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prompt- where harry is a famous singer & niall is a famous actor, so one day when they are both on a vacation & walking around (niall is with his cousin) she stops him to take a pic with harry, then harry takes a look at niall (niall is his male crush and he talked about it on an interview and they're both openly gay OK) (niall just waits for his cousin to finish) & gasp & asks him for a selfie and then they compliment each other on their songs and movies, and you can complete it. thank you x

I was worried how this would turn out but I liked it in the end! Thank you!


Deo, one of his closest friends and cousins had been begging for a family trip for a while, but with Niall’s constant busy schedule and everyone else having their jobs to go to day in and day out, they didn’t really have time to get to it as quickly as they wanted to.

But they’ve finally made it, everyone in the same place in Jamaica right smack in the middle of the beach with a little cottage by the water. It’s paradise, and Niall never felt the stress leave him fast enough as he laid out on his beach towel, listening to the waves touch the shore and suck itself back into the never-ending ocean.

He let out a long deep sign, eyes shutting and mind turning off to let it run loose and get lost in the sounds of heaven and the echoes of his family playing and conversing around him. But it didn’t last long, because he felt a small kick beside him, sending some sand to fly onto his body and towel. He blinked his eyes opened again, wincing at the unforgiving sun beaming down onto his body and making him move his hand up to block it. He could see whoever it was now, and noticed it was Anna, his cousin from Australia.

She had come down with her family as well, everyone deciding if this was going to be a big trip, everyone needed to show up. They did, a long, long plane ride, but they showed up with the biggest smiles on their faces, giving tight and lingering hugs as greetings.

Niall hasn’t really talked to her, throughout the years of his life he has maybe met her twice. Even when he pops in Australia for his promo and premieres for his movies, his schedules are so hectic he can barely get to a cafe for a relaxing cup of coffee.

But here they are now, together and staring each other right in the face. So he smiled and sat himself up, welcoming her.

“Anna! Holy shit haven’t seen you in forever, how’s it been?” He asked, watching as she chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

“A lot has happened, and you’ve been getting all famous and such…wanna go for a walk a little ways down the beach? Catch up?” That sounded like a perfect thing to do, and Niall didn’t hesitate to hoist himself onto his feet, grabbing at his white t-shirt beside him to shrug it on. She had on a white frilly dress that hugged her curves perfectly, and it looks like she’s lost weight since the last time he saw her.

They walked silently for a little bit, letting the hot sand sooth the bottoms of their feet. Anna had decided to move down the beach to splash in the water, letting her feet get soaked as she kept a steady pace with him. He asked about her life, how it was going, and by the time they were ten minutes into their walk he had found out she was engaged and was planning a wedding for next summer, making him congratulate her till she was blushing red.

“So, tell me a bit about your life…I’m sure it’s a lot more interesting than mine!” She had gushed when the conversation died down, and he almost wanted to sigh at her comment, because of course she was thinking her life was irrelevant, now that he was a big superstar in the movie business.

“You getting engaged is amazing Anna, I definitely don’t have stuff like that happening right now!” He encouraged her, eyes moving down to stare at his toes that dug into the sand at every step he took. “It’s just busy days and nights, I’ve had fun though, love traveling and meeting new people.”

Niall didn’t really like talking about himself, because he hated the way the light in peoples eyes grew dull and lifeless, like they were realizing how shit their lives were compared to his. It was something they couldn’t control, and Niall saw it too much and he was done putting people down.

He gets enough praise in his life anyways.

“Oh my god.” That was Anna’s answer, and he kind of just shrugged, not really understanding what she meant but still agreeing half-heartedly. Maybe she was wanting him to go on with his stories, or was mad that he was acting as if his life wasn’t that important.

“I mean, I’d rather hear about what date you were planning for your wedding. I’d love to come, definitely.” His mind whispered for him to change the subject, moving his head up to give her a smile but getting even more confused at her shocked expression and how she was slowing down beside him.

“What?” He asked, looking around him but not seeing anyone or anything that would be shocking to see. He frowned towards her, trying to step in her view to see if she’d look at him.

“Oh my god, that’s Harry Styles.” Her voice grew louder, and at the same time that Niall turned his head to where her eyes were landed on, the man that was a few meters away with a woman looked right at them.

