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Happy Spam Saturday! - #17 - Part II

This week we have Charlie Bradbury, requested by anon, and Jacksepticeye, requested by @devil-in-a-winchester (click *here* for Jack).

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First Look at BBC’s New Fantasy-Adventure ‘Atlantis’

This past week, BBC graced us with a first look at their new SuperNatural Saturday Fantasy-Adventure,Atlantis

Now, those of you that are wondering, yes this show is about the lost city of Atlantis (snaps for you!).

There really has not been a lot of info released about this new show.

What I do know so far is the following…


So, I watched the first half of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries (Supernatural Saturdays on BBC America, pretty sexy stuff!) and there is a definite potential that I will come to love BSG. From what I understand, the miniseries is paced a lot slower than the series so I’m looking forward to BSG proper. Aaaand it’s probably worth watching just for Mark Sheppard in later seasons.


Thanks,  Steph J

Open-Ended Saturday

For the last day of Fanfiction Appreciation Week

 Is there a fic that didn’t fit the other categories? Feature it now! 

Because I haven’t actually rec’d her yet and totally SHOULD: captainawesomeellie . @captainawesomeellie the first story I read by her was

Match Me Destiel, Explicit, over 80k words  Supernatural
Not your normal Soulmate AU - totally awesome, a bit dark but totally awesome. Expect some twists :D

What I take With Me  Destiel, AU, over 56k words Supernatural
Castiel is a soldier, Dean is selectively mute - this ones got a lot of pining, and tears, definitely tears, but an AWESOME story.

BONUS CHALLENGE: If you’re a writer, self rec yourself today. You deserve to get recognition for your work, too!

I’m a (fairly) new writer - but I have 2 finished “Long Fics” and 2 in process. I have a medium sized fic at abotu 13k and quite a few short fics at around 10k or less. 

I’m mostly focused on the Supernatural Fandom but I also have Doctor Who, Star Trek (old and new), Marvels Power Pack, Ranma ½ and a generic sci fi. Some of them even crossover (Doctor Who with Supernatural, with Star Trek (old) and with Power Pack)

I think the ones I’m proudest of would have to be:

 The Things He Kept (parts 1 AND 2 ) (Supernatural)
Destiel, Canon, SFW, 

Summary: Who knew an Angel of the Lord was a kleptomaniac? 
or What happens when Dean is left with nothing but Castiels trench coat.

How an Angel of the Lord being a kleptomaniac eventually leads to confessions and first kisses…


Two Makes One (one shot) (Star Trek Reboot/Movies verse)
McKirk, Canon, SFW
Summary: Soul Mates are rare, so rare that even having heard the stories about them as a child when most others didn’t even know the stories ever existed, Leonard McCoy completely forgot about them.

Decades later, and he’s forgotten the signs, doesn’t understand whats happening until it’s too late. He’s fallen too deep for one Captain James T. Kirk.

That should make him happy right? Problem is, Leonard doesn’t believe he deserves this.