supersonic sound

What Power Each Sign Would Have! :

Aries: Breath Fire + Control Fire

Taurus: Put Anyone to Sleep or Under Hypnosis (Not because they are boring, but because they are comforting)

Gemini: Supersonic Sound/Screech + Super Speed

Cancer: Breath Underwater + Control Water

Leo: Super Strength + Survive Extreme Temperatures/Situations

Virgo: Shrink or Grow in Size + Telekinesis

Libra: Turn Anything to Gold, Silver, etc

Scorpio: Teleport + Become Invisible

Sagittarius: Shapeshift Into any Animal

Capricorn: Control Earth + Create Earthquakes

Aquarius: Control Wind + Ride/Create Tornadoes

Pisces: Control Plants + Talk to Animals

NASA just released this image that captures the moment the aircraft ripped through the sound barrier and created a loud sonic boom as it accelerated faster than the speed of sound. What you’re seeing are the shockwaves generated by the sonic boom. Here’s what’s standing in the way of supersonic air travel over land and how NASA is trying to change that.

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Apparatjik - Supersonic Sound
Yes, thatz what I wanted.


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