i just thought about cas walking through a nature reserve or a national park in very early spring, when everything is just starting to sprout. the earth is waking and cas is walking through the trees, looking out of place in a trench coat and dress shoes. he smiles at the rivers and waterfalls, and gently strokes the trees. 

the next day or week after rangers are walking through, checking on their parks and reserves, and they see all of these plants in full-on bloom. may/june flowering plants are wide the fuck awake in the middle of march and all of the summer plants are active and covered in leaves and flowers. this lasts through the summer and on into fall, and it isn’t until the first snows that these plants decide the sleep

it’s written into the brochures about the parks, this incident that takes place rarely, where a few miles of trail flowers early and keeps flowering for too long

plants just so desperate to be alive, to witness. cas says nothing of course, he just greets his friends every couple of years, complimenting them on their beauty and vigor


Supernatural: Monster of the Week
WEEK 1 OF 12 · Ghosts

You’re wrong you know… about Supernatural. No offense, but I’m not sure you get what the story is about… In real life, he sales stereo equipment, I fix copiers. OUR lives suck. But to be Sam and Dean, to wake up every morning and save the world. To have a brother who would die for you, well, who wouldn’t want that.
⋉ 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters ⋊

  • Dr. Fuller:You were referred to me by a Dr. Babar in Chicago.
  • Sam:That’s right.
  • Dr. Fuller:Isn’t there a children’s book about an elephant named Babar?
  • Dean:I don’t know. I don’t have any elephant books. Look doctor, I think the doctor was in over his head with this one (points at Sam). Cause my brother’s... (whistles and makes circles with his finger).
  • Dr. Fuller:Okay fine, thank you, that’s really not necessary. Why don’t you tell me how you’re feeling, Alex?
  • Sam:I’m fine. I mean, okay, a little depressed, I guess.
  • Dr. Fuller:Alright – any idea why?
  • Sam:Probably because I started the apocalypse.
  • Dr. Fuller:The apocalypse?
  • Sam:Yeah. That’s right.
  • Dr. Fuller:And you think you started it.
  • Sam:Well yeah. I mean, I killed this demon – Lilith – and I accidentally freed Lucifer from Hell. So now he’s topside, and we’re trying to stop him.
  • Dr. Fuller:Who is?
  • Sam:Me. Him. And this one angel.
  • (Dean looks on, rolling his eyes).
  • Dr. Fuller:Oh, you mean like an angel on your shoulder.
  • Sam:No no. His name’s Castiel. He wears a trench coat.
  • Dean:See what I mean, doc? I mean the kid’s been beating himself up about this for months! The apocalypse wasn’t his fault.
  • Dr. Fuller:It’s not?
  • Dean:No. There was this other demon, Ruby? She had him addicted to demon blood, and near the end he was practically chugging the stuff. My brother’s not evil. He was just... high. So, could you fix him up so we could get back to traveling around the country and hunting monsters?
  • Dr. Fuller:(smiles weakly, then picks up his phone).
  • Urma? Cancel my lunch.

Supernatural Season 5 pics. 

This season begins where season 4 left off, with Lucifer being released from his cage, and the apocalypse has begun. The boys discover that Dean is the Archangel Michael’s true vessel, and that he will be used to fight Sam who is Lucifer’s true vessel. The main goal of the season is finding all the Four Horsemen rings to open Lucifer’s cage and throw him back in. At the end of the season, Sam says yes to Lucifer, and they discover that Adam, their half-brother can also be Michael’s vessel and he says yes. So, there is an epic showdown between Sam and Adam or if you prefer, Lucifer and Michael. In the end they both get thrown into the pit, and Dean now alone, goes to find Lisa, his old girlfriend. For the season end we see Dean having dinner with Lisa and her son, but when the camera pans out we see Sam standing outside watching. 

My reaction to the ending of Supernatural, Season 5

When Sam got possessed:

When Castiel/Bobby died:

When Sam Le jumped into the portal O’ Doom:

When Dean just went over to Lisa’s all broken and sad without Sam:

When Sam was just chillin outside their house:

Then I was like… Hold the fuck up.

He’s gonna be all fucked up now. 



Just finished season 5 of Supernatural and I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. But…. I really should work on packing. I kinda watched two episodes more than I had originally told myself I would this morning. So…off to pack and I’ll reward myself with more Supernatural later. Maybe. Unless my roomie wants to watch something with me when she’s awake.

*sigh* I sooooo don’t want to move. Or pack. This is…I think my 10th move since fall of 2006? Oy vey. And that doesn’t count all the times I had to go home to my parents house for a couple of weeks for various health reasons. Oy vey.