supernaturally shameless

Me: *can’t remember shit about what happens in my real life*
Also me: *can remember what happens in a TV show, film, or book to perfect detail*

Do you ever just read a fanfic and have your own set up of what the places look like, but the more you read the more you realize that the author had visualized it differently, so now you’re just sitting there trying to change almost everything in your head from the way the door opens to who’s sleeping on which side of the bed??

Friend: do you do anything other than obsess about fandoms?
Me: yes. Sometimes I sleep

  • <p> <b>Before you start watching a new tv series:</b> oh good this show only has 12 episodes it won't take that long to watch<p/><b>After you watched the tv series:</b> oH GOD WHY ARE THERE ONLY 12 EPISODES I NEED MORE DONT DO THIS TO ME<p/></p>

When everyone keeps demanding more shows with LGBTQ representation and yet they sleep on Eyewitness USA a show in which:

- The sexuality is not the plot

- the m/m relationship is not sidelined, but involves the main characters

- crazy crime thriller

- POC characters

- amazing acting and storyline

How sane people get into fandoms: hmm, I like this show/book/whatever. I might suggest it to my friends

How I get into fandoms: I watched/read this entire thing in one day and I have an emotional connection to every single character. If anything happens to any of them I will kill someone. Everybody watch/read this NOW

  • Person: So, how's your fandom going?
  • Me: I'm not sure, I haven't been on tumblr in a few days.
  • Me: *logs onto tumblr*
  • *Everyone from the fandom are running around screaming. Everything is on fire. The world is burning. People are dying*
  • Me: Nothing's changed.

Me: *is having a normal day* Me: *goes on tumblr* Someone: *posts a sad headcanon about my otp* Me:

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