Full confession: “The way people act and talk about certain Divas or Superstars makes me so ashamed to be part of the WWE fandom sometimes. People are so petty, it’s beyond pathetic. If you don’t like Nikki Bella or Dean or whoever don’t be a jerk about it and let others who may like them enjoy them and be happy/proud for them! It’s not that hard, it’s called acting like a mature adult, which evidently in this fandom is pretty hard!”

Heavy as Heaven || One-Shot

Darcy realizes that it’s probably not a great idea for her to be sitting in front of her open window. With the holiday and all the festivities… if something goes down tonight - as something always does around here- the fireworks will be impossible to distinguish from the gunshots.

She needs the fresh air and the sky though. What little bit of a breeze there is cools the angry heat in her cheeks, and those stars - the billions and billions of them, so small from here but so big and bright where they are - …they remind her of herself. It’s a reminder she often needs after conversations with her parents.

                                                        You graduated ages ago, Darcy, when are you                                                                                           going to do something with yourself? Be useful?

The glass of wine she poured for herself sits untouched on the counter. It’s not what she wants, and it really won’t help. It had just been instinct, she supposes, to hang up her phone and run to her kitchen. The wine was a smarter idea than the Jose Cuervo would’ve been to be sure, but the thought of drinking by herself makes her feel worse, not better.

So she sits, staring out her window and up towards the sky and tells herself they just don’t understand. They don’t know.

She’s useful.

She is doing something with herself.

….Or at least, she’s trying to.

                                                           This nonsense has to stop. Honestly. You need to                                                                                     grow up. You’ve been fighting it your whole life, but                                                                                   now it’s time to be an adult. You can’t play the self-                                                                                   righteous, misunderstood teenager forever; it’s                                                                                         getting old.

Jane is dealing with her own problems. Harry is thousands of miles away and, hopefully, having the time of his life. Kasper is unreachable. …She doesn’t have anyone else to turn to. To seek shelter with. And really, what would she say anyway? ‘My mommy and daddy hurt my feelings, please tell me I don’t suck’? No. She can deal with this herself. She will, and she has to. 

                                                          You didn’t even come home for Hanukkah this past                                                                                  year; your brother and sister were sorely                                                                                                    disappointed.  What sort of example are you setting                                                                                  for them, Darcy?

She has to show them they’re wrong.

                                                        Are you listening to me? Darcy Blair, I am                                                                                                  speaking to you, young lady! Has your time in New                                                                                  York made you forget your respect? You were                                                                                          raised better! This is why we should never have                                                                                        allowed you to leave; you’re too prone to                                                                                                        rebellion and trouble….

Because they are. Wrong, that is.

                                                        You’ll ruin yourself before you even get to make                                                                                        something of yourself.

She thinks.