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Hi! I was feeling kind of down today, because of all the discourse against asexuals that's all over Tumblr. A former favorite blog of mine turned out to be someone who supported the discourse, and I had to unfollow because it makes me all kinds of upset to see that negativity. I hate that I feel like I don't belong in the LGBT+ community, and that people don't want me there. I was wondering if you had some advice to make me feel better? I hope I'm not being a bother.

(before I start, you are NOT a bother, you are amazingandwonderfulandIhugyou)

Well, first off you did great by unfollowing something that made you upset.  Tumblr is meant to be fun, you definitely want to do what you can to avoid any negative content you come across through unfollowing or blocking.

Other ways to feel better…hmmmmmm

1. chocolate truffle(this could be the whole list but I’ll hold back lol)

2. netflix, reading, drawing, or something else that lacks negative comments

example: watch Avatar the Last Airbender cause it’s awesome

3. reading some of the comics out there with Ace main characters!

 examples: Jughead(official comic), Supernormal Step(webcomic), …I’ll think of more…followers help me out here…

4. go to Youtube and watch some adorable Simon’s Cat animation videos, they are adorable and combine cats and animation.  What could make you happier?

5. find a happy playlist on Spotify and sing along very loudly

Anyone else got something that makes them happy?

superamatista  asked:

could you recommend works of fiction where the female characters aren't mistreated, badly written or shoved into the background?

More stuff than I could possibly list off the top of my head. Basically anything by @littlefroggies, @rosalarian, @spikedrewthis, @sephiramy, @meekcomic , @r-dart , @jules-rivera-art , @killsixbilliondemons , @backcomic, @kelmcdonald , @lackadaisycats , @mindyleedoodles , @mooncalfe ah, cucumber Quest, Supernormal Step, Godsend, Platinum Grit, Skydoll, Spera, Saga, Bone, Glory, How Loathesome, Sheltered, Jem and the Holograms, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Secret Six, Zombillenium, Princess Ugg, Local, Shutter, Rat Queens, Small Town Witch, Cursed Pirate Girl, Gunnerkrigg Court, Pretty Deadly, Bitch Planet; just to give you a few to start out with.

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I don't know how many people in the ace community read webcomics, but I do and I wouldn't mind sharing this really cool action packed one about an asexual girl named Fiona Dae who gets transported to a magic-filled parallel universe trying to get home. I really love this comic because I don't see many ace protagonists! It's called Supernormal Step by Michael Lee Lunsford.

I’ll check it out!

Comments removed from Supernormal Step

Having a comments section on the comic was great at first, but lately it’s just been making me more and more depressed.  I don’t blame anyone specifically for this, or really anyone who posted there, moderating them has just made me very sad, that’s a me-problem I think.

Either way, getting depressed every time I post a page, or feeling anxiety about posting pages knowing I will have to face comments, makes drawing the pages harder.  I needed to remove them for my own health and the health of the comic.

I hope you all understand.

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Hi! I was wondering what inspired you to have Fiona be aro ace, and where along the creative process you made the decision? The explicit representation is super appreciated by the way :D

Talked about this before, but always willing to talk about it.  In a lot of ways Supernormal Step has been experimentation and learning process in writing for me.  I kind of started the comic not knowing what I was doing and hoping I figured it out as I went.  One of those ways was that I…guess I didn’t know where Fiona stood orientation wise.  I couldn’t figure it out, the way I wrote her nothing really felt right to me so I just had her not care about it.  This was long before I even knew what an Ace was!

It took watching Lawrence of Arabia for the first time, and researching the history of T.E. Lawrence to find out that Asexuality was a thing. (it was mentioned in his Wikipedia article, I don’t know the validity of the claims that he may have been ace) It immediately struck me that Fiona was obviously Aro Ace as I had been writing her, and finally that all clicked. So that’s when I went into researching Asexuality to make sure I got everything right, talked to people who were Ace, etc.

The thing that really stood out to me, was how if any character is possibly ace in a story, it’s very rare that there is any clarification.  So there’s all these fictional character “maybes” and I knew I had to get it out there what Fiona was in the actual story.  It was nerve wracking, as I’m not super confident in my writing in general, and with this I really hoped to get it right, it was very important to me. 

It’s for other people to decide if I succeed, but I’m very happy with the response Fiona has gotten from fans. I hope I can continue to do her justice.

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Thank you (both?) for making Catherine ace. I'm pretty sure there was a TV show with an explicitly canon ace character, but I think she was just a tiny side character (never actually watched it). Your comic (and missingmo) is the first media I've personally consumed with an ace character, and the fact that she's a main character is even better. Hopefully, there'll be people who read this and realize the asexuality spectrum is a thing and realize they are not alone. So, thanks.

We hope so too! =)

Edit: I believe the protagonist of follow Hiveworks comic Supernormal Step is also canonically ace!