superstar: michael cole

Crazy quotes from this weeks raw☆9/10/17

•Booker T:“You’ve never been in the ring before.” Michael:“Well actually Corey has.” Corey:“We don’t wanna get into my career.” Michael:“We don’t wanna get into my career either Book.”

•"Elias deserves to have a one man show on broadway and Titus deserves to be on e-hawk(a scamming website)!“- Michael Cole about Titus playing the banjo.

•"That was like a disrespectful version of a cover song.”- Michael Cole about Elias.

•"He should be proud to not be in jail.“- Corey Graves about Enzo Amore.

•Michael:“How would you prepare for a match against Strowman?” Corey:“I’d go back to college.” Michael:“Go-good choice…”

•"I don’t know whether to shower or go to church.“- Corey Graves about Bray Wyatt