Daily Candy: Your Guide to the Supernova Performance Art Fest

With more than 75 artists prepped to crawl, grind, ape, drag, and self-mail themselves into the inaugural Supernova Performance Art Festival, the Artisphere and nearby streets and parks of Rosslyn rocket to the top of the you-must-hang-here list this weekend.

Here are six artists to watch. And talk to. And touch. And dance with.

Holly Bass 
What: Leading Crunk Lessons, the D.C. local moves her audience through a history of hip-hop movement, testing the boundaries of race and gender. 
Why: Drop it like it’s hot — or not. 
When: Sat., 10-11 p.m. at the Big Bang Dance Party.

Kathryn Cornelius
What: Poking fun at the nothingness of an average day at the office, Cornelius works away at her toy-likeDo Nothing Machine, magnifying the blahdom of the ole’ 9-to-5.
Why: At least the artist takes an hour-long lunch break. 
When: Fri.-Sun., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Rae Goodwin
What: Upsetthat youth culture and stereotypes diminish the value of our most precious national resource, Goodwin created Grandmothers Are Super Heroes.
Why: Go nuts for gray power from the sidelines at the grannies-only parade.
When: Sun., 3 p.m.

J.J. McCracken
What: She builds and immerses herself in large-scale landscapes to challenge notions of consumer appetites. Characters desperately eat clay casts of vegetables and lug water in vessels that leak.
Why: She’s in the national spotlight. McCracken scored a prestigious Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award.
When: Throughout the festival.

Kristin McWharter
What: Playing with the pleasure and pain of social interactions, McWharter dons a life-size Chinese finger trap.
Why: It’s not all so serious. Go ahead and find the funny in her performance, Push, Don’t Pull.
When: Sat., noon-7 p.m.

Ultra Naté
What: Baltimore’s house superstar brings the essence of her monthly Deep Sugar extravaganza to the Big Bang Dance Party, a wingding front-loaded with performance artists.
Why: Because this is your turn to dress up.
When: Sat., 9 p.m. Tickets ($15) at eventbrite.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Supernova runs Friday through Sunday. For performance schedules and more information, go

Supernova on the KOJO SHOW

Supernova Performance Art Festival


Mention Rosslyn, Virginia, and most people picture a corporate-looking downtown, home to Fortune 500 companies. But Rosslyn also hopes to be known for cutting-edge art events, with its annual jazz festival and Artisphere, a cultural center for visual and performing arts. The latest addition to its burgeoning arts scene is a performance art festival, set for the second weekend in June, when artists will take to the streets with performances designed to engage and entertain.


Philippa Hughes Chief Creative Contrarian, The Pink Line Project

Cecilia Cassidy Executive Director, Rosslyn Business Improvement District

Jeffry Cudlin Professor of Curatorial Studies and Practice at Maryland College of Art.

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