supervised injection site

To everyone at Insite that has helped me so far:

each and every one of you are amazingly kind and understanding. even though i don’t remember your names very well, i will remember the kindness and respect you have shown me for the rest of my life. you have given me a sense of worth, a sense of friendship, trust and understanding, and most of all, you have helped me feel human again.

i can’t help but cry as i type this, but they are tears of happiness and gratitude for all that you have done for me.

coming to insite is the highlight of my day, and the injection of drugs is just a tiny part of that. you are beautiful people who provide a life-saving service for hundreds of people every day, and i wish that some day, and some day soon, safe injection sites will be open in every city in north america.

i can safely say that you have saved my life tonight and i will forever be thankful for that, and i hope that at least one of you will get a chance to read this post.