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WWE Prank Call - John Cena at WWE SuperSlam

This is legitimately the most hysterical thing I’ve seen in a long time. This dude’s bitch wife gets shitty with him because he orders Survivor Series, so he gets the local radio station to prank call her.

I hope this gets her bitch ass to lighten up and realize that shows like Revenge can go straight to Hell because pro wrestling is the greatest shit in history.

Full confession: “To those saying to give Eva Marie a chance because Trish Stratus started off the same way too, realize that there are many differences between the two when they made their debut. Let alone the fact that they debuted in different eras, to start off, Trish prepared herself for more than 3 days. Despite being green in the ring, she still knew how to sell and take bumps, and being in the receiving ends of moves like headscissor takedowns and superplexes. She didn’t look lost. Trish actually had a personality and mic skills through the roof, especially as a heel. She only got booed for heel heat and didn’t get “Trish sucks” chants. Fans got into her real quick. Trish also knew the wrestlers’ names and PPV names (*cough* “Ginger” Mahal and “Superslam”). Most importantly, Trish didn’t wait 2 years to train. Her passion was there. Sorry but I just can’t get behind Eva.“