A new thing! Based on the Commodore SuperPET machine, the HAL-9000 Personal Computer Terminal.

Made in Blender Cycles as always, all the models are mine. Shaders are also of my own design, but some textures are from the web.

I actually really really want to do something like this:  build a case in the style of the Commodore but have modern components inside of it. Imma nerd ignore me.


30 Day Superhero Challenge - Day 15 - A Superpet This was the day I realised I shot myself in the foot by not doing more proper cape'n'cowl types. But Day 5, the Chemist, my “elemental” hero, saved me. The Chemist thought her lab rat’s name was Betty. After an incident with some irradiated fluid, “Betty” informed her that her name is in fact Heck, and that her newly sprouted twin sister is called Bolster. These are common names in rat families. So, a two-headed, radioactive rat who can communicate psychically with her owner, fiercely loyal, exceedingly smart, and an excellent strategic thinker, I give you Heck and Bolster.

cage updates

Currently we have a SuperPet Deluxe Ferret Cage. We had midnight escapades a few evenings ago because rats are clever enough to find the single-bar opening between the wire mesh (¼" inch horizontal and vertical wires) and the water bottle (which was quickly fixed).  With even an inch of space, the girlies managed to get out. They had a safe return though. It was an eye-opener at just how incredible rats are at escaping!

Today I bought more aspen bedding and cleaned up the space a bit. I also bought a Veggie-Skewer to put in some treats. I arranged the top of their cage to account for the veggie skewer. I ordered a cube hammock from the-pack-rat, as well. This is en route.

Once the two new girls arrive– and after the long introduction process– I will be arranging the cage to remove the top layer. I believe that the hammock and climbing tree/ toys should be enough. With that, they still have the bottom pan and two layers to move around. They love climbing, and there is so little space to do that because of the three layers. Perhaps I should keep this third layer in? I am not sure. (Suggestions welcome!)

I am incredibly excited to sit at my computer and watch the girls explore their updated territory. It is not radically different, but the chance for treats increased, and they are going to town on the hanging apple. They are incredibly rambunctious! I’m in love!

Four more days until I meet my two new babies!