supernova simplicity

thank you everyone for making this year an amazing one on tumblr for me. it’s been really great.

i mean really this is just a list of people i reblog a lot or i talk to and annoy them in their inboxes or something like that.

favourite blogs/people i talk to a lot in bold, people I’ve met IRL and are still friends with me somehow in italics


andwooscott ✿ ahwuu ✿ arryn-zech ✿ brianjomes 
captainbluebear ✿ captainhollyshort ✿ coloursfading 
delsinrwe ✿ denecour ✿drunkmavin


fersuremisa ✿ flowerofpimps ✿ frecklesshake 
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavin ✿ gvinfrees ✿ gavin-screams 
goingtohogwartsinatardis ✿ howdoitumbling ✿ igavvedit 
 ithurtbecauseitmattered ✿ kingaleks 


livetogetherdieaclone ✿ ltkatiejensen ✿ lucyisforeversherlocked 
matthullum ✿ michaelsgavin ✿ mileslun 
missmichellebelle ✿ nicedynmite ✿ prettiestalpha
✿ pottergrangerandweasley


raysnarvaezjuniors ✿ rooster-tumble ✿ rtgeoff 
ryanshaywoods ✿ sexbangs ✿ sir-interesting-shockleton 
✿ spectreofthegrey supernova-simplicity 
✿ teasemynutt ✿ theparadoxic ✿ totally-awesome-hufflepuff 
towerofgavino ✿ undergroundmindpalace

sorry if i forgot anyone, as always everyone i follow is top as is everyone who follows me. 

have a wonderful 2015 everyone! <3