Mile High Club

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, blowjobs

Word Count: 785

Prompt: The reader finds a quick way to calm Dean down during a flight.

Beta: @impala-dreamer

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“Dean, you need to calm down. You’re freakin’ everyone out here,” Sam grumbled, punching his brother’s shoulder. “It’s a plane, not the Titanic.”

“Planes can crash,” Dean countered. “The Titanic sunk, it’s possible that this metal thing could just blow up any second.”

A woman in front of Dean turned around, shooting him a glare as she tried to comfort her young son who was now about as freaked out as Dean. “Planes are built to fly. They always check them before they go up,” she stated matter-of-factly. The second she turned her back, Dean was mocking her. This time you punched his arm.

The plane hit a bit of turbulence in the air, and you grit your teeth when Dean’s nails sunk into your arm. “Release the death grip, my arm’s gonna fall off.” He sighed, unleashing your arm. “C’mon, let’s go see if we can get you some water.” You suggested, having had enough of Dean’s panic.

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Fallen Asleep

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Jack Kline x Fem!Reader

Words; 832

Note; cutie jack, fem!reader because i couldn’t think of a rob raco plot, also after watching 13x04 i had decided to write this fluff.

Jack Kline had fallen asleep in the Impala. The boys had stopped to get food at a dinner on the way to the bunker, so when the youngest traveler awoke, he was confused at where the brothers had run off to.

After the teenage boy had figured out that they’d walked into the diner on his left, he opened the door and walked into the building.

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Little Omega {Alpha!Castiel x Omega!Reader}

Summary: Just… just smut. Alpha/Omega smut. That’s really all my Castiel fics ever turn into 

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Warnings: Smut (duh)

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Dean x Reader

You squealed and turned to who ever had grabbed at you, rolling your eyes when you saw it was Dean, and jumped away from him.

“Woah there (Y/N), pretty jumpy for a Hunter.” He chuckled.

“It comes with the territory.” You snapped and set your half-finished drink down.

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Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 2,176

Warnings: some angst, lots of fluff

Prompt: Jared and Y/N move in together very early in their relationship. Y/N feels out of place and decides to leave abruptly, without telling Jared where she’s going. Ten months down the road, Jared has still hung onto her and still loves her and she realizes that she’s loved him all along. Based on the song “Austin” by Blake Shelton. 

A/N: This switches between Jared and the readers POV. Hopefully it’s not too confusing. There are lines when POV’s switch, it’s just never stated. 

When you moved out to Vancouver to follow Jared, the two of you had only been dating five months. It was a huge step in your relationship. Jared had gotten a job on a new TV show called Supernatural, and instead of leaving you behind in Austin, he asked you to come with him.

You hadn’t been able to find work in Vancouver, but you helped out around set as much as possible - mostly with cleanup or setup. It wasn’t hard but it wasn’t what you wanted to do in life. You had dreams of your own that practically begged to be fulfilled.

Jared got up early in the morning everyday to get to work. You shared a small apartment, just big enough for the two of you and his two dogs. It wasn’t much but it worked. Occasionally, Jensen was there too, in the spare bedroom, but when they left every morning, you were always completely alone.

You had already bought a plane ticket back home. It was a hard decision but after a long phone call with your brother and one with your dad as well, you decided it was right. You packed everything you needed, keeping it hidden from Jared - not wanting him to worry. Although, maybe it was a dumb idea to just leave him a note instead of calling him or talking to him face to face. But you were too afraid, and the plane would be leaving in a few hours, and it felt like the right thing to do, at the time.

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Dean / Protecting Him

You sit on the couch, watching some dumb TV show and munching on a bag of Lays chips. Just as you were about to fall asleep, bright lights flicker outside the window, followed by the low rumbling of a car. The engine turns off, turning off the lights as well.

You feel a burst of energy surge through you because you know Sam and Dean made it back safely from their case. You hop off the couch and run towards the motel door. You unlock the door, throwing it open to see Dean fumbling for his motel key. His eyes lock with yours, and a smile emerges on his face.

He steps forward, wrapping his arm around your lower back and immediately pulling you close to him. “Hey, babe.” he says softly, leaving a light kiss on your cheek.

You wrap your arms around his neck and hug him tightly. “Hey, sweetheart.” you coo back.

