He enjoys food, but he enjoys it more when other people make it for him. He does however like to read and paint, and tinker with things. You’ll always find him fidgeting with something, whether it’s a piece of clockwork or twirling a paintbrush in his fingers while he reads—either silently or aloud, depends on if people ask him nicely. He also plays several musical instruments, but prefers not to be the center of attention so keeps that to himself.

Nathan likes the act of cooking, but is actually fairly bad at it and requires Adult Supervision if left with a frying pan. What he does enjoy is fixing and building things. He’s the type of person who sees a crack in the wall and goes “I should fix that” and gains immense satisfaction from working with his hands. He likes being Active, and you’ll often find outside chopping wood in the dead of winter with his shirt off if he’s got nothing else to do. But he’s also pretty laid back and happy to just chill out if you ask him to. He can curl up and nap like a champion if the occasion calls for it.

Ursula enjoys baking and cooking, and is moderately good at it, though she has little cause to be in a kitchen save for her enjoyment of the act or for spellcraft. She is another one who enjoys working with her hands and spends hours embroidering with expensive silk threads creating works of art, but also embellishing her own clothes, and those of the people she cares for. She’s also not above basic repair work, and will quite happily sit and mend. It gives her something to do with her hands while she thinks. She’s also an avid reader and finding out that Vlad reads the same Penny Dreadful novellas she does is a delight for both of them. 

It’s not uncommon as the years go by to find the three of them ensconced together in some quiet fire lit room, Ursula working on something beautiful, Vlad reading aloud, and Nathan sprawled on the floor in front of the fire just enjoying the tranquility of being. 

Blake, a question, what about Ruby drew you to her? (Asked by ourmissallison)
  • Blake, with a small smile creeping onto her face: Well...I've been in love with a blade, someone sharp and dangerous who has no issue cutting anything in their path down. Someone who requires constant supervision less you want blood on your hands...
  • Blake, her smile having grown bigger: I thought it was about time I open myself up to someone more soft. From there it only grew and grew. Ruby would listen to my stories, she'd console me when they started to feel like glass in my throat, and wouldn't push me to say any more. She understood that due to what I've been through, I'd be slow to get to the point of what a typical relationship would be from the getgo...she's always there. She can help breathe life back into me when all I want to do is return back into the shadows and hide...
  • Ruby, popping up with a big sticker on her forehead: BLAKE HELP I GOT IT STUCK AND I CAN'T GET IT OFF!!!
  • Blake, shaking her head, laughing: Plus...there are moments like these that make me forget about all the darkness in the world, be it grimm...or people...
  • Ruby, comically sobbing: Blake please I have class in ten minutes and don't want to go with a dumb 'Ka-pow!' sticker on my forehead.

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Alternate Canon/AU - Jellybean doesn't need a babysitter. She's nine years old and practically a grown-up. But since the law mandates that children under 12 require supervision, JB decides to devise a way to make the most of her predicament. Getting her broody brother and her bubbly babysitter to stop dancing around and admit that they like each other is one way to beat the boredom. Bonus if there's a smattering of enemies to lovers on Betty and Jughead's part.

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Can I get 85 soukoku? Pls?

I got you, babe. Here you go.

85. “It’s not what it looks like!”

(Featuring Jealous!Dazai and hinted Tachuu because I am garbage.)

Sometimes, Tachihara got himself involved in things he really shouldn’t.

It was his fault - one hundred percent. He didn’t think things through all of the time, which typically lead to him jumping headfirst into a circumstance that he was not mentally or physically equipped to handle.

For example, when Chuuya decided to go out drinking, it was collectively decided that somebody was required to supervise him. Tachihara, who was usually picked on by his superiors, was elected to follow him. It didn’t take a whole lot of convincing, because it meant an unnamed number of hours alone with Nakahara Chuuya, who Tachihara looked up to a couple degrees more than what was deemed appropriate. So, he gladly volunteered for the mission.

Plus, he had to admit that the flush on Chuuya’s cheeks from the alcohol was weirdly adorable, and suited the redhead far more than he would have assumed.

This, however? This was not adorable.

“I’m going to call Dazai.” Chuuya said, pulling out his mobile, fumbling with the device for a few seconds.

“No!” Tachihara responded, and reached out to grab the phone from the executive’s hand. Despite being shorter, Chuuya managed to hold it out of reach, and even went so far as to climb up onto the dividing wall between the booths. The couple on the other side was alarmed to find a drunken - albeit very attractive - redhead suddenly invading on their private space, but at this point Chuuya didn’t notice or even consider caring.

“Hey!” Chuuya shouted into the phone. “Shitty Dazai! Come pick me up! I need your help!” Before the brunette could respond, he felt an arm wrap around his waist and drag him down into his seat.

