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Not trying to sound stupid or anything, but what is this Castiel and Colette parallel thing?

You don’t sound stupid at all!

I’m really horrible at explaining things so stay with me here.

Dean = Cain
Sam = Abel
Castiel = Colette
Crowley = Abaddon

Same story, different people.

supernaturalapocalypse has an awesome gifset [x] that displays it nicely.

Oh, and this is another one my favorite Cas/Colette/Dean/Cain posts [x] by dubiousculturalartifact

Basically, Cain was saved from the blood lust of the Mark of Cain by the romantic love from Colette. So, if Castiel is written to be a parallel to Colette we can assume the same for him and Dean. Whether that will be explicitly shown is to be determined.

Still pretty exciting! :)

Calling all SPN fans

Hey guys I am writing a paper for one of my classes on the ideological (moral) codes of Supernatural! I have good vs evil, family, faith. Are there any else that you guys think are important? Also do you have any really good examples of these. I would like to get some insight! Thanks guys! supernaturalapocalypse cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you supernaturallypossessed


This song holds incredible significance for us, the fans of Supernatural. But before this moment, for Sam and Dean, it was just a good, classic song. Now, they have to be wondering why the girls chose this song, out of all the songs they could have chosen, as the song. So, they listen- really listen! to the lyrics for the first time to see how it relates to them- to the Winchesters. And suddenly, this isn’t just a classic rock song. Their parents are there singing “Carry on, my wayward son,” and the Winchesters have to be thinking about their lives and how all they seem to be able to do is carry on. Their surrogate brother and foster father tell them “There’ll be peace when you are done,” and the Winchesters have to be wondering if there ever really will be peace- “Lay your weary head to rest,” and wondering if they’ll even get peace finally in death. “Don’t you cry no more,” a group of girls sing to them- people who love them and think they are heroes. Suddenly, this song has signifcance for Sam and Dean because suddenly, they’re able to see how damn fitting the lyrics are and because- suddenly, it’s a love song. It’s not just Kansas anymore. It’s family and friends and the people they’ve saved saying, “Carry on- you will find peace.”