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Trickster Tuesday


Title: Trickster Tuesday

Character: Reader, Gabriel, Sam, and Dean

Word Count: 660-ish

Warning: Absolutely None

Request by @the-great-irene said: Hi could you write something Gabriel and the reader? Like the reader and Gabriel are best friends and they hang out and prank people when they get together?

A/N:I had absolutely zero choice except to post this on a Tuesday. Hope you like it! Enjoy!!!!

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Did that mannequin just wave at me? Taking a few steps back you stared into the store front window at the mall. It moved! I knew it! That mannequin was definitely waving. Hang on. That can only mean.

“You got it babe, I’m back!”

“Gabriel!!” you turned and gave him a huge hug. “What are you doing here?”

“Got bored. Wanted to have fun. You in?” He cocked his eyebrow at you which you knew meant trouble.

“Who are you thinking of screwing with today?”

“Who’s annoyed you the most recently?” Oh, this is gonna be good.

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Things that only SPN fandom can understand:
  • “Oh my Chuck!”
  • “Carry on my wayward soOOOOOon” means “somebody’s gonna die”
  • “Adam? Who the fuck is Ad- Ooooh, right!”
  • “It’s just a car!”: fandom screaming
  • “Why does everyone have to die!?”
  • Lucifer and Death are good guys
  • Metatron is not.
  • Don’t get stuck on tuesday
  • “How can Sam get wifi everywhere?”
  • “It’s funnier in enochian”
  • Dean is the pizzaman
  • There are a lot of ways to say “I love you”
  • Twist and Shout
  • “How can this cast be so fucking attractive!?”
  • God is bisexual
  • Thinking “I kinda miss the apocalypse”
  • “I can dig Elvis”: fandom heartbreak
  • “Bitch”, “Jerk”, “Idiot”, “Assbutt”.
  • Your social life ended with “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days”
  • “I usually suffer from insomnia” actually means “I usually spend the night reading Destiel fanfictions”
  • “Why do I still watch this show?”
Happy Tuesday

It’s Tuesday! Good morning everyone!!!

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