“So sorry, folks!” Tachihara said, smiling winningly at the blonde woman and her boyfriend. They looked more sophisticated than the average club member, making this incident ten times worse. “He went a little healthy on the juice, if you know what I mean!”

Chuuya struggled against Tachihara, kicking and pounding his fists into the taller man’s arms, but to no avail. Tachihara shut the phone before any more interaction could occur.

“I need his help!” Chuuya whined, though Tachihara ignored him and proceeded to drag him from the bar, his hat held in his left, and both their phones in his right.

As they left the heated building, cold night air sweeping over both of them, Chuuya lowered his voice to a sultry tone and whispered in Tachihara’s ear, the hot exhale crawling over his cheeks.  “Unless you know how to help, hmmm??”

Tachihara felt his face heat up, and he nearly dropped the man. Chuuya cackled loudly, and shoved his head away. “I’m just kidding Tachi-chan!”

Tachihara raised an eyebrow at the nickname, but still dragged him nonetheless. “Maybe save that for Dazai.”

Chuuya waved his hand. “Pfffft. Dazai is an asshole.” He pouted a little, “A pretty asshole, though.”

“Is that so?”

Tachihara’s worst nightmare had just come to life, he realized, as Osamu Dazai smiled wickedly at them, hands tucked into his pockets.

“Dazai-san!” Tachihara bowed his head, though he had no obligation to do so. But Dazai was terrifying.

“Assisting Chuuya, are we?” Dazai smiled, tipping his head to the side. Tachihara’s heart went cold.

“I-it’s not what it looks like!” Tachihara panicked, holding out a hand in terror. Dazai simply smiled, and grabbed his wrist.

“I’ll be taking our little Hat Rack home, alright?” His smile was charming and lovely, a flash of perfect white teeth. But it still sent a chill down his spine. His grip on his wrist was tight - too tight - and he let his hand go limp, dropping the phones.

Dazai managed to snatch up Chuuya’s but let Tachihara’s drop to the sidewalk, where it made an unpleasant crunching noise. “Thank you though. Just remember that I can always help, should the Port Mafia be too busy!” He grabbed Chuuya around the waist, pulling him to his side.

“Hat?” Dazai held out his hand. Chuuya was protesting, pummeling his fists into Dazai’s side, though his head rested comfortably on the man’s shoulder.

“Let me go, shitty little…” His words began slurring, though his fists did not let up.

Tachihara gave him the hat, his other hand shaking.

“Thank you!”

He watched the two leave, but the chill didn’t fade until he was back home, doors locked and all lights kept on just in case Dazai didn’t believe him when he said he wasn’t doing anything to Chuuya.

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hi, i absolutely love your headcanons and was wondering if i could request some sfw&nsfw headcanons for kagetsugu? thank you

mmmmmmmmmm tsugutsugu. i just finished kenshin’s route a couple of days ago and i’m on hotaru’s route now so i’m getting a good amount of kagetsugu. hell yeah.

Kagetsugu SFW/NSFW headcanons

  • actually really enjoys ganging up on Yoshichi with Kageie. it’s not his fault Yoshichi gets worked up so easily.
  • secretly wants to come up with an embarrassing nickname for Kageie, as revenge for tsugutsugu
  • deadpan face but internally chuckles at his own comments
  • good with his hands, teaches Ai how to make flower crowns
  • mutual respect between him and Kanetsugu. Kanetsugu is just thankful there’s at least one person in the castle who doesn’t require constant supervision
  • restless sleeper (hence the duck hair)
  • super paranoid about his hair, checks it in all shiny surfaces surreptitiously, Kageie notices and calls him out on it. Kageie thinks he should leave the duck hair because it’s his ‘charm point’. Kagetsugu does not agree.
  • he knows his kusa mochi are not… right. but what else are friends for, if not to eat your questionable kitchen experiments?
  • thinks that Yoshichi and Kanetsugu have the perfect brotherly relationship, slightly envious
  • loves skinship, wants to cuddle all the time when they’re alone together in their room
  • likes being the little spoon but doesn’t want to admit it
  • enjoys being petted and fussed over by his partner, likes putting his head on her lap and letting her stroke his hair

NSFW under cut

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Headcanon: Jump as elementary school students


is a very energetic child with a vivid imagination. He finishes his work very quickly, as he’s very smart, and then tends to harass the other students. His teacher keeps a generous amount of extra busy work to give to him in an effort to keep him entertained and stop him from disrupting the other students. He requires constant supervision, needing to be watched carefully as he tends to get into mischief when left unattended, and even when he is being supervised, he is still exceptionally sneaky and able to get away from them. He argues with the teacher the most out of all of the students, not wanting to give in, even if he is wrong. He receives detention at least twice a month for various infractions.

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overwatch cooking headcanons

Soldier 76: makes really great pancakes, but that’s about it. someone show him the spice drawer. 

