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They stood beside one another in the meadow. The endless landscape was ablaze with a tidal beam from the nightsky, as the supernova astonished the darkness into radiance. As the ardent star contorted in the distance, they knew their place in the universe. And in the cosmic light, as if entering the gates of an ancient heaven, their lives were up for judgement.
—  Celestial Dynasty
What I want is the other world in this world. What I want is the way up and the way down, the way in and the way out. What I want is the poem that rears up like a mythic creature from the dark place of origins, only to transform into the holy, unrepeatable faces of the living. What I want is the mythic wings still thrumming inside them.
—  Joseph Fasano, from “Supernovae and Dark Stars: Some Notes on Universality in the Lyric Poem,” American Poet (no. 50, Spring/Summer 2016)
I do not know why people romanticize the act of falling apart into exploding stars. It is not poetic, nor beautiful. The scattered remains of us are not stardusts. We are not supernovae, we are just humans with shaking, aching bones. What will be left of us, is nothing but pain itself.
—  Lukas W. // Supernovae

“it’s a fool’s errand they’re sending us on, and all of you accepted it like the fools you are. I’d love to lie and say that It’s been an honor serving with you, but I only lie to the people I’m trying to get in my bed, and I don’t like any of you even a fraction as much as I have to for that

Take one moment.

A moment out of this minute that will slowly turn into an hour and this will all be in the past. A memory. You can’t ever go back to it again.

Just stop.

Memories are what make you up, because you’re human. Every day, we go through seconds of time and they make homes within our minds.

Will you think about the stars at night? They’re like us.

We’ve managed to evade the mirror maze and walk into our lives, facing the way that humans are so beautifully intricate but destructive at the same time. I don’t know when our reflections will scintillate upon the glass and we’ll realize what we’ve done, but nothing erases the way that we’re all made up of the thoughts that have gone through our minds and the way we compose music with what we say.

“We were loved, but we did not love, and the eclipses erased our shadows.”

Reality is real and it is evil.

But one day you’ll know that there has to be light for the darkest supernova to burst into flames of laughter on your lips and the feeling that this,

this is right.

This, that you haven’t had in a long time.

One day, the universe will finally piece itself together, but that day has not yet come. One day, fires won’t be set alight by dreams.

And all you have to do is watch the world with your eyes made of silvery whispers of words, because this, now, is beautiful, and

just breathe.

—  I Hope These Words Will Stay With You When You Face Someone Else // e.d. //

“Don’t flatter yourself, Ag Pavo, the only one of us here for you is Mina.” Came the response, Aeon sighing and pushing a hand through his hair. “The rest of us are here to give Isla our condolences for having to tolerate you- Apologies, Captain Somner- the chief wanted to speak with us for longer than we though, took a while to get Zephyr’s release paperwork. The good news is we can take the mutt off your hands now.” 

“Hey! That’s big talk coming from a literal dog man, Aeon. Mutt my ass. Hello Mina darling, the keys are on the desk, let me out of grown up time out, will ya?” Zephyr snapped from his place behind the jail bars, rattling them with both hands as he called out to his own droid, the green bot happily springing the locks and embracing him once he stepped out. “Good to see you too sweetpea. They fix you up alright at the impound?” He questioned, Isla groaning and pinching the bridge of her nose.

“They’ve given him his own special cell, Aeon, how am I supposed to tolerate that lunatic the next time he fucks up and gets pitched in here?”

“Well… about that- the chief wanted to talk to me about the next trip they’re sending us on. An extended trip.” Isla visibly brightened, standing from her chair with a grin. “Oh no don’t get too excited-”

“Well why not!? I don’t have to do warden duty, I don’t have to tolerate Ag Pavo getting into shit he’s not supposed to, and then getting off easy because he’s got some human fractions in him and EKKO can’t dare to lose that smidge of endangered species, It’s great news!”

The Sixamian was already busily gathering her things as Aeon tried to find a way to break the mission to her easily, E11A deciding it was, in fact, now her duty to break the news- as bluntly as possible. “Your escorts for this mission are Captains Wick and Ag Pavo.” The statement hung in the air over everyone for a moment, Isla’s smile dropping and becoming a deep frown that spread to her eyes, Zephyr stopping his eager reunion with Mina to freeze and turn to look at the robot.

