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I don't know what to do with my life anymore. smile, laugh, in the morning, cry at night. I am so lost and it kills me. my parents and family expect me to be perfect. everyone says "oh you're so pretty how could you hate yourself" or "you have a gorgeous body and your supertall how could you hate that about you?" I just want to scream at them and say "everyone has insecurities" I am so lost right now I want to just disappear. sorry for ranting, stay beautiful❤️

It’s okay sweetie. Thanks for trusting me with this. <3 But you ARE perfect. don’t ever forget that. Ily xoxo

Supertale 7 is up and I’ll be making some slight changes in the tab.

You can find it at the bottom of this page: Supertale

Also tonight, I’ll be making some changes to the Supertale page and splitting it into arcs. Like, Hero Beginning, Hero Ruins, etc.

Also, one last reminder, the Monsterswap poll ends TONIGHT when I get home from cool leg! So vote while you can!

I’ll be checking tumblr every now and then, so I won’t fully disappear!


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okay okay: supertale chara 'conquering' the candy shop. or 'demon' and 'flowey' taking monster kid hostage in exchange for chocolate ("yeah, chocolate!!", mk adds cheerfully. "uh-- i mean, like, nooooo. help? they're like, sooooo evil. yeah.")

nooooo that’s SO CUTE omg

“demon” gets annoyed with mk, they’re a very bad hostage. chara and asriel aren’t going to kidnap mk again if they keep this up. frisk bargains and they all agree to a candy bar each for chara and asriel to release their “hostage”. then “mercy” turns around and goes up to the counter to buy the candy with their allowance. thanks the cashier. goes back to the fight against evil armed with chocolate.


OMFlippinG IT’S TORIEL! (You guys obvs knew that XD)

Sorry for the short Supertale this week. It’s been super (lol) busy and I have had some health issues the past few days and I felt that if it did go farther, it wouldn’t be as good of an ending XP But yeah! Soon, we’ll be heading into the RUINS! That’ll be a pain to draw but hey! At least we have Toriel with us now!

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Undertale by tobyfox (aka FwugRadiation)
Supertale by elirossofficial


One57, formerly known as Carnegie 57, (nicknamed “The Billionaire Building”) is a 75-story (marketed as 90-story) supertall skyscraper at 157 West 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Christian de Portzamparc, the tower rises more than 1,000 feet above 57th Street just south of Central Park. The building offers such luxury amenities as 24-hour doorman and concierge service, an indoor pool, a private fitness center, a performance room, a private dining room, a library and lounge area, a full-catering kitchen and on-site parking…

└─► One57 May Have Been Financed With Scandal-Tinged Money ?

hmmm thinking about supertale again

mostly about gaster and the kids

honestly i want to figure out how he meets them again bc i figure he doesn’t realize at first that the two baby superheroes running around are actually the human test subjects he rescued. no one really believes that chara and frisk are humans with magic. for chara, they’re p much never seen without asriel and they’re toning down the magic they show anyway - since their “supervillainy” is always in opposition to frisk, they’re not around enough for people to see them that much and everyone who sees them assumes either a)their obviously-a-monster sidekick is really the one doing magic for his human friend and they’re pretending it’s the humans, or b)chara’s not really human. their costume makes it ambiguous enough that they could potentially just be a particularly humanoid monster. meanwhile, frisk’s powers, being much less flashy, barely even need explaining. from an outside perspective, they’re just a bright kid with a surprising amount of persuasive skill(and an equally surprising predictive ability). empathy and redos are only clear from frisk’s perspective.

so gaster(as well as the evil scientists who are probably still looking for frisk and chara) doesn’t realize that the littlest hero/villain duo are some of the only known magic-using humans. he finally comes home a year or two after freeing the kids bc he misses his family and thinks it’s probably safe enough to see them now, and ends up meeting the kids. maybe the day he arrives happens to also be a day when the friend group is getting together for a movie night or something. he’s just finished catching up with sans and papyrus and vaguely explaining that people were after him and he had to disappear. then toriel arrives with the kids(asgore gets there later, it was just toriel’s weekend with them so she brought them). gaster looks up and frisk and chara are both just “!!! it’s you!”

everyone is surprised that the kids know sans’ and papyrus’ dad. real explanations are forthcoming after chara’s like “…he helped me get away” and frisk seconds that.

breaking frisk out was a lot more stressful than chara, i’m not sure if gaster even knew about frisk’s time jump ability at the time. he just thought they were strictly empath. that’s why he had to help them, there was probably a general policy of “don’t listen to anything the subject says” so it wouldn’t help them get out. frisk might have had a couple inadvertent redos during their time in the labs, but they got control of it when gaster and frisk ran into security and were caught. frisk had managed to make a savepoint just before gaster arrived so they kept jumping back and directing gaster away from the places they learned had people who’d raise the alarm. gaster still doesn’t quite know how frisk knew or why they trusted him so quickly, but he’s glad.

Mettaton EX, Napstablook, and Flowey from Supertale!

Mettaton EX looks deadly (and is)!

Napstablook brings his music wherever he goes. Maybe calming down is his new battle strategy…?

Flowey takes the form of a blooming rose. And he knows exactly what’s going on.

Sans, Papyrus, and Toriel from Supertale.

Sans isn’t any stronger, but he’s sure got some moves.

Papyrus is officially a member of the royal guard, and he’s not letting you go without a fight.

Toriel resides in the golden ruins, wearing her golden flower dress. She’s not ready to let you into a world of bloodthirsty monsters… but that’s not stopping you, right?

Stay determined!


A new hero has entered the battle! Who could it be?!

Find out next time on SUPERTALE! Sadly, I will be taking a short break from both comics to focus on my mental and physical health, as well as school. Until then, I’ll let you guys vote on Monstertale and guess who this (not-so) mysterious hero is!

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Undertale by tobyfox (aka FwugRadiation)
Supertale by elirossofficial