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Jacksepticeye. Sean. Jack. Whatever you call him, this man has changed the lives of millions all over the world. He’s not just someone thousands of miles away from me, he’s there for me, always. He’s so helpful and funny and happy all the time, and he never fails to be a BOSS. I love how no matter how bad my day’s been, the second I open one of his videos, I smile. I’ve shamelessly highfived the air more times than I can count. It’s more than a video, it’s a conversation between friends. Thank you, Jack. ❤ @therealjacksepticeye


Happy holidays everyone from OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder.
“Stay warm…. Peace"✌️


Финиш с флагом🇷🇺- это бесценно!!!
🥇Алексей Волков
🥇Максим Цветков
🥇Антон Бабиков
🥇Антон Шипулин
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