daemonaeon  asked:

I don't mean to drive the topic into the ground so maybe I'm missing an obvious angle here, but would you mind elaborating on why it's such a big deal for the rules manager to just change the rule of creature types to allow them on non-creatures instead of jumping through hoops having to make the Tribal supertype? Seems like the less complex solution would've been to just snap his fingers in the same way you guys did to eliminate mana burn.

I’ll use a metaphor. I have a handyman come to my house. I point at a switch on a wall and say I want it over there instead. Simple, I think, just move it.

But the handyman understands that in order to have the switch in the new location, he needs to get electricity to that new location and the house isn’t currently wired for that.

He also can tell that the place I want to put the switch has plumbing behind it which would severely complicate him doing what you ask.

He’ll say to me that he can’t do it, but what he means is it would require so much aggravation and time and money that it’s not feasibly possible. What i think of as a simple request is actually a giant undertaking.

This isn’t a case where the Rules Manager can “just do it”.


I may just be a small, furry animal with a human heart. And my friend may be made of wood… and we may not be Annihilator-class supertypes… But we’ve got Star-Lord’s legacy to live up to, Lylla. The legacy of the Guardians of the Galaxy! I am Groot! And I’m Rocket Raccoon, and together, we’re going to save the universe! Whether it wants to be saved or not!

Japanisch ist eine brutal schwere Sprache, auch wenn Shinjis Dolmetscher Jumpei Yamamori tatsächlich behauptet, man könne das in ein, zwei Monaten lernen. Tut mir leid, Shinji: Du bist ein Supertyp, ich mag die Menschen in deiner Heimat sehr, aber das mit der Sprache, das lassen wir besser.
—  Marco im “Kicker”

Japanese is a very difficult language, although Shinji’s translator Jumpei Yamamori says that one can learn it in one or two months. I’m sorry, Shinji: You are a great guy, I like the people in your home country, but: We better drop that with the language. 

piaco  asked:

"I firmly believe Instant would be a creature type if we started over." You could then create a new supertype and make functional reprints with the new functionality, so you would still support all old spells with flash, and gradually make new ones.

There is some inertia that is too hard to overcome. There would be old cards with text that would work within the rules yet be incorrect.

daemonaeon  asked:

I know you guys don't like to shake up the rules a bunch but I don't feel like it would have much effect if you just made it a rule that creature types now apply to non-creatures. Now you don't have to have "Tribal" as an awkward supertype and still print creature types on spells when appropriate.

Somewhere our Rules Manager is twitching.

theuninvitedghost  asked:

Do you think we could ever see the supertype "Basic" on cards other than lands? I'm sure there isn't a ton of design space there, but who doesn't love a challenge?

I’ve talked with numerous Rules Managers about it. The basic supertype doesn’t actually do a lot of what people think it does. For example, deck construction rules allow you to have more than four of a basic land not the supertype.

jeikugryphon  asked:

"The basic supertype doesn’t actually do a lot of what people think it does" Isn't that good reason to rework the rules so it is the basic part that makes there be no limit, and then use that to make other cards types using it? I know changing the rules is probably something you guys try to avoid.. but that doesn't mean you can't do it, especially if the change is to make it in line with what most people think it is

Every Rules Manager I’ve brought that up with has a response that starts with “That’s not a good idea.”

lgosvse  asked:

The "basic" supertype is mostly just a marker. However, it does modify deck construction rules, allowing you to exceed the four-copy limit. However, it only does this if the card has both the basic supertype AND the land card type. So a hypothetical basic creature, basic sorcery, etc. would still be limited to just four cards (unless the rules change). Of course, so far, that's been irrelevant because no non-land card has been printed that has the basic supertype.