Reaper: decent cook, everything is very spicy and flavorful. If you like that, you’ll love his cooking, if you don’t, you’ll die. he’s a polyglot, and he can make all sorts of stuff from all around the world. 

Genji: chops vegetables with his katana to be funny, but won’t cook. barely even eats. angela tells him he still needs to eat, but he’s never hungry.

Hanzo: he’s often the first one up in the morning, so he’ll make tea and fry up some eggs, but he doesn’t make a habit of cooking for the team. he was cooked for when he was younger, but had to learn for himself once he was on the run. 

McCree: he cooks for overwatch on occasion, and he’s pretty good at it, too! he can make basic stuff from all over the world as a result of traveling so much when he was young, like reaper. he’ll eat anything and everything you put in front of him and won’t bat an eye.

Ana: she doesn’t cook a lot herself but she’ll help out if she happens to be in the kitchen. she’s good at comfort food, and comfort in general. 

Pharah: i mean, she can kind of cook. sort of. she never really had to cook for herself, she grew up on the overwatch base.

Tracer: very enthusiastic about wanting to help. don’t let her help. can’t follow simple directions in recipes.

Junkrat: he likes to get creative. he requires supervision, so he cooks with Ana and Roadhog a lot. he can definitely cook, however. living alone in the wasteland as a scavenger is for survivor-types.

Roadhog: really good cook actually! He cooks, but not for the team. has an annoying habit of only making enough for himself and junkrat. He’ll make enough for everyone if you compliment him enough. vegan, pro-quinoa.

Mei: can make all the basic stuff, but is the most talented bartender. If you ask her how she learned she’ll pretend she can’t hear you.

Torbjorn: when he’s not wearing his claw hand, he has a prosthetic for everyday use and then he’ll make food. he’s pretty good at it, he’s used to cooking for a large family and a large team over the years. 

Widowmaker: can’t cook, but is really condescending and passive aggressive about everyone else’s cooking. if you call her out on it, she’ll make your life hell.

D.Va: she can cook the basics, but prefers not to. if you sign her up to cook, she’ll order takeout. nobody minds, so they sign her up once a week.

Reinhardt: sometimes signs himself up to cook for the team, and he always makes a ton of food, because he genuinely cares for everyone.

Winston: creates the meal schedule. signs himself up to be responsible sometimes. reinhardt erases his name and puts his in instead, and winston pretends not to notice. gorillas are herbivores, he hates even the smell of meat.

Zarya: good cook, queen of healthy balanced meals, but she doesn’t feel guilty or doesn’t make anyone else feel guilty for eating unhealthy stuff. she’s got a big sweet tooth. 

Lucio: not terrible at all. what he lacks in technique he makes up for in enthusiasm. has fun, no matter the outcome. 

Mercy: she’s an amazingly talented woman, but cooking isn’t one of them. someone help her. this woman survives off of chocolate, cup noodles, coffee, and alcohol. she can’t cook for her fucking life.

Symmetra: she’s hindu, so she doesn’t eat meat. very, very good cook, makes traditional indian food packed with flavor and spice. gets upset when doesn’t order vegetarian options and refuses to cook for the rest of the month, and then everyone gets mad.

Zenyatta: “everything is delicious, thank you.” “you can’t eat, zenyatta.”

Bastion: sometimes will give you sunflower seeds. torb probably gave them to him.


Originally posted by sparklemichele

Pairing: Eric x reader
Prompt: Eric and you have never really got along, so what happens when a mistake leads to you being stranded with him and the rest of your group far from home.
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 5124
Warning: Strong language that’s about it

A/N: I got a lot of good feed back from my last fic so I’m excited to present you guys this one. I think the description is a little sketchy but oh well. I wrote it surprisingly fast so chances are it won’t be that surprising if you spot a few grammar errors here or there. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy pretty please let me know what you think. -Lola

part 2

You where fully convinced that this was your personal hell. This had to be some kind of cruel punishment.

A week ago max announced that he had a mission of sorts that he needed a group of dauntless to check out clear on the other side of the city. It sounded easy enough, take a train trip, check it out, chase off any functionless if any, take some pictures and notes, bring it back to max.

If anything you where slightly looking forward to the trip mainly because Four managed to find a way to pull a few strings so that your group would consist of himself, You, Tris, Christina, Will, Zeke, and Uriah. There where a few other groups going but upon reaching the site everyone was to split up into there respective teams.

It was the day before the trip that Max announced that a dauntless leader would be required to supervise you all. You had prayed that it would be Jessica or maybe even Paul, just someone who wouldn’t make the whole experience miserable. Scratch that, there was really only one leader that truly crept under you skin. So you hoped and prayed that Max would tell this particular leader to just sit this one out.

Of course in the long run you should have realized that luck was never really on your side. The next morning you woke up at the crack of dawn and made your way down to the railways to meet up with everyone else.

Sure enough there standing off to the side of the crowd, having what appeared to be quite a heated discussion with Max was Eric himself.

