There is a time of day, in the evening, when the sun lays its head down in the dirt. Some people call this twilight. But I’ve always thought of it as “the magic hour.” When anything can happen, everything is golden, and I am a boy again. That is the place these poems occupy.

Jake Hurley’s photographs stunningly accentuate and are accentuated by the poems in this book. He is able to capture the magic in the ground, opening it for the sky to rest. Rustic, strange, and beautiful. These pictures will leave you warm, I have no doubt.

In this book you will find stars, you will find birds, you will find hearts, you will find a boyhood doing its best to stay present, and I hope, goodness gracious, you find a little magic.

Supernova Factory is a collection of poems by Dalton Day and photographs by Jake Hurley spanning 49 pages and months of hard work. It features full color photographs, a full-bleed cover on glossy 80# paper, and hand-sewn binding on each copy. $10 gets you a copy within the U.S., and a few bucks more for international. Shipping the last week of April (and onward). We can’t put into words how proud and excited we are to share this work with you. Magic indeed.

(chap) Book description:

“There is a time of day, in the evening, when the sun lays its head down in the dirt. Some people call this twilight. But I’ve always thought of it as ‘the magic hour.’ When anything can happen, everything is golden, and I am a boy again. That is the place these poems occupy.”

Favourite quotes: 


there is gold stitched in this

there is gold stitched in us

and may the gods of the stars tremble

to ever think

that there was not.”

“There are drums inside of my chest

so loud that even

on the quietest nights

the ground trembles with light

when you are near.”

“In my hands you are a telescope 

i see things

so much clearer

and closer

when I am looking

through you.”


5 out of 5


First of all a huge thank you to Sara (who lent me this beauty) and without whom I might not have had a chance to read it.

I have been sighing ever since I finished reading this an hour ago. I wanted to keep it “fresh” in my mind when I wrote the review that I decided to get on that right away. Something that I’ve never really done before because I usually wait until I fully absorbed a piece of work before attempting to write something on it.

I started this and from the very first page was completely taken away with how beautifully Dalton puts things to words.

The thing about his writing is that it feels all too familiar, like greeting an old friend but somehow it’s also entirely his own, something new.

You get this sense of elation once you finish reading it. Almost as if the words leaped out of the page and hugged you. And the way he describes the moon, my god. it’s enough to leave your soul feel both empty and full because of it.

Absolutely recommended to all poetry lovers.

Also, please feel free to check out more of Dalton’s work at his blog myshoesuntied

2013, y'all

I started 2013 by going back and forth to the hospital. My grandmother was incredibly sick, and everyone was stressed out and tired and half-ghosted most of the time. I thought this year would be nothing but mountains upon mountains, a year of huge changes. I was right. And goodness gracious if it wasn’t one of the most important years I’ve had on this planet of ours.

Poetry was wound so tight around 2013 its hard not to mistake it for pulse. It was my final semester of undergrad last spring. I wrote my final thesis/manuscript for creative writing. By which I mean I wrote a whole manuscript, and then scrapped it and started from scratch. I worked with some amazing folks in that class who put out amazing work, and it really got me to take poetry a lot more seriously. It was around this time I became friends with super-honey-spark-bear-poet Jeremy Radin, and he has helped and continues to help me so star-shatteringly much in who I am as a poet and a heart in a body. So, you know, love him forever.

I put out my very own poetry chapbook! Supernova Factory was brought hurtling into existence by Rachel, Clare, Wes and their very own supernova factory On the Cusp. Bless them and their support of me and giving this dream of mine some dancing shoes. I was able to have a book release party and these three drove all the way from Chicago to North Carolina to make it. So many friends of mine were there. It was magical in every since of the word and it remains the best night of this year. Thank you to Jake Hurley for allowing his unreal photos to roost in it. Oh, and it SOLD OUT. So if you bought a copy, thank you. If you wanted to buy a copy and couldn’t, I’m sorry, and thank you.

I graduated! It was hot. There were bees. And freaking Nikki Giovanni was our commencement speaker. It couldn’t have been better.

My twenty-second birthday was brought to living by one of my best friends/electro-choir, Emily and her mom. Thank you for the cake and thank you for the dancing and thank you for the love love love.