“Blue looneytoon without a personality core says what? Hell no. I’m not playing escort mission to anybody, especially not Somner. I don’t do business with the species that blew up my fucking planet.” Zephyr snapped, storming over and pointing a finger accusingly at Isla, Aeon swatting his hand down and snarling, teeth bared and brow creased.

“Well you two need to get over yourselves by monday evening, we leave then- and the boss made it clear, you do this escort mission or you’re sent back to your home planet- that includes what remains of it, Ag Pavo. So unless you want to be drifting around on an asteroid, you’ll get your blaster, clean up your ship, and play good little soldier for the next few months, yeah?”


Written for @meflashfanwork​‘s May ‘17 theme of “What Might Have Been”
Also available on AO3

The silhouette of Shepard’s N7 armor coalesces amid the smoke and flames that burn through the mess deck of the Normandy. She stands tall, shoulders back against this threat like she stands against every other.

“Distress beacon is ready for launch.” Her voice is calm, like it’s just another day. Like the ship isn’t falling to pieces beneath their feet.

Kaidan reaches out mentally, trying to grasp some of her composure for himself. Fingers slippery with sweat—from the heat or nerves he can’t be sure but probably a bit of both—fumble with the helmet clipped to his waist but he follows her lead, locking it into place and taking a sucking breath at the filtered air that pumps through it before he speaks again.

“Will the Alliance get here in time?” A tiny sense of pride fills him when his words come out without the waver of fear that still clings to his back.  

“They’ll be here.” She glances over her shoulder at him as she wrenches open the metal door housing the fire extinguisher. “We just need to hold on. Get everyone into the escape shuttles.”

Kaidan shakes his head. His attention turns towards a sparking electrical panel, something he’s capable of managing. “Joker’s still in the cockpit. He won’t abandon ship. I’m not leaving either.”

“Damn it!” Her gloved hand pulls him, hard, as she jerks him around to face her. Though only her eyes are visible through the visor, the green in them flash with anger. And maybe, if he looks close enough, he could see the fear in them too. He doesn’t let himself look that close. He needs her strength. “I need you to get the crew onto those evac shuttles. I’ll haul Joker’s crippled ass out of here.”

“Negative, Commander. I’ll get Joker into the pod. You launch that beacon and meet us up there.”

He doesn’t wait for her response; doesn’t listen for another order he has no intention of obeying. He hurries in the opposite direction, knowing she can’t chase after him and launch the beacon. He’d ask for her forgiveness later.

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I don’t fear darling, and neither should you. Do you know who you are? Do you know where you come from? Look up. You came from stars; you had gravity work its quantum particles to mould your very existence, all the energy waves and your exploding heart. You caught hydrogen and kissed helium under a supernova. That is why you shine as bright as you do, never forget that.
—  Michael Daaboul
You were lovely even then. Sometimes, I find it inequitable that the universe had created a beautiful piece of art. It seems that the stars have decided to collide themselves gracefully to form you. A supernova. It was the perfect word to recount the moment you held my hands.

//you are a supernova at best


some of us are stars
and some of us are supernovas
some of us are black holes
and some of us are meteor showers
some of us are the sun
and some of us are the moon
some of us are shooting stars
and some of us are constellations
some of us are young stars
and some of us are old stars
some of us are planets
and some of us are entire galaxies
some of us are a few of these things
at the same time
and some of us are all of these things
at different times

I will take my pain,
every single aching bit of it,
I will take it
and I will create
a new galaxy
from it.

You will not be the death of me.
I am a burning star,
a supernova,
exploding, and then collapsing, 
with the promise
of a new life. 

Thank you
for every single time
you have shattered me.
For every single time
you have made me feel empty.
I’m not pushing it away anymore.

I feel the burning in my chest,
I feel the breaking of my heart,
I feel tears streaming out of my eyes. 
I am screaming, 
I am kicking, 
and I am sobbing. 

But I am not
running away from any of this.
Not anymore.

You have shattered me.
Thank you.
I can now, finally,
rebuild myself.

—  Poetic Moon Child (Supernova)

“It is telling, you know, to see a man throw his weight around the second he perceives a being lesser than him- in some facets I miss earth, but that one, I will gladly leave that one drifting through space with the remains of what we once perceived to be human…”

“And it’s an even more foolish man who thinks I’ll submit the second he gets me in his quarters. On your knees. Captain’s orders.~♥”

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