Now Niall knew, staring at that face was almost an immediate connection of the Harry Styles who created the award winning self-titled album, looking gorgeous in his Hawaiian shirt and yellow swim shorts. It was definitely different compared to his custom made Gucci suits. 

“Hello?” Harry spoke, turning away from the woman who didn’t look bothered at all. She must be a relative of his by the way she smiled warmly at him walking away, almost a motherly look to the way proudness blossomed in her eyes.

“U-uhm hi, sorry to bother you, god I didn’t realize I was that loud.” As Harry came closer, he was smiling wider, saying she didn’t need to worry and immediately nodding when she stuttered out if she could take a photo with him.

“Niall can you take our photo? Please?” She stared at him with big eyes, looking like she didn’t know what do with her herself as she handed her phone to him shakily and moved to wrap her arm around Harry’s waist, blushing when Harry wrapped his arm around hers.

It was as Niall moved her phone up to take the photo that him and Harry locked eyes, and it looked like Harry was thinking hard about something, realization dawning across his expression as soon as Niall finished taking a couple photos.

“You’re Niall Horan, right?” Harry was the one sounding breathless now, and Niall didn’t really know what to say, a weird feeling coming across his body like a heatwave as he stared at Harry blindly fishing out his phone from the back pocket of his shorts.

“Do you mind if I get a photo with you? Would love one mate.” Harry was smiling so big, moving closer until Niall could count the prickles of beard coming in along his jawline. He was so much more beautiful just a few feet away from him, Niall was stuck in a trance.

“Uh, ye-yeah of course.” He answered, shaking all his jumbled thoughts out of his head and watching as Harry gave Anna his phone.

Harry moved to stand beside him, his arm wrapping around Niall’s waist similarly to what he did with Anna. Niall followed right after, doing the same thing until they were doing a loose side-hug, smiling into the camera as she took a couple photos.

Niall didn’t really know what to say after Harry had gotten his phone back, because Harry Styles, the biggest singer in the world right now, had just asked to take a photo with him. It was the strangest thing.

“Before you go,” Harry spoke up just as Anna and him were saying their goodbyes, Harry being silent for a few seconds after they had taken the picture, staring at his phone screen with a fond look across his face. “Can I have your number?”

Now Niall had thought the photo was weird, but now Harry Styles is asking him for his number, looking all hot with the sun beaming across his face, making it shine and show the sweat along his skin. His hair was in perfect ringlets even at the short length that it was in, and he was so perfect Niall could only stare in awe.

“I mean…it’s cause I want you in one of my music videos that I am planning on shooting next month. If you aren’t busy.” Harry was quick to say that, almost looking panicked with the way his hands came out in surrender. It was cute though, and it made Niall laugh.

“Of course, would love to. I’ll have to check if I have anything planned but definitely call or text me.” He was grabbing for his phone now, letting them exchange numbers and barely meeting each other in the eyes. Maybe it was because they were both blushing and making their whole faces flushed a soft pink.

But they made sure to part wonderfully, Harry giving a small wave and Niall returning it along with Anna. As they turned to leave, he was surprised when Anna had grabbed for his arm in a tight grip, making him yelp.

“I think you just got asked out by Harry Styles.” She was squealing, moving her hand off his arm to start jumping off the ground.

“No I did not, it’s just business…he wants me to act for his music video.” He chuckled at the way she looked a little disappointed, but playfully bumped her shoulder with his to lighten the mood.

But the biggest surprise of the night was when he saw a text from Harry already, it saying ‘would love to go out with you some time, it doesn’t have to be for the music video :) x’

Catch and Release
Lana Del Rey
Catch and Release

Lana Del Rey - Catch And Release (Unreleased Song)

Catch and Release”  was recorded in 2010 and leaked on July 13, 2013. The song was written by Del Rey and Princess Superstar with production handled by Princess Superstar as well. The track was registered alongside “Maha Maha”, “Live Forever” and “Moi Je Joue” in 2014.

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and then people ask why Fionn is looking "awkward" during interviews beside the phenomenon Harry Styles, apparently the only good actor in the movie, cause superstar. Fionn thought he was the main, but little did he know...

I have a lot of criticism towards Harry but this is not his fault. I believe a big reason he was hired was for his promotional value and he’s now being used. It’s Nolan and his team’s responsibility to control the promotional atmosphere. Subjects can be blacklisted and they are determining when and how often Harry is being interviewed.🌷