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Superhero AUs #11

One-sided AUs

- ‘I did not wake up this morning expecting to referee a superhero grudge match’ AU

- ‘I’m really regretting asking how music could be an effective weapon because you’ve been playing Justin Bieber at ear-splitting volume for the last THREE DAYS’ AU

- ‘You think you’re badass because you’re a supervillain? I’ll bloody show you badass’ AU

- ‘I just kidnapped the sidekick of the world’s most powerful superhero and now I’m really regretting my life choices’ AU 

 - ‘I’m trying to extend my basement and I hit three evil lairs so far, is everyone in this cul-de-sac a supervillain?’ AU

- ‘So you can’t read minds…but you can read a phone’s search history with just a touch? Oh my god. Oh my god, just kill me now’ AU

- ‘Apparently I should stop giving supers dumb nicknames on my blog because the villains are getting really mad when they catch on in the mainstream media. But my blog is anonymous and I know our great hero, Captain Skidoo, in person, so frankly the Caped Crankpants, Plantosaurus Rex and old Copper Knickers can stuff it’ AU

- ‘Only a bad workman blames his giant firebreathing lizard’ AU

- 'Did you just propose to me? You’re my greatest nemesis!’ AU

- 'You have powers of TIME MANIPULATION and all you use them for is to freeze time so you can draw a dick on my face in the middle of this fight?!’ AU

Superhero AUs

- ‘I’m a supervillain staying up all night to polish my evil schemes, you’re the barista in the coffee shop across the road from my lair that is definitely starting to suspect something’ AU
- ‘I’m a superhero who works part time in a coffee shop, you’re the ‘civilian’ who’s coffee sprees exactly coincide with my nemesis’ latest evil scheme planning phase’ AU

- ‘Are you asking me on a date or trying to kill me because I honestly can’t tell’ AU
- ‘I can’t decide whether I want to kiss you or kill you, you infuriatingly attractive dickhead of a nemesis’ AU

- ‘I’m the sole member of the local supervillain fan club and I was not expecting to find you actively bleeding out on my couch, the membership was mainly ironic btw’ AU
- ‘You’re the sole member of my fan club and my nemesis is genuinely out to kill me, I have no one else to turn to, please dear god help me I’ll do anything’ AU

- ‘I think my roommate is the local superhero and also my nemesis, but they’re the grumpiest human being alive and their alter ego is really personable’ AU
- ‘I think my roommate is my supervillain nemesis but they’re an absolute ray of sunshine and their other persona is a total megalomaniac complete with evil cackling’ AU

- ‘I know your secret ID and I’m using it to blackmail you into baking me brownies, oh dear does this make me a supervillain’ AU
- ‘Someone in the building knows my hero ID, but they’re only using it to blackmail brownies out of me, please sort out your priorities I’m almost insulted’ AU

- ‘You have superpowers and you’re not even using them?’ AU
- ‘I grew up surrounded by heroes and villains, I just want to live a normal life please stop asking me to levitate things in public, my extended family might find me and frankly it’s just plain insensitive’ AU

- ‘I’m a small town hero with a massive power set, you’re the Hero League’s representative sent to recruit me, but I’m fiercely defensive of my home turf and I sent the last few representatives back to headquarters trembling and a little on fire’ AU
- ‘I’m the representative of the big Hero League, you’re the most powerful super I’ve ever heard of, please join up it’ll put my bosses’ noses right out of joint when you beat all of them in training (yes I’m using spite as a recruitment tool, is it working?)’ AU

- ‘I’m a supervillain and I just saved a small child from getting run over and you saw me do it, fuck off I’m not ‘secretly nice’ it was just a reflex, okay?’ AU
- ‘You’re the scariest supervillain around but I just saw you save a small child, I bet you secretly like puppies and chick flicks too’ AU

- ‘Well aren’t you just a massive cliché of a supervillain; seriously, a giant evil robot programmed to destroy the city if I don’t surrender immediately? That’s the best you can do? And here I was thinking you were my most original villain’ AU
- ‘I created a sentient giant robot that’s going to destroy the city if I don’t ask you out (after I told it about my crush and it became hellbent on getting us together), but I’m trying not to lose all of your respect, please just play along without making me spell it out’ AU

- ‘We were fighting and I touched your boob I’m so sorry please just take me to jail’ AU
- ‘I’ve never manage to catch you before, but now you’re willingly going to prison because you accidentally touched my boob, did you just unwittingly make my boobs my secret weapon?’ AU

Superhero AUs #12

@writingwritersgroup squad edition

- ‘Whenever you defeat me I get yelled at by my boss so can you please just let me win?’ AU 
- ‘You’re a supervillain and my nemesis I can’t just let you win but oh shit your boss is really scary can I help you escape the villain league or something?’ AU 

- ‘My 2nd grader is always talking about how much they love their teacher Mr. (last name) and now at the parent/teacher conference I’m realizing he’s 100% a supervillain and my nemesis and I’m smiling but actually dying inside.’ AU
- ‘This kid’s mom is hot… Wait, she’s really familiar? I can’t place her but I definitely know her from somewhere?’ AU 

- 'My neighbor’s cat keeps eating all my houseplants but I’m too afraid to confront them because I’m pretty sure they’re the local supervillain’ AU
- 'My cat keeps coming back into my flat covered in the remains of beautiful roses, and I wouldn’t care but it’s messing up my inventions’ AU 

 - 'I just found out my youngest sibling is the superhero/villain I’ve been seeing all over TV. Mom?! Dad! I have something awful to tell you’ AU
- 'Uh, honey? They’re not the only super in the family…’ AU 

- 'What? No, I’m not crime fighter, I got this bruise when I fainted while meditating’ AU
- 'Dude. Really?’ AU

- I’m maintenance for the apartment building you rent in and I just found your secret lair while doing work in the basement. You know you’re gonna lose your deposit for this, right?’ AU
- Not if you don’t tell anyone I won’t’ AU

- 'Superheroes are a business. I’m really low in the pecking order and you’re a really high-level villain but I’m low on my good deed quota, can you please just let me win?’ AU 
- 'Seriously? It’s a good job you’re cute…’ AU 

- 'We’ve been reincarnated for centuries to battle it out as hero and villain but someone fucked up and now we’ve swapped’ AU
- 'I can’t believe you ended up as the hero and I still have to deal with your questionable morals even though I’m supposed to be the bad guy’ AU 

- 'Neither of us know the other is a hero/villain and this is our second date and only the waiter knows our true identities and is freaking out from a distance’ AU - 'If they start a fight and trash the restaurant my boss is going to murder me. I’ve got to stop them from finding out. Time for some well-timed interruptions’ AU

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