Men-an-tol, Cornwall.

I’m not supersticious, but standing stones…theres something about them. I’ve been to a few, this one included, and wether its thier sheer age, thier usually remote locations, or the mystery of how they came to be in the first place, I’m not setting foot wrong around them. Well, I did once, at the men-an-tol. Your supposed to climb through the hole in the middle one for “good health for the year” . I just stuck my head through for a photo then backed up. Within a week I had a broken finger. I dunno, like I said, I like to air on the side of caution from now on…

The meaning of sneezing and hiccups

I’ve noticed a very amusing thing: supersticions surrounding sneezing and hiccups can be found in a lot of places, and they’re different almost every time, funny, eh?~

In Russia:

Sneezing - if someone sneezes while you’re talking, you’re telling the truth

Hiccups - someone’s thinking about you

Tanuki Statue’s Eight Symbols of Good Luck

According to Wikipedia (from whom all blessings flow…) the ubiquitous ceramic Tanuki statues on sale in every size possible carry with them eight symbols of good fortune.

To paraphrase: The large hat protects against trouble; big eyes let them see to make good decisions; the sake bottle represents virtue (only because sake purifies not because we make good decisions drinking it); the big tail gives steadiness to achieve success; over-sized testicles for financial luck (which gives new meaning to the term ‘big swinging dick’); a promissory note for trust and confidence; a big belly for boldness; and a friendly smile just because.