- murderabilia + some killers art

  1. Arthur Shawcross
  2. Keith Hunter Jesperson
  3. Roderick Ferrell 
  4. Henry Lee Lucas
  5. John Wayne Gacy
  6. Richard Ramirez

Killer art is defined as poetry or artwork created by mass murderers and serial killers while in prison. Often, this process is used as a therapy device, or for further understanding a particularly disturbed psyche, while in other instances it is purely a method of time spanning entertainment for imprisoned individuals. The artists vary dramatically in skill and themes covered.

Then, appears  Murderabilia, also known as murderbilia, which is the result of collecting artworks serial killers. 

In May 2001, eBay banned the sale of murderabilia items, forcing the industry underground.One of the more prominent dealers of murderabilia who sold on eBay launched their own web site, Supernaught, the first of its kind dedicated to selling true crime collectibles. French criminologist Stephane Bourgouin considers the phenomenon as “unhealthy and intolerable.”

A letter from Ted Bundy to his wife Carol Ann Boone about their daughter, Rose. On this particular occasion, Bundy talks about Rose’s 6 hour visit to him in prison

“She is talking now, she won’t stop this, like a beautiful little parrot. "Daddy” this and “Daddy” that. She was very much into talking to me and generally trying to help me..“

Original letter for sale at

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anonymous asked:

Did you write to richard ramirez?

sadly, no. i was 13 when he passed. i bought some items off of Supernaught and Serial Killers Ink, though!


Richard Ramirez aka the Night Stalker.  Serial killer who terrorized California during the 1980’s.
Original two sided questionnare, 8 ½" x 11" in size.
Questions are written by a pen pal of Ramirez.  Ramirez has handwritten all of his answers.
Includes the original prison mailed envelope signed, “Richard Ramirez’.

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Edward Gein, Plainfield, WI cannibal, serial killer original The Capital Times Wisconsin newspapers from November 1957.
All six newspapers are the complete A section.  Four of the six newspapers headlines are Ed Gein on the front page.
Two of the papers include articles on Gein inside.

The Capital Times November 21, 1957 - Headline reads “GEIN ADMITS SLAYINGS OF MRS. HOGAN, MRS. WORDEN”.

The Capital Times November 21, 1957 - Headline reads “GEIN ENTERS INSANITY PLEA”.

The Capital Times November 23, 1957 - Headline reads “GEIN LISTS VIOLATED GRAVES”

The Capital Times November 25, 1957 - Headline reads “FIND NO BODIES IN 2 GRAVES GEIN REPORTED HE VIOLATED”

The Capital Times November 26 & 27th , 1957 newspapers include articles on Ed Gein on the inside.

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Serial killer John Wayne Gacy actual 8"x10" crime scene photograph taken in Gacy’s crawlspace at 8213 W. Summerdale Dr. in Des Plaines, IL.  Trial exhibit photo has been stamped with the embossed Cook County seal.  Obtained from his former legal counsel.  Photo shows detectives digging through Gacy’s crawlspace and putting a marker where they’ve located remains of Gacy’s fifth victim.

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Master Charge credit card stolen by Ted Bundy from William R Evans. Bundy used the card February 7th or 8th, 1978 at a Holiday Inn in Florida. The day before he murdered Kimberly Leach. This is the original card with the trial exhibit tag affixed to the back.


Chardon school shooter Thomas Michael Lane better known as TJ Lane. Lane made the news yet again when he and two other men, one of which was his prison lover had briefly escaped from an Ohio prison on Sept. 11, 2014. He was captured the same evening.

Dungeons & Dragons page which TJ has written and filled in his character information on both sides of this 8 ½ x 11" character record sheet.
Keep in mind other sites were selling Lane items in this price range which were not even written by Lane but by his cellmate. Open to reasonable offers.

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