Supertinseli (variation)

We continue with another Finnish classic Supertinseli. Designed by Hannu Pakarinen it has been a favorite for many years when targeting big brown trout in our streams. The idea behind this flashabou streamer is to imitate a wounded baitfish struggling in the surface. Usually most effective when casted upstream and retrieved as fast as one can to make a fast and staggered action but this is a fly that you can use in many ways.

As with all flies that I use they evolve through time and this is the latest installment I’ve been using. It has given some nice trout again this year and I’m sure it continues to do so. It differs quite a lot from the original but is close enough to be called by that name.

I’ll have to do a step by step or a video of it some day because the tying although simple is quite hard to explain. But I have to note that although I use Flashabou or similar flash and tie it in straight I then twist and crush it on the finished fly to give it a look that is more similar to Angel Hair. The stiffer Flashabou doesn’t tangle with the hook as much and is more lively in the water. By twisting it I get a larger profile with less material that also adds to the swimming motion.

Hook: Large streamer hook like Mustad C52S BLN  as pictured
Wing/Body: Flashabou in the color of your choice, usually silver. You can also mix colors.
Dubbing(optional): Ice dub or similar.
Head(optional): 3d eyes covered with small amount of epoxy or UV resin.