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Im pissed off that whenever I used to ask my teachers stuff about supertasks and general relativity I was told to quit daydreaming and focus on the lesson. They made me feel so stupid and useless just because I didn't wanna do fucking times tables. I can't believe they ruined something I was so passionate about with how they decided to teach it. Why is our education system like this

It gets better in college like I asked my astro prof for more info about hot subdwarf stars and he was like “okei hereS 15 PAPERS FOR U ALSO MY FORMER GRAD STUDENT STUDIES THEM HERES HIS EMAIL”


NEW VIDEO! How Many Things Can You Do At Once? The psychology behind multitasking, single tasking and supertasking.

While ninety-eight per cent of us are unable to multitask, there is a tiny subset of outliers whose performance does not deteriorate—and can even improve—with the addition of multiple tasks. Maria Konnikova explores the supertasker phenomenon:

Photograph: C. J. Burton/Corbis.