You pushed your way through the thong of people and eventually spotted Four standing with the rest of your group waiting for train.

“What the fuck is Coulter doing here?” You demanded as you approached the group.

“Good morning to you too..” Four mumbled as you came closer.

“Is he coming with us?”

“Oh that’s right you didn’t hear the fabulous news last night, after you left the office. Eric’s the one in charge of us today.” Four looked and sounded less than delighted with the news.

“That’s just fucking great..” You grumbled shaking your head.

“Glad to hear your about as excited as i am about this whole thing, princess.” You heard a smug voice quip behind you. Groaning you turned around and glared at Eric.

“Don’t call me that and Is there seriously no one else who can do it?” You snapped back. You hated all the little pet names Eric called you by in order to get under your skin. ‘Princess’ had to be your least favorite of them all mainly because Eric has openly admitted that he only calls you that because he thinks your a primadonna.

Eric rolled his eyes at you, “Trust me when i said i tried getting out of this. It’s supposed to be my day off, But instead I get to spend it with you asshats while you play around in the dirt.”

It was your turn to roll your eyes at Eric’s bitching, You could hear the sound of the train as it approached and you turned your back to Eric to see if your team was ready.

“Quite the little team you got there Four..” Eric said tauntingly, Four who promptly decided that it was to early in the morning to deal with the other mans bullshit simply flicked him off before turning to help pull Tris off the ground where she had been sitting.

Everyone around you prepared to get on the train and before you knew it you spotted it round a corner and start heading your way.

You glanced over and noticed Eric waiting in your periphery. You could tell that he was in the perfect position to take off and be the first one on the train. That was the one thing about Eric, he always had to be first. So you decided to do the one thing that you knew would piss him off and took off a few moments before you needed too so you could get a head start in front of him.
It took Eric a few seconds to figure out what you where doing but once he did you could hear his footsteps fall in line next to yours as he tried to race you. You saw the train rush ahead of you and surged ahead of him just in time to latch onto the door handle and pull yourself up and on to the train. Eric entered a few seconds after you and you could see the nasty glare he sent your way earning a chuckle from you.

Zeke and Uriah had been right on your tails apparently and entered the train not long after you, soon followed by Tris and Four, Then Will and Christina. The rest of the people on the mission trickled in and after a few minutes Eric did a head count to make sure no one had been left behind.

You grew irritated upon realizing that it was a two and a half hour ride before you got to the right jump off point. You and Eric argued the whole time about any and everything.

“We need to jump off here Eric.” You snapped.

“No we don’t ___…” He said not even looking at you.

“Whatever..” You growled rolling your eyes at him. You turned to walk away but he quickly grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to him.

“Hey watch the attitude princess..” He whispered fiercely into ear, squeezing your arm tightly.

“Kiss my ass eric.” You spat at him.

“Sure thing bend over.” You yanked your arm from his grasp and glared at him before making your way to sit near your friends.

“What was that all about?” Uriah asked as you sat down.

“Oh you know Eric being an asshole as usual..” You muttered, picking at your nails.

A few minutes passed before Eric announced that everyone would have to jump off in a few minutes and do a long trek to the site because you had missed the stop you where supposed to jump off at. Everyone groaned upon hearing about having to walk almost a whole extra half a mile. But Eric made it quite clear, after a particularly snippy comment from Christina that the next person to bitch about he would personally ‘Escort’ off the train. No one liked the sound of that and pretty much everyone grew silent.

Everyone stood as it came time to exit. Zeke and Uriah pushed there way through the crowed and made sure that they where the first the jump off, They where followed by the rest of the people leaping wildly of the platform.
Before you knew there was only a small group of people left. The made your way to the exit but not before glancing over at Eric who was watching you coldly.

“I told you so, by the way..” was all you had to say, referencing the argument you two had previously, before jumping off the train and landing fairly gracefully.

The rest of the people made it off the train with ease, with Eric being the last person to jump off. Everyone recollected and you guys made the hike to the spot you where originally supposed to be at.

Eric was surprisingly quiet the whole time. Even despite how nice it was, it put you on edge mainly because he was pissed at you for the comment you made on the train. Whatever, you honestly didn’t have the time to worry about whether you hurt his feelings or not. But god knows he was probably plotting something.

The work was tedious. The land Max had sent you all to investigate had once been amity farm land, but a few years back all the amity in the area had upped and relocated after realizing that soil was better on the other side of the city. The area had been abandoned ever since. Jeanine was interested in trying to turn the lot into another research center of sorts but it was agreed, much to Jeanine’s displeasure, that it would be best if a group of trained dauntless soldiers checked it out instead of some erudite scientists.

It was a fairly large piece of land, thus explaining the need for all the groups. Your team was to take the section of land furthest away from the rail tracks. The other teams spread out throughout the land and Eric made himself useful by doing pretty much nothing other than barking orders and pissing people off.

