Scars (Supernatural/Leverage, Sam/Eliot, PG-13)

Yeah so I really feel like posting that Sam/Eliot fic I’ve had for months. This version is edited; full, NSFW version is here.

There was a stranger in their bar.

Not the most unusual occurrence, true, but the way he was holding himself and how he’d taken the only seat in the room to see every entrance and exit <i>was</i>. Eliot knew hardness when he saw it, and the stranger didn’t have much left that was soft. He wasn’t the kind of man to stroll into a bar and nurse a single beer for two hours - and yes, he’d counted.

If he’d started watching because the guy was hot as hell, that was his business.


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you’re allowed to not like the show. it’s just not your taste. congratulations, you don’t like it.

but do. not. insult. it. don’t call one of the MOST INSPIRATIONAL SHOWS TO YOUNG KIDS/TEENAGERS ON TELEVISION STUPID. do you even fucking know what that show’s about?! just because of the high unlikelihood of a bunch of teenagers busting out into song doesn’t happen at all doesn’t mean it’s a stupid show.

hi, let’s talk about one of the biggest movies in our fucking lifetimes: GREASE. does anyone think that movie is stupid?! uh, last time i checked, no. i don’t know one person who doesn’t at least enjoy grease. and what the fuck did they do? the same exact thing!

god forbid there’s a show on television that people MUST point out the ONE THING that doesn’t make 100% sense in the world because it doesn’t happen ANYWHERE and fucking bash on it and call the show stupid.

if you don’t like it, DON’T WATCH IT. DON’T READ ABOUT IT. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. how much wasted energy are you putting in to insult a show you don’t even enjoy?! it doesn’t make fucking sense! go do something productive besides punishing people for how something makes them feel, for god’s sake!