Goodness will always make me cry.

Today I got an envelope that held tea, a book full of stars, and a note from Dalton. “The patient pair of hands,” the inscription said, and my eyes filled with tears as I was walking through the post office parking lot.

Thank you for the book, Dalton. Thank you for your generosity and your beautiful words and your bravery in sharing them. It was well worth the wait.

Today: iced coffee & Supernova Factory. Freshly mown grass, filling up my fifth moleskine of the year, talking to people I love. Later, sushi with someone I’m proud to call a friend.

My heart is so full.

I mailed the last copy of this today. This simple book. A year ago this book was released & I knew I could do this poetry thing. This affirmation that my work was necessary. So much magic came out of this. I met three beautiful lanterns who are some of the best friends I’ve got. I met many more lanterns thanks to the invisible city this digital age allows. I am so thankful for the fields which this brought, and the fields it continues to bring. If you got a copy of this, thank you. If you tried to get a copy of this, thank you. If you’ve read my work, written me a message, or shared one of my poems, thank you. Onward to whatever sky lies next.