You group worked all the way until just before sundown. Everyone was tried, hungry and a little pissed off. It was only as our group emerged from the little forest that separated the land you investigated from the rest of the area did you notice that there was no one around. Immediate panic set in and your team rushed in the direction of the train.

You where one of the fastest sprinters so you pulled ahead and raced around a bend and spotted the train in the distance. Your feet pounded into the dirt as you spotted Eric in the back of the group.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” You yelled into the wind catching his attention.Eric turned to the side and notice you behind him.

“Why aren’t you on the train?” He snapped back.

“I don’t know why did you leave my team behind.” Confusion crossed his features and he turned around to notice the rest of your friends struggling to close the large gap that separated you from then.

“Shit.” Was all he could say as he realized what happened, Eric then made the jump up on to the train.
“Get on the train.” Was all he said as he looked down at you, he reached a hand out for you to grab but you sneered in his direction.

“No, Eric.”  Your legs started to burn and your lungs where on fire.

“What do you mean no?” He snapped back. You tried to keep up with the train but your body was starting to fail you.
“I’m.. I’m not leaving… my group behind.” You yelled back breathlessly.

Eric was seething at this point and before you could react he reached down, leaning out of the train, and pulled you up by the back of your shirt. You hadn’t completely realized what was happening until you felt yourself being thrown on the floor of the train.
Everyone looked on in shock as you just laid there for a second.

“Your ass is in so much trouble when we get back!” He yelled in your direction. You pushed yourself up from the ground and brushed past him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He growled down at you.

“I’m not leaving my group behind asshole.” You snapped back.

“Yeah you are ___, get over it.” You moved away from him and reached out gripping your arm tightly.

“Get off me Eric.” You struggled against him for a few seconds and his grip tightened.

Panic started to set in as you realized that you had maybe a 30 second window to safely get off the train and join your group. So in a moment of frustration, anger, and just maybe a little fear you turned around and felt your fist connect to some part of Eric’s face.

His grip loosened as he realized that you had just hit him but as you yanked away he grabbed you one more time just as you where about to jump off. You lost your footing as you pulled against him and the floor disappeared from beneath you. 

Your body connected with the ground hard and it took you a few seconds to come to terms with what just happened. You heard a groan next to you and glanced over and noticed Eric lying next to you face down. You had just fallen off a train and somehow with your luck managed to pull Eric off with you.

“You’re so dead…” Was all he muttered as he started to push himself up. You just sat on the ground and watched as he tried to chase after the train but it was no use it was long gone. He realized that and let out long stream of curse words.

You heard foot steps approaching you. The rest of your team ran up to meet you guys. Tris and Christina immediately busied themselves with making sure you where okay and pulling you off the ground. They helped dust some of the dirt off you not that it was any use, you where covered in the stuff, so was Eric.

He turned around and glared as you stood up. You couldn’t help but feel a little pride as you noticed the angry looking red mark just below his eye from your first, That was so going to burse.

“What the fuck was that?!” He shouted once you where fully standing.

“I told you i wasn’t leaving my friends behind, Eric.” you growled back.

“You could have gotten us killed!”

“It’s not my fault you wouldn’t let go!”

“You are in so much trouble when we get back.” You rolled your eye’s at his threat and turned to everyone else. After checking to make sure everyone was ok you all stood there awkwardly for a few minutes.

“Well what now?” Will asked as he looked around.

“Wait for another train?” Suggested Uriah, Zeke nodding next to him.

Eric shook his head as he watched everyone with disinterest. “That was the last train today.”

“Are you serious?” You growled as you looked off into the distance where the train had disappeared.

“Oh don’t you fucking dare. Maybe if you had followed my orders, we..” He made a motion between you and him. “Wouldn’t be stranded out here!”

“Well maybe if you had done your job instead of sleeping all day none of us would be stranded out here!” After giving out the orders upon reaching the site, Eric proceeded to make himself comfortable under one of the massive trees and took a nap.

Although you do have to admit that he had been quite the sight lounging under the tree. He had his arms crossed over his chest, extenuating the muscles in his biceps and forearms. He leaned his back against the tree and stretched his long legs out, crossing them at the ankle. There was no denying that Eric was.. attractive to say the least. It was a shame his shitty personality ruined it.
You tried to shove any thought of Eric in a romantic or sexual since out of your head, slightly disgusted with yourself for being attracted to him.

“Well how long of a walk would it be..?” Uriah tried again.

“… It was a two hour train ride to get out here, dumbass.” Eric said looking at Uriah like he was a complete idiot.

“Leave him alone Eric, at least he is actually trying to help.” You snapped at him.

“Yeah cause that was a really helpful suggestion.” He snapped back,.

“Shut the fuck up Eric!” You growled.

