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Awe oh no! You can always text or message me if you need someone to talk to :3

Thanks babe. It’s just I was watching some thing on tv, and it was people who have stayed with their spouses through horrible medical cases. Like one woman had a stroke, and lost her memory, so he has spent 10 years, reteaching her the alphabet, and how to spell. Then the other was a quadriplegic, and met someone who married her anyway and helps take care of her.. been married for 30 years. 

I just wish more people were that devoted.  

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I’m staying for good! I’ve already set up camp outside of your blog. I have marshmallows if you wish to join me.

….NO. Instead I will sign a bunch of papers to have you evicted from my blog-lawn. Damn kids. Get off my lawn haha <3 You need to shoo because I can’t have amazing people on my blog. Then I have to y'know…be presentable. IT’S TOO MUCH PRESSURE DX