I celebrated two years of splitting the clocks with this lady, Ricky. Even though we are states apart, she keeps my feet an inch off the ground. She keeps me on the ground. She keeps my atmosphere intact. She lets the magic break its wings in order to grow new ones. She makes me laugh. She knows I talk too much. She reads my poems. She is a storm in a pocket. She is my girlfriend, and I love her.

I moved back home. I spent and still spend many days right now, alone. It’s been an interesting experience, one that I have come to appreciate a lot. I’ve been able to help out my parents and my grandmother. I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my five year-old cousin Madison, who is a comet-tailed-wolf. I’ve been able to write a lot, to grow a lot, and to develop a yearning to get out of here. Perhaps that’s still a ways off, but my very own 100 Years of Solitude has been important, I think. 

I had a few poems published. I became part of one of the raddest literary journals around, thanks to professional heart-tuner Rob Sturma. I got to see Janelle Monaé. I got to see The National. I read a lot of books. I got to listen to the new Beyoncé. I saw Jinkx Monsoon win RuPaul’s Drag Race. I saw and touched the hands of three famous drag queens. I went to Tennessee. I made new friends. I drove on my first long trip alone. I watched Breaking Bad. I applied to graduate school. My poems have been read and shared by so many of you. I love y'all. I cried. My grandmother got better. I laughed. I laughed. I laughed.

I made it. 

Goodness will always make me cry.

Today I got an envelope that held tea, a book full of stars, and a note from Dalton. “The patient pair of hands,” the inscription said, and my eyes filled with tears as I was walking through the post office parking lot.

Thank you for the book, Dalton. Thank you for your generosity and your beautiful words and your bravery in sharing them. It was well worth the wait.

Today: iced coffee & Supernova Factory. Freshly mown grass, filling up my fifth moleskine of the year, talking to people I love. Later, sushi with someone I’m proud to call a friend.

My heart is so full.

I mailed the last copy of this today. This simple book. A year ago this book was released & I knew I could do this poetry thing. This affirmation that my work was necessary. So much magic came out of this. I met three beautiful lanterns who are some of the best friends I’ve got. I met many more lanterns thanks to the invisible city this digital age allows. I am so thankful for the fields which this brought, and the fields it continues to bring. If you got a copy of this, thank you. If you tried to get a copy of this, thank you. If you’ve read my work, written me a message, or shared one of my poems, thank you. Onward to whatever sky lies next.
5 Awesome Stars You Won't Believe Science Class Left Out

Space is fucking amazing and terrifying and truly the most extraordinary thing we have. Stars are the residents. Stars are the books. Stars are the quicksilver music machines, and space is the fingers which play them so gorgeous. 

I am an astronaut in the heart of an astronomer. Strike that, reverse it. I am a telescope watching a satellite. I am a magician learning the constellations. Teach me orbit. Teach me light. The dress the universe wears is the softest material, sequined and blooming beyond any clock we’ve got. 

Also, concerning #1 on this list. If you google, “supernova factory,” I am the third result.

Supernova Factory Release Party!

I realize a lot of you are a whole heckuva far away from this, but I will be officially releasing my FIRST SMALL COLLECTION OF POETRY, Supernova Factory, tomorrow evening! There are going to be a lot of feelings raining down there, and my friends Baby Rattlesnakes will be opening for me! If you don’t know them, check them out on Bandcamp!

Where: At Apothecary in Downtown Asheville, NC

When: Seven P.M. Tomorrow!

Why: Because I love y'all and I’d love to meet folks I don’t know!

Also! If you haven’t ordered a copy and would like to, go to ! I think at the moment we have sold out, but the second printing should be under way in the future!

Again, love to see any and all of you come out tomorrow. And thank y'all so much for reading, and just bringing the whole dang sun down into my hands. Nothing but love on my end.
Pre-Orders Still Open For My Book!

Just a little reminder that my book, Supernova Factory, is still available for pre-order! 

Why not end April, National Poetry Month (for those in the states) with more poetry!

Do you like stars? Birds? Hearts? Magic? Bicycles? Space? Tea? Photographs that will burn you but not in a hurtful way? If you like any (or all) of these things, this book might be for you! 

Ten dollars! That’s one hundred dimes! I did math just so I could say that!

If you do end up ordering a copy of my book, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Because I want to give you all my gratitude in word form. If I could I would send a thousand paper airplanes carrying tiny paper birds with lanterns for hearts to your window, but I can’t (yet?). 

I love y’all a whole freaking lot. Keep a-glowing, you bright-eyed river birds!