“Watch your mouth, ___!” He snapped back.

“Or what?” You challenged smugly, he opened his mouth to respond but Four beat him to it.

“Both of you need to shut up, enough is enough. The train isn’t going to show up again till sunrise and Eric is right that’s too long a walk. It’s going to get freezing out as soon as the suns completely go down. We need to find shelter.” Everyone hushed to hear Four speak and we all agreed with what he was saying.

All day while working it had chilly out but by sundown it was going to be down in the 40′s. Right now the sun was going to start setting within the hour to and it got darker every minute and the air was beginning to feel bitter cold.

“I saw a cabin or something while we where working.” Tris piped up.

“Well then what are we waiting for people.” Zeke said loudly.

You guys made your way back to the work site a few minutes later and Tris lead the way to the cabin. The group did there best to keep you and Eric separated because god knows it was impossible for you two to get along.

Upon reaching the cabin, everyone realized that it was surprisingly large, for an old amity house. There where three regular sized bedrooms and one large master bedroom. Eric make it clear pretty that the master bedroom was his.

It wasn’t much of a surprise when Christina and Will claimed a bedroom for themselves giggling the whole time. Uriah and Zeke joked about being room mates again. You knew Four and Tris where just now getting to the point in there relationship where they would sleep in the same bed together. You could tell both of them where uncomfortable with the situation as they claimed a bedroom for themselves earning a snicker from Eric.

Almost all at once everyone glanced at you waiting, and it took you a second to realize what the issue was. There where no bedrooms left for you to take, The only place left for you to sleep was in the master bedroom, with Eric, or one the couch.
You glanced over at him and he had a cat caught the canary grin on his face.

“Why do i have to sleep on the couch?” You exclaimed.

“No one said you had to sleep there, princess.” Eric snickered again from the wall he leaned against.

“I guess I’m taking the couch.” You growled irritated, over your dead body where you going to share a bed with Eric.

“____ it’s going to get cold tonight and it didn’t look like there was a lot of extra blankets.” Four said calmly trying to reason with you.

“Well then I guess my ass will freeze to death because i am not sharing a bed with him.” You said irritated with what Four was insinuating.

“Fine by me.” Eric commented as he pushed himself off the wall and started to make his way up the stairs up to that master bedroom. He hovered at the top of the stairs for a second, looking down.

“But i will save you a spot, sweet heart, for when you change your mind..” He called down before.

“Trust me when I say, I wont!” You called out to him as he laughed and disappeared around a corner.

“Asshole..” you muttered under your breath glaring at the spot he once stood.

Everyone, except Eric, donated a blanket or pillow to your makeshift bed for the night. Tris tried to convince you to put you differences aside and share with Eric just this one time but you made it quite clear that that so wasn’t going to happen
You tried your best to get warm sleeping on the couch but it was pointless. It was freezing and you where miserable. You tossed and turned for about an hour before realizing that there was no way in hell you where going to fall asleep. You had stupidly stripped down to your tank top and boyshort underwear in order to get comfortable, you where now realizing how terrible an idea that had been.

You finally came to terms with the fact that the only way you where going to get sleep was if you swallowed you pride and went upstairs. After contemplating it for a few minutes you finally collected the two blankets that you where trying to get warm with and grabbed the clothes you had taken off.

Every step you took up the stairs felt like you where walking closer to your death. You had tried to wrap the thin blankets around yourself but the air still nipped your skin.

It wasn’t hard to find the bedroom Eric was in. You stood outside of the door contemplating going back down stairs but the chattering of your teeth convinced you other wise. You entered the large bedroom and looked around impressed, the king sized bed was off to the side near a large window.

Eric laid in the middle of the bed on his stomach, stretched out. The heavy blanket he was using had slipped down to about the middle of his back and you took a second to appreciate the muscles and contours of his back.

You took a few tentative steps towards the bed and scowled as you noticed that he was taking up all the space in the bed.

“Eric..” You whispered and he didn’t stir at all.

“Eric come on.” You tried again but still nothing. You reached down and snatched the pillow he had been laying on from underneath his head. Now that woke him up. He glared up at you still groggy and half asleep.

“What the fuck do you want?” He growled his voice sounding thick with sleep you shiver after hearing it but figured you could blame it on the cold.

“scooch over, I’m cold.“ You tried not to whine but you where desperate at this point. Eric was now more awake and he started smirking as he realized what you wanted. He did as you asked and moved over a little bit. You lifted the blanket and caught a glance of his body underneath the covers. You immediately dropped the comforter and looked away.

“I am not getting in the bed till you put some boxers on Eric.” You said slowly Eric, of course thought this was hilarious and looked up at you smugly.

“That’s not really my problem.” He said before putting his head down as if he was going to fall back asleep.

“Eric seriously.” You snapped.

“If your so cold then just get in the bed ____.” Was all he replied not even glancing up.