Your eyes flicker over to Sam, who is setting down his duffle bag and trying to stay quiet so he doesn’t interrupt you two. You release Dean from your hug and squeeze Sam into another hug. “Heya, Sammy. I’m glad you’re safe.”

You don’t have to look up at Sam to know he’s smiling. His body relaxes, and he hugs you back. “I’m glad you are too, (Y/N).”

“Well, I’m glad to know that (Y/N) cares about my brother’s safety more than mine.” Dean says sarcastically, obviously a little jealous of your affection towards Sam.

“Shut up, Dean,” you laugh. You look up at Sam and say, “Don’t listen to him. He’s just upset that I think you’re the coolest Winchester brother.”

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Alone With You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, implied drinking, could be classified as implied cheating, sorta angsty

Word Count: 1,055

Anon Requested: Could you write a Dean X reader (smut) for Alone With You by Jake Owen? Thanks!

Prompt: Dean has never know Y/N’s life, but sometimes she shows up at his apartment, and he just can’t tell her no. She always leaves before morning, and every time she leaves Dean swears he’ll never do it again, but he does.

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It had happened before. It had happened quite a few times before and every time Dean swore it’d be the last. It usually happened when she was a little tipsy; a little freer than usual. Dean could always taste the whiskey on her lips when they kissed for the first time again.

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Supernatural Masterlist


One-Shots & Smut (*)

Castiel x Reader

I Like Your Face | Castiel x Reader

Moody | Castiel x Reader

Dean Winchester x Reader

Choose | Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester

Nightmare Huh? | Dean Winchester x Reader *smut*

Nick!Lucifer x Reader

The Devil Fell Once More | Nick!Lucifer x Reader *smut*

Sam Winchester x Reader

All Yours | Sam Winchester x Reader

Choose | Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester

You’re Perfect to Me | Sam Winchester x Reader

Nightmare Huh? | Dean Winchester x Reader *smut*

Gif Imagines

Imagine walking in on Gabriel to see this …

Imagine going on a trip with Dean and Sam and …

Imagine Sam and Castiel discovering that you …

Imagine announcing that you’re pregnant from …

Imagine Dean and Sam fighting over you

Imagine Castiel walking in on you and …

Imagine Castiel trying to be …

Imagine catching Castiel watching …

Imagine your boyfriend Dean Winchester playing wrestling with …

Imagine exercising with Dean in the park

Imagine getting kinky with Dean

Imagine Sam calling because …

Imagine Dean thinking that you …

Imagine you and Dean trying role play in …

Imagine Lucifer showing you the …

Imagine Dean cooking you dinner for …

Imagine being Sam’s girlfriend and …

Imagine Dean and Castiel are under a spell where …

Imagine having sex with …

Imagine introducing Dean to your family

Imagine teasing Sam Winchester

Imagine making Destiel happen

Imagine Chuck’s opinion on your love-hate relationship with …

Imagine Castiel trying to make your …

Imagine Dean and Sam always arguing so you ..

Imagine you and Dean having a baby

Imagine Dean and Castiel interrogating you and …

Imagine being Dean’s and Sam’s sister and …

Imagine trying roleplay with …

Imagine going abroad with Dean for …

Imagine waking up and going to the kitchen …

Imagine Sam waking up from a concussion and …

Imagine making Dean look around so that …

Imagine your car broke down in the middle of the road and …

Imagine being Crowley’s daughter and …

Imagine Dean using your …

Imagine you and Dean waiting for Sam to …

Imagine Sam asking you for …

Imagine having to deal with …

Imagine going on a date with …

Imagine being the only person that knows …

Imagine taking care of Dean when he …

Imagine Dean comforting you after …

Imagine partying with …

Imagine Dean missing you after …

Imagine waking up and finding Dean …

Imagine dating Castiel and teaming …

Imagine trying to have a serious conversation with …

Imagine introducing K-Pop music to …

Dad: *comes into my room*

Me: *looks up from VERY dirty and very entertaining Destiel smut.* “Yeah?”

Dad: “Who can you. Still possibly be texting?”

Me: “I’m not texting any one, I’m reading.

Dad: "Really? All this time?”
Me: “yes”

Dad: “read me a sentence.

Me: *looks down at phone and reads line to herself. ‘The Angel Cried out in pure ecstasy as Dean pushed himself deeper, moaning his love’s name as he did. 'Harder, please Dean, harder,’ Castiel whispered.’



Me: I’m lying, I’m texting my friend, she says hi.