POW! WOW! HAWAII! 2016 Day One.

Currently in Honolulu, Hawaii artists from around the world are beginning their murals for POW! WOW! HAWAII! 2016.  The week-long street art festival features gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, concerts and live art installations.

Photographs above: Andrew Hem and Ekundayo begin their collaborative mural, Slinkachu’s first miniature of the festival, Lana Lane Studio’s paint room, NTL Cru (Jose Mertz, Kamea Hadar, Tatiana Suarez, Hueman and Woes; Not pictured Lauren YS), Defer begins his wall, Bicicleta Sem Freio very well along on their piece and Edwin Ushiro seems to float in the clouds as he begins his mural.

You can check out my week long coverage of the event by checking out Supersonic’s posts on POW! WOW! or Supersonic’s Instagram.



Today and tomorrow (January 29th and 30th, 2016) are the last days ever to see the 5th Annual Supersonic Invitational Group Show in person at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, California.

If you can’t make the trip or if you’re interested in the work you can view the pieces in the show as well as purchase available pieces on Spoke Art’s Website.

Shock diamonds in rocket engine exhaust. Shock diamonds are a formation of standing wave patterns that appears in the supersonic exhaust plume of an aerospace propulsion system

“For the first time in NASA history, half of the newest astronaut class is female! Christina Hammock Koch, Nicole Aunapu Mann, Anne McClain, and Jessica Meir began the intensive selection process and training over two years ago, and now they’ve officially joined NASA’s astronaut corps. The four, along with their four male counterparts, were selected from a pool of over 6,000 applicants. The newly minted astronauts will join the 58 other women who have ever traveled beyond Earth’s atmosphere and, most excitingly, they may even be the first humans to set foot on Mars.

After being accepted into the training program in 2013, they embarked on a year-and-a-half-long application process that includes intensive physical and psychological tests. Their extensive training program covers everything from piloting supersonic jets to practicing spacewalks underwater to testing the feeling of weightlessness on the infamous “vomit comet” airplane flight. In addition, they studied robotics, space station mechanics, and other specialized hardware and science courses required to ensure that astronauts can handle any maintenance or emergency repairs while on the International Space Station or on other craft that will travel to deeper space.

“We never determine how many people of each gender we’re going to take, but these were the most qualified people of the ones that we interviewed,” explains Janet Kavandi, the deputy director of NASA’s Glenn Research Center. 

You can read more about the latest astronaut class on Smithsonian at”

As seen on the A Mighty Girl Facebook page

Congratulations Christina, Nicole, Jessica and Anne!


The 5th Annual Supersonic Invitational Group Show.

This week is the last week to view the 5th Annual Supersonic Invitational Group Show in person at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, California.  The show closes on January 30th, 2016.

If you can’t make it out to San Francisco feel free to take a look at all of the work from the show (over 70 of the world’s leading New Contemporary artists) by checking out Spoke Art’s Website.

@nickreinhart was kind enough to show off this, one of three ‘90s Vista Series Squier Super Sonics in his possession. Though it’s suffered cracks around the neck joint and the finish has yellowed, Nick confessed that he reaches for this one often these days. Equipped with a strap from the always delightful @heypaulfrank. Makes me miss the one I had. Boo-hoo, sad cries. #guitar #namm2016 #nammaste #nickreinhart #teramelos #squier #supersonic #vista #sparkle #finish