You where growing irritated and honestly half tempted to just get in the bed. Finally after a few moments of you contemplating what to do, Eric pushed himself up and got out of the bed.

You couldn’t help but sneak a glance at his ass before looking away with a slight blush on your face.

Eric turned around and looked at you waiting for a reaction. He had absolutely no shame as he stood there completely naked in front of you. You glanced over and looked him in the eye, fighting every temptation to look at the rest of his body. Even in the dim light only provided by the large windows in the room, you could see mischief in his eye and an over all smug look wiped across his face.

You finally had to break eye contact and look away because you where more than sure he saw the faint blush across your cheeks.

“Your such a princess, you know that?” He said as he look around the room for his clothes.

“Why, because i asked you to but some underwear on?” You bristled back.

While he slipped his black boxer briefs back on, you climbed under the covers enjoying the warmth of the bed. you couldn’t help but sneak one more glance at Eric while he had his back turned. Only this time before you could look away Eric turned around and caught you in the act. You where absolutely mortified as a smirk grew across his face.

“Like what you see?” He said tauntingly and you rolled your eyes at him.

“You wish, Coulter.”

He climbed in on the other side of the bed and laid about an arms length away as you laid with your back to him. Your teeth wouldn’t stop chattering, you where still freezing under all the covers.

“Can you not?” Eric snapped from next to you.

“Excuse me Eric for still being cold!” You growled back. You heard Eric shifting next to you and a few seconds later you felt him press against your body and wrap an arm around you.

“What are you doing?” You whispered-yelled as you tried to shift away.

“___ Shut up and just go to sleep.” He said sounding annoyed.

“I’m not cuddling with you Eric, so get off.” You said not quite sure how to react.

“Get over yourself, Your cold and the whole teeth chattering thing is annoying as fuck. So get warm and go the hell to sleep.” He growled in your ear. He was surprisingly warm as much as you didn’t want to admit it.

“Fuck you, Eric.” You retorted.

He snorted behind you, “Maybe another time princess.”

“You’re disgusting.” You groaned in response and that earned a snicker from him.

“You offered.” Was all he said, snickering.

Eventually you stopped shivering and your teeth stopped chattering. You where actually comfortable which was surprising to say the least. A few more minutes passed and you where convinced that Eric had fallen asleep.

“Are you warm?” You heard him whisper softly, A part of wanted to just pretend to be asleep but you knew Eric knew better.

“Yes..” You whispered back. He mumbled something you didn’t quite catch and you expected him to untangle himself from you and move away and you pretended that the thought of that didn’t make you feel slightly disappointed. But instead he stayed pressed against you. It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep after that.

“You so owe me 20 when we get back, Uriah.” Snickering filled the room and that combined with the slight chill in the air stirred you from your sleep.

“Guys leave them alone.” You heard a voice you think belonged to Tris call out.

“Oh hell no, i want a picture of this.” Snickered someone who you knew with out a doubt was Zeke. More laughing filled the room and you heard the snap of a camera go off. That’s when you felt someone laying next to you stir awake.

You opened your eyes slightly and caught sight of all your friends pilled in the room you where sleeping in laughing.

The person next to you, better yet behind you was obviously awake now. You where confused at first until you heard Eric start talking behind you. The events of last night played back in your head and you felt beyond embarrassed.

“Get the fuck out!” You heard Eric yell soon followed by the sound of him throwing something, hopefully a pillow, in the direction of your friends. More laughing filled the room as everyone filed out and the sound of the camera go of again a few more times.
After everyone had exited you just kind of laid there for a second before bursting out with laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Eric gripped but you could hear the amusement in voice. You where most defiantly going to have to do some explaining.

“Nothing…What did you throw?” You asked still snickering.

“A pillow.”

“Did you hit anyone?”

“I don’t know i didn’t look.” For some reason his response earned more laughter from you and he also started chuckling.

It was only then did you notice that it was no longer just one on his arms wrapped around your waist but he also had a leg thrown over you and entangled with your own limbs. The other arm that wasn’t wrapped around you, was underneath you head like a pillow.

You where comfortable and didn’t feel like moving but you shifted in your spot and turned to face him. You where surprisingly close to him but for some reason the close proximity didn’t bother you. He had his eyes closed but you knew better than to think he had fallen back asleep.He had to adjust his position slightly when you moved but he didn’t bother moving over any so you where still pressed against him.

“What happened to the no cuddling thing?” You said smugly.

“I got comfortable.” Was all he had to say. You rolled your eyes at him ever though he couldn’t see you.

He opened his eyes and looked at you with a piercing gaze. You had a staring contest with him for a few minutes before turning away to get out of the bed. He stopped you before you could slip out and, moving surprisingly fast, he shifted and threw a leg over you, moving so that he was straddling you.

He placed his hands on either side of your head and looked down at you
“What are you doing?” You said feeling breathless. He bent down so that his nose was practically touching yours.

