superstar: alberto del rio

Every time I read something new about Alberto El Patron, it leads me to believe more and more that he is not someone that deserves the respect of fans, or the opportunities he’s consistently been given by WWE, GFW and LU. Domestic violence on any level is never ok. I hope for his sake he gets help, it seems more and more he’s in need of it. Here’s hoping Paige isn’t suffering through a toxic marriage after already suffering so much

And WWE tried to break them up…omg I’m honestly so scared for Paige right now. You could literally hear the fear in her voice when she was yelling at him. I’m honestly praying someone helps her with this, it’s not easy to leave an abusive relationship, so she needs all the help she can get. Hopefully many reach out to her…and this motherfucker has children which makes this even more sad and terrifying.


Don’t drink and Periscope