Okay so I’m reading like 11 webcomics at once right now and the excitement when a new page is published is freaking unreal. I’m gonna list all the webcomics I’m reading right now and give you a reason you should read them.

1. Cucumber Quest. Cucumber is a cinnamon roll, and Almond is such a little badass. Also, people named after foods.

2. Namesake. I’m not even close to being caught up to this one yet, it’s so freaking long- but it’s so worth it. Emma Crewe is amazing, and don’t even get me started on how much of a muffin Warrick is.

3. Devils Candy. It’s quite short right now, I’m not even completely sure what the plotline is at this point- but Pandora is awesome.

4. Supernormal Step. Not exactly sure what the main plot is in this one yet either, but it’s about a girl from Grand Rapids who’s sucked into an alternate dimension with magic and stuff. Really cool.

5. Sleepless Domain. Magical girls. ‘Nuff said.

6. Agents of the Realm. More magical girls. More than that, collegiate magical girls. 

7. The End. Geeks, nerds, and aliens, oh my!

8. Awaken. Dystopia, magic, and general badassery.

And my favorite two for last

9. The Boy Who Fell. About a boy named Ren [later called Nero] who somehow got to Hell after falling off the school roof, and has to compete in the Hell Tournament to get home.

10. Kiwi Blitz. Think Japanese mecha anime combined with American superhero cartoons. General badassery. Evil furrys. Cyborgs. Animebot. [ALSO MARY CAGLE- THE CREATOR- IS A GIFT TO THIS WORLD]

What’s number eleven? Homestuck. Do I need to say any more?


Since I first posted this, I’ve started reading a few more, all of which are also amazing. So, I’ll add them to the list.

12. Metacarpolis. Honestly so much shit goes on this this comic half the time I’m confused.

13. Parallax. Wait no more for that magical boy anime.

14. Never Satisfied. A bunch of teenage magicians competing for the position of magical representative. There’s not much yet, but it’s very good so far.


This is a page from Supernormal Step, a really good webcomic made by Michael Lunsford. This page is really important to me, and I will now have a rant about media representation and asexuality and stuff that I’ve kept repressed for quite a time.

(Also, being aromantic and asexual are two different things, but I’m not gonna go through the entire ace-spectrum right now, so if these get lumped together in this rant it’s because of me being an aro-ace and lumping these two together more often than not.)

Okay, so this page is from a rather heartwrenching situation, and this is a page I relate to. This is the page that confirms the protagonist’s asexuality. This is a page where the protagonist expresses the thoughts that I never get to see in any media. I’ve been in this situation. It hurts. But it’s the truth, and it’s a truth too many people don’t know about because asexuality is wastly ignored. So despite the sadness of this panel and confession, it made me ridiculously happy. Because Fiona here has always been asexual (and possibly aromantic?), there just hadn’t been any reason to adress it yet. This is all within her character, not some great reveal or anything. And that’s the beauty of it. She just is. This is how it’s done. This is just the confirmation for something I already headcanon’d - I just didn’t think anyone cared enough to actually include real asexual characters just like that. So here it is. BAM. CANON ASEXUAL PROTAGONIST THAT IS ACTUALLY AWESOME AND A NORMAL PERSON AND A STRONG CHARACTER.

I’ve read some posts lately about slash-shipping, that there are so few (canonly) gay characters in media that slash is what a lot of gay people do because subtext is the best they get. And I realized I do the same thing: I assume every character to be asexual and aromantic until proven otherwise. Because it is almost always proven otherwise. Proper asexual and/or aromantic characters are almost nonexistent in media. (Also I don’t ship anything. I do enjoy a good romance and can squee along with that - but yeah this was a rant I made a long time ago so I’m not going through all of it again.) And the thing is, if you’re a privileged person, you’ll never understand the immense joy you get from seeing yourself get properly represented. I mean, I’m a white girl so I never completely understood the importance of media representation until I discovered how asexuality was represented. It’s one thing girls in media are messed up and/or missing as much as they do, but asexuality. That was a thing I never knew about before, something I never read about, never saw on TV… of course I didn’t know about it. A lot of asexual people can tell you about the “OH MY GOD OF COURSE” you experience once you learn about it. EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE. OTHER PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT. And this is not only an asexuality thing, it’s about all the things that are hardly represented in media at all.