“I don’t know just go with it.” Was all he said. Before you could respond he pressed his lips to yours.

The kiss started out surprisingly sweet at first but after a little bit you both got more aggressive and It grew more passionate. He placed both hands on your waits and you began clawing your nails down his back earning a moan from him. Before it could get any more heated you heard the door to the bedroom open.

“Guys we are leaving soon, so get- oh my god.” You peaked over Eric’s shoulder to see Four standing in the door way looking anywhere but at the two of you. A blush began to take over your cheeks and given your position there was no denying what the two of you where doing.

“Just-… Were leaving in ten minutes.”  Was all he said before exiting the room.

It was Eric’s turn to laugh now. He buried his face into the side of your neck and kept laughing.

“It’s not funny!” You shouted still embarrassed.

“Yes it is..” Eric commented still chuckling.

“You know.. There’s a lot we can do in ten minutes..” He said after composing himself and moving back to kiss you.

“Oh yeah..?”

“Mmmhhhm” He kissed your collarbone waiting for a response.

“Well i guess your just going to have to show me..” You whispered back, smirking up at him.

“With pleasure.” Was all he said before returning to your lips.

An hour later everyone had made it safely onto the train and you stood by a window watching the sun rise. You felt some one walk up behind you and you didn’t have turn to know it was Eric. You felt him lean in and his lips just barely brushed the shell of your ear.

“Don’t you think for a second that your still not in a shit ton of trouble when we get back princess.” He whispered huskily.

You turned around and smirked looking up at him slightly.

“Oh i was counting on it..” You whispered biting your lip before brushing past him.

Princess… you where starting to think that you just might be able to get used to that nickname.

anonymous asked:

How did merfolkEren finally get merfolkArmin to accept his engagement present?

Answer: He didn’t.

Eren never actually started out as a Sentinel. He was classified as a Hunter. On his first hunting mission with the rest of the juniors, they were tasked with an easy duty of delivering something to a small neighboring colony a day’s swim from theirs. And Eren promised to come back with a present for Armin’s 10th birthday.

The mission was easy enough that they weren’t required any supervising adult hunters to go with them since it’s just a deliver-and-go… They didn’t expect the colony to have been invaded by predators when they arrived. Least to say, none of them would’ve made it out alive without a Sentinel with them.

It only took Eren that long to get back since he had to bandage all the survivors with what little medical equipment they brought, make a mast to carry all of them in and swim back while also protecting them from other predators lured in by their small open wounds bleeding out. After that whole skirmish, the colony later learned Eren was those uncommon cases of Late Blooming Sentinels. Sentinels that only become one when triggered by a certain event that requires them to protect. 

That type of Sentinel is one of the strongest and rarest type only because it requires the bloodline to consist of all pure blooded Sentinels. They never considered it, because when his family came to join the colony, Grisha was a classified medic and Carla a scout. But both having a lineage with a pure blood sentinel in their family history. So, the chances may be slim, but it’s still possible.

Armin never stopped wearing the gift ever since he got it, which is a sign that it’s either a family heirloom or an engagement gift. Eren just thought Armin liked wearing it, since you know, given the circumstances that he literally just turned 10 (legal courting age) and the first legal courting gift he got and accept was his engagement gift is unlikely.

So, when Eren asked Armin years later what kind of engagement gift he’d be willing to accept from him, all Armin can say is: “I already accepted your engagement gift the moment you came back to me alive.”

OLICITY AU, Falling for an Angel #7

What happens if an angel falls from the sky? Oliver Queen is a respected club owner in his hometown - Starling City. His life abruptly changes when one night he finds a beautiful girl claiming to have fallen from heaven. With her wings tucked into a jacket he helps her navigate her now human life while trying not to fall in love. Nothing can go wrong even if she drinks all of his coffee and cries in the shower, right?



Special thank you to:

@pleasantfanandstudent and @loveyoubeyondhope

Thank you for the great response to this fanfic!!!! I love your comments and sweet messages <3

Warning 1: Oliver and Felicity are straight in this story just because I say so

Warning 2: Alcohol drinking


Felicity sat on her bed, woken up by the loud sound of Oliver’s alarm clock. All night long,  she has been hugging Oliver’s jacket with her feathers in it, just to feel closer to her old home she still misses terribly. When she lost her wings, the remains of them didn’t lose their magical power, that’s why she was able to use them to help humans. If she could use them to go back to Heaven she would have, but that was not an option. They could only be used safely to help good people, out of her own good will. She wasn’t sure what happened if she was forced to use them or her intentions were not pure, but she never wanted to find out. She only trusted the old angels and their instructions when they taught every young angel about the power of their wings and warned that they can only be used for good. They were all knowing after all. For a second she wondered if they knew that she would fall, but she quickly shook that thought off.

Keep reading