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I think one of the silliest theories re the princes in the tower is that richard got them out of the country and they happily lived in obsurity and never saw their family again. If theyre no threat to richard, why are they conveyed away? And why did he not account for them? #supersketch

Oh yeah, I’m fairly certain the princes never left the tower, it just does not make any sense. I hear people claim Richard would have no reason to murder them because they were ‘illegitimate’ and no threat to him as the king, but like come one, that’s saying that Richard was 100% secure in his rule, which I mean no king ever really is. It would have been a bad move on his part to move them anyway, The Tower was the most secure fortress in the country and Richard spent most of his time in London as king, but if he had to decided to move them, why lie about it? Unless he was worried of some one freeing them and raising a rebellion which would suggest that Richard did have insecurity about his rule, everything he did regarding the princes is suspicious, why did no one ever see them again past 1483? Why, if they were alive did Richard not produce them to prove he hadn’t harmed them? Why if some one else had killed them did he not use that to prove his own innocence? None of his actions really make much sense, in my opinion at least, unless he himself was behind their murder.