For the record, these are the messages I wish I saw more often in media:
Love does not automatically equal sex. Being childhood friends does not automatically equal romance. THERE ARE MORE WAYS TO HAVE A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP.

Let me tell you about the few canon asexual characters I’ve seen so far. I haven’t seen or read everything there is, so it’s possible there are much better representations out there I should know about but don’t.

Doctor Who. The Doctor is asexual. I’m fine with this. It’s never stated outright, but the majority of fans agree with this. The new who is romantic though, with Rose, the TARDIS and River Song. That’s okay, you can be romantic and asexual.

Sherlock Holmes. The original stories are good enough for me, and it is sorta stated in A Scandal in Bohemia that he has no interest in women or anyone at all. Then we have the modern adaptions… Well. Weeellll. The BBC one is supposed to be asexual and stuff, but since Moffat thinks asexuality is boring, it’s so full of queerbaiting Johnlock might as well be canon. I don’t think that counts as a good representation of asexuality if none of the watchers believe he is asexual. The same goes for the new movies. I haven’t seen enough of Elementary yet to say anything about it… So yeah.

House MD had one episode with an asexual couple. House is, by the way, based on Sherlock Holmes, but is absolutely not asexual nor aromantic. Anyway, there was this episode in either season 7 or 8, where one of the plotlines was a MARRIED ASEXUAL COUPLE. I thought this episode was a godsend, because they began explaining asexuality and how their relationship worked and how they were happy with it. Later we had Wilson reading a leaflet about it, and told House how 1% of the population was asexual. Of all things, House refused to believe there were humans out there that didn’t want to have sex, so he felt the need to prove they were fake. Well yes, the notion it’s impossible for humans not to want sex is one of the things asexuals hear a lot about. Get this; a lot of people refuse to believe people can be asexual. For the record, asexuality isn’t about not wanting sex, it’s about not being sexually attracted to anyone. (But there are people out there who don’t want sex, as well.) Anyway, the episode seemed to go very well, the writers had definitely done their research, they had stated asexuality was a thing and spread information about it… aaand then it turned out the ‘asexual’ dude just had a brain tumor and the 'asexual’ girl was just faking it so she could be together with the man. HOORAY THE BRILLIANT DOCTOR HOUSE WAS RIGHT: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HUMANS TO NOT HAVE SEX. I have never been more disappointed by an episode of a tv show in my entire life.

The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is asexual. And there’s nothing wrong with his portrayal of it, it’s just the fact that it’s portrayed as a very funny characteristic. “Haha you haven’t reached puberty yet” “Haha you don’t want sex what’s wrong with you” and all the laugh tracks playing everytime he acts asexual. So yeah, everybody knows he is asexual and acknowledges it, but they all treat him like something is wrong with him because of it. And well, yeah, he is probably autistic and has OCD and he does a lot of bad things while interacting with people, but you can’t make me laugh about the joke that is his asexuality. Also, his relationship with Amy is horrible. They both want different things and I don’t think a good relationship works that way. I just feel sad for both of them.

And that’s about it, if I don’t include the my headcanons. This is why Supernormal Step has made me so happy today. And while we’re at it, webcomics in general are actually much better at representing all the things: strong female characters, races, different sexualities and so on. Why is that? Is it because they’re free, and media like TV only sells if it’s full of white het cis men? Is it because webcomic makers have the freedom to do what they want? I just don’t get it why it should be so hard for TV series, movies and published books to do the same things as a lot of really good (and famous!) webcomics do.

I came to the realization the other day that while I’m writing all these recommendations of queer-lady goodness, that the authors of the works will probably stumble upon these some day. *waves to artist*.

