So, I attended the PixelDrip “I’m The Art Show, Deal With It!” gallery in LA today and it was such an amazing event! I got to see some of the most incredible LoK art, meet some great new people, and even be a part of a cosplay contest MC’d by Bryan Konietzko, himself!! Thank you so much to everyone who made today truly memorable!

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The herp derp airbender Korra LOL =)

superphuntime asked:

Hi Rie! It looks like you and I have some similar interests here concerning AAPI issues and JA issues! I'd love to discuss this further!

Hello! I hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly just in case anybody else is ever interested in publicly or privately discussing these issues.

I’d love to talk about these issues further! :)


No ignorance there my friend, he is actually just the superintendent of my district. He’s on twitter and I think everything he tweets is hilarious even though they are super serious tweets. Plus he has a lot of typos :3


Super phun tymez with pancake headed aliens
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I'm so glad you're all so well!
  1. sily52 said: I am fantastic! Watching Steelers/Ravens football!!! How’re you?!
  2. superphuntime answered: FUCKING WONDERFUL! YOU?!
  3. scribblecollage answered: I’m so bored! But I’m good. Yourself? :)
    Megan: who won? (I don’t know football at all sorry)Kent: I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE FUCKING WONDERFUL MAN THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME! Also, nice work on that test! I saw that grade man!!scribblecollage: I’m sorry you’re bored but hey you’re alive right? Try something new today!

Friends that live hella far away are of course welcome to discuss with me. We’ll start a little book club on tumblr. Speaking of which: do you have any books or articles you’d suggest to learn more about Richard Aoki? I read Newton’s Revolutionary Suicide and I’m working on Seale’s Seize the Time but I’m having a hard time locating info on Aoki.

Kent's response to Ashley Cheri's presentation

I thought Ashley’s visit was great! Having her visit our class to tell her life story was truly inspiring. It was clear that finding her ethnic identity on her trip to Fiji was life-changing and an important stepping stone to who she is today. Her presentation helped me to mentally make a list of people and events that have shaped my life. I feel that it is influential people and life-changing events that help create our values and world views. 

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Also, shoutout to superphuntime, you had messaged me about trading emails to talk about API issues, and perhaps tumblr ate my response, but if you’re still interested, hit me up man!