So I am watching season 2 of Supernatural and the guy Sam and Dean go to talk to about a case they are working starts talking about how it was the these robots that did the kill and what did the robots look like? This:

Which if you ask me looks an awful lot like this:

Which is the Cybermen from Doctor Who

Now, I’m only on season 2 of Supernatural, but I’m wondering if their are any more Doctor Who referenced. I’m new to the Supernatural fandom but since some most of the blogs I follow are part of the Supernatural fandom and I have seen some comments about their being a Doctor Who-Supernatural merge. I think that it def could happen. As stated I’m new to the Supernatural fandom, but this leads me to believe that it could happen or that I’m nuts and the creator/writers of Supernatural like Doctor Who and are putting in hints about it. Personally I’m hoping this means that Supernatural meets the Doctor will happen