Well let’s catch you up to speed. 

Everyong left the TARDIS. Jack lost his memory, so he doesn’t count, but everyone left the Doctor so well.

He didn’t take it well. Attempted Moffat-esque suicide, jumps off a building ends up hospitalized and blind. Realizing his mistake, he’s gonna take his bald ass and try and make up for things.

Jack makes a deal with a Grey-Face and is no longer Time Lord, but he and the Doctor are engaged again. 

Dean has a different sort of encounter, along with Cas– Cas was turned into a four year old and is now dealing with the consequences of that. Dean however, had his memory wiped! He doesn’t remember anything about the TARDIS crew or the time he spent there.

But an anon attack left Dean wounded badly, and unable to return home. Somehow though, the Doctor, in a better condition than his current state got Dean home and patched up and *gasp* even drove Baby. But what’s going on?

What even is this clusterfuck?

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He opens his mouth to speak, but Sam jumps to the gun first and his jaw snaps shut, and he roots himself to the spot. “What? S… Um.” his eyes narrow and his brow furrows. “um. Uh. C’mon, Doctor think… The airspeed velocity of am unladen swallow is 28 kph with prime wind conditions? I dunno, what do you want to know, mate?”

Well that was the last thing Sam expected to hear from the man’s mouth.

“I don’t know,” he muttered, running a hand through his hair, stance still tense and unsure. “Something about myself. Something about you. Or both.” He was still desperate for information, any sort of thing that would remind him of his old life and all the things his brain was desperately blocking out and away.

It couldn’t be that bad, right?

In the Kitchen

The Master hadn’t gone home yet, and was checking that everyone was all right. He and his ‘assistant,’ who he refused to refer to by name because he was getting a little bit too fond of her for multiple reasons, one being the fact that she willingly did almost everything he said without question. Anyway, they were the only two that were relatively healthy apart from the kids. After checking in on said kids, he’d made up a meal for everyone that wanted something to eat. The Zuurimian still seemed upset by the loss of her friends and went up to the balcony room, both because of the one that died and because the other three had opted to go home. A part of him wondered why she refused to go while the rest of him considered how she would fare on Earth in the estate. She had a mostly Human face, but there were cat like elements to her. Not to mention she was several inches taller than anyone on board.

A sigh escaped him and he made up a batch of pancakes. There was a can of pumpkin in the cupboard, and while he’d prefer to use real pumpkin, this wasn’t a poor substitute for the moment he supposed. The Time Lord also made a cream cheese drizzle of sorts to put on top of the pancakes. There was enough for several people, but which of them would find themselves both hungry and well enough to eat was another question.