Drunken Tavern Brawler - Control Scheme Analysis (Week 10)

One of the biggest criticisms I got was that the control scheme was a bit too complex. To be honest this is what I was going for, I wanted something that was hard to master and was unpredictable. Designing a control scheme has been hard and this was expected. However, with where the project currently is at; it may be a lot smarter to redesign it now.  

I will have a look at games that are similar to the one I am making. 

Shrek SuperSlam 

(7 Studios & Shaba Games, 2005)  

This is what I am trying to emulate the most. 

Players have to know a bare minimum of 7 commands to grasp the game:

  1. Fast Attack
  2. Strong Attack
  3. Grab/Throw
  4. Block
  5. Jump
  6. Evasive Dash
  7. Equip/un-equip weapon

Gang Beasts

(Boneloaf, 2014)

This what I was initially inspired by in the early stages of my project. However, I diverged and wanted to add more originality to my project.

Players have to know a bare minimum of 6 commands to grasp the game:

  1. Jump
  2. Left Punch/Grab
  3. Right Punch/Grab
  4. Lift
  5. Duck/Headbutt
  6. Kick

Tekken 7

(Bandai Namco Studios, 2015)

I’ve played way too much of this throughout the semester.

Note: By default L2 and R2 are not mapped to anything.

Players have to know a bare minimum of 7 commands to grasp the game:

  1. Left Punch
  2. Right Punch
  3. Left Kick
  4. Right Kick
  5.  High/Mid Block (Hold back)
  6. Low Block (Hold Back+Down)
  7. Rage Art

WWE 2K Series

(Visual Concepts & Yuke’s, 2016)

I took inspiration from the wrestling games due to them being a good party game, because they involve a large amount of players which can lead to very unpredictable results. However, from the image you can see the controls are not the easiest thing. Funny thing is that they’ve been simplified in the later games ;)

Players have to know a bare minimum of 10 commands to grasp the game:

  1. Strike
  2. Grapple
  3. Irish Whip
  4. Signature/Finisher
  5. Run
  6. Reverse
  7. Taunt
  8. Interact with objects
  9. Limb Target
  10. Target opponent 

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Series

(Dimps, 2015)

This stood out because of its large environments that player fight in.

Players have to know a bare minimum of 11 commands to grasp the game:

  1. Weak Attack
  2. Strong Attack
  3. Ki Blast
  4. Boost Dash
  5. Jump/Ascend
  6. Descend
  7. Lock On
  8. Skills Display (Shows Supers)
  9. Ultimate Attack
  10. Guard
  11. Item List

Super Smash Bros. 4

(Bandai Namco & Sora Ltd., 2014)

Kind of necessary when talking about part fighters.

Players have to know a bare minimum of 5 commands to grasp the game:

  1. Attack
  2. Jump
  3. Special Move
  4. Smash Attack
  5. Shield


DTB currently has 7 commands.

After going through these schemes, I have noticed that I first have to decided what audience do I really want to cater to. Throughout the semester, my focus has changed and I have wanted to make this fighter a lot more technical. As a result, I have lost my way and ended up with a half baked product. Thus, I will take a step back and redesign the combo system into something much simpler. Instead of limb based combat, it will just be strong and light attacks.

Furthermore, I will start removing unnecessary mechanics and abilities, such as:

  1. Double Jump
  2. Moving while blocking: will just trigger the roll.  

If all goes well, the number of commands will drop to 6.


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