500 FOLLOWERS! For me it feels really crazy, I can’t believe I started this blog thinking it was going to be something small. The main reason I created this blog is beacuse I’m young and starting to accept my sexuality as a gay boy and it’s kind of discomforting to see how the web portrays gays, it’s just sexual, pleasure, lust; but there’s SO MUCH that has more value….and that’s the PURE LOVE. I hope that so far I have lighten many peoples hearts and shown how beautiful and amazing love is between two men, and well LOVE in general. ❤ I haven’t been alone on this journey, thanks for your special and rewarding feedback, specially: @toodelicioustobetrue @awandererwandering

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You know that feeling when you have a glass (or bottle) of wine with a girlfriend you’ve known for half your life? Ya, that one. #thebest 👭🍷🍾 (at Concannon Vineyard)

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This man is an angel 😍
Este hombre es un ángel 😍
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Thank you Roman 😍💕  woke up today and saw this 💕 This made my Day ! It´s so amazing. To be honest, i hoped for it but never expected it to happen. I thought it´s nearly impossible to get a like cause he gets so many Tweets (im sure he´ll get a few hundred tweets a Day) ! 😍💕  So this is very very special for me ! The Best Moment ever was to see you live and to get a Smile from you. ! And this Like from you is very special for me too ! Special Moments like this, make me love you even more  😍💕

Who wants to pick up a Roller bath bomb or 2 from the @LushKitchen next week? I’m so excited I feel like I’ve been waiting for it to come back my whole life 😆 🙌🏼 yay!!! #Lush #LushKitchen #Roller #RollerBathBomb #Friday #Friyay #YummyMummy #TheBest #Lushie #LushCosmetics #LushUK #LushLtd #Favourite #💜

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