Hot Tools -Supertool 2" Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control

Hot Tools -Supertool 2″ Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control

Helen of Troy- Hot Tools High Heat Spring- Hair Curling Iron 2″ (Model 1111) 

2″ Professional Spring Iron creates gentle curls, volume at the roots, and even straightens!

Pulse Technology- Every Hot Tools Iron gets hot and stays hot due to patented electronic heating systems and powerful heating capacity. The system quickly diagnoses heat loss and restores it to the heating surface, reducing…

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This is a project I found on Behance whilst searching for flexible brand identities. This one stood out to me in particular because of it’s abstract look and it’s wide variety of colours. Although I could not find out what these different shapes represent, I could take a guess and say that each and every one of those shapes is different and unique, might that be colour or shape. This would make sense since Tonangeber create their own playlists and put them up on their website for free, meaning those playlists are unique, just like the cover art. Whilst I was looking into who designed these, I found out that it was TwoPoints, a design studio I have just written about in my website analysis. TwoPoints also created a ‘supertool’ for Tonangeber to use, (as seen on the centre image), allowing them to easily create new shapes and change the colours, giving them an endless supply of unique shapes to be used on their cover art. This is a very clever idea, however, this could only be used in some cases, such as this.

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