Supernormal Step summary: I couldn’t find a summary on the page, but I found a line on the “cast” section that summarizes the main gist. “Fiona Dae: Girl who was tossed from the normal world to a weird one.”

My thoughts: Yes, main character Fiona finds herself in a different world where magic is real and people are weird looking and the normal looking people are weird inside. Instead of crying about it, she takes it on like a badass and makes it her mission to make it back home. Throughout her journey, she meets people, makes friends despite her not-so-social personality, and stumbles upon some crazy weirdness of “who exactly is the bad guy here?”

Okay. Let’s review. Strong female lead? Check. Badassical-ness? Check. ‘Splosions and action? Check. Plot twists and edge of your seat moments? Check. Hold on, my list consists of webcomics containing lady queers. Yes, we have that too!

I don’t want to ruin too much, but we have at least two lady queer characters: A lovely lesbian lady and an aromantic asexual.Yes, I have been able to find a webcomic that is able to represent that minority that isn’t often included in most works. I don’t know if the artist has any plans to change the fact that the character is both aromantic and asexual, but as of the current updates, I have been able to include a comic with a different sort of lady queer. 

Yes. Read this webcomic. Because green magicky superpower-ness. And sexy blue lady lesbians. And 'splosions. And one of the few representations of the ace community.  

This right here. This comic changed my life. This page isn’t the first time Fiona’s orientation is explicitly stated in the comic, but it’s when I realized that that was me. That was why I related so much more strongly to Fiona than to any other fictional character. This page is what started my asexual adventure one October night, and I just want to thank Michael Lunsford for a great character and a great story.

From superheroes to regular people just sharing their experiences, the following webcomics all feature asexual main characters. Feel free to reblog with your own favourites, and check out our masterlist for more LGBTQ webcomics.

Heroes of Thantopolis: (everyone) A living boy fights to save the City of the Dead.

Supernormal Step: (teen) The story of a girl named Fiona who is trapped in a world full of superheroes, magic, monsters, and robots, and she’s just trying to punch her way out.

Heartless: (teen) An action/adventure comic set in early Victorian London. It’s about vampires, self-discovery, more vampires, the struggle against oppression, and very pretty dresses.

14 Nights: (mature) A story about a guy who is afraid of sex.

Ignition Zero: (teen) Robbie met Orson online four years ago, and has now moved to the same town for college. Being BFFs in RL is complicated by Orson’s involvement in the city’s Fey side, and their gradually developing ace romance.

Oh, THAT’S Why I’m Aro-Ace!: (everyone) A comic about how the author realised she’s always been aro-ace and other stories about it.

The Hues: (everyone) The Hues is about a group of teenage magical girls who discover their powers just a little too late– the Big Bad is already here and they have only a rudimentary grasp of their abilities and what they’re supposed to be doing.

Asexual: (teen) An autobiographical comic depicting stereotypes and whatnot that the author encounters due to being asexual.

Shades of A: (mature) A webcomic that follows the life of 23 year old blogger, Anwar, and his experiences as an asexual person in the kink scene.


WHEW ok sketched a bunch when I got home, mostly for fun.

Then I decided to sketch fanart for some of my favorite webcomics, which accidentally turned into a character study.

The first set of sketches are all my original characters. The second set is fanart for the webcomics listed below!

Rose is from Trying Human

Fiona is from Supernormal Step

Norah is from Agents of the Realm

Dr. Jekyll is from The Glass Scientists

All really great webcomics! Definitely recommend! 

I keep seeing posts about wanting asexual characters that aren’t robots or bad people and actually badass, and if you read webcomics, then boy do I have the webcomic for you.

Supernormal Step is a webcomic about a girl who has been accidentally transported into a different dimension with magic and all different kinds of species, and is trying to find a way back.

Oh and if you wanted a lesbian character who isn’t sexualized, and isn’t used as the butt of the joke, then you REALLY need to read this.