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darrinkatz asked:

Why does Knight of the White Orchid search for "a Plains card" but Nissa, Vastwood Seer find a "basic Forest" card? Does that mean the Knight can find a Tundra?

Correct. Nissa is limited to cards with the land type Forest and the supertype basic. Thus far, this is cards named Forest and its wintry cousin.

gringo355 asked:

So if I understand this right for Starfield of Nyx, it would also count the Theros block enchantment creatures as it's affected ability. Meaning my nyxfleece ram would turn into a *\* = to number of other noon-aura enchantments?

From the Theros release notes:

If an enchantment creature is turned into a creature (using Opalescence, for example), its printed power and toughness will be overwritten by the power and toughness defined by the animating effect. It will retain any supertypes and subtypes it may have had unless the animating effect specifically overwrites them.

I was playing against a friend in MTG and he casted Spreading Seas on my Basic Snow Land.

I proceed to later in the game use it for Scrying Sheet. He tells me I cannot because now it is just an island. It was late in the night and I didn’t want to argue over a casual match.

Today I look up the ruling and it clearly states my lands keep their name and supertypes.

rylver asked:

If I've cast spreading seas on an opponent's basic plains, and then proceed to play blood moon, will the plains in question be treated as a nonbasic island, and thus turned into a mountain?

No. Spreading Seas doesn’t affect the Basic supertype on the Plains, so it’s still a basic land.