Kas' 2.5K Follower Writing Challenge!

Thank you all so much for the 2.5K followers! You guys have been with me through thick and thin, you all are the best! My life has been insane this year, but things are settling down so I’ll be more active. You guys are so amazing, and I’m so happy to have all of you in my life! 

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So to celebrate this huge milestone, I’m going to be hosting my first Writing Challenge

Kas’ 2.5K Dialogue Prompt Challenge!


  1. You may pick only one prompt and pairing. If we happen to have extra then you can pick another if you want. Just send me an ASK with whatever prompt  you would like. Send me three choices just in case the one you want is taken and let me know what pairing it will be.
  2. There is no word length, I happen to enjoy long stories! ;)
  3. It can be anything from a drabble, one shot, mini series, whatever you guys want it to be.
  4. It can include angst, smut, fluff. It can also be an AU if you want whatever floats your boat
  5. All entries for the challenge will be due on July 1, 2017 12:00am PST.
  6. Must include Kas’ 2.5K dialogue challenge in the first five tags.
  7. And above all else please tag me! If I don’t like a reblog it, it’s probably because I didn’t see it.

After July 1, 2017 I will be making a masterlist for all of the submissions. That way everyone will be able to read all you amazing fics!

Let’s get this celebration started!

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I’ve Got This

Break the Zone Challenge- “Literally everything about this is illegal”-less than 1000 words

Characters: Sam, Dean,. and Reader


St. Katherine’s Hospital St. Louis, MO

No one was paying any attention to the people in the dark car yelling at each other in the parking lot.  In fact, everyone was ignoring the raised voices emanating from the black Impala.  Folks were way too busy dealing with sickness and dying and all the other scary shit that happened at hospitals.

“I don’t like this one damn bit.” Dean Winchester muttered from the back seat, clutching his side.  He was very pale and sweating profusely.  The bandage on his side was saturated with blood.

I whipped around in the front seat to face him angrily. “If I wanted your opinion I’d ask for it, Dean! Those bite marks are infected and you know it! So unless you wanna go to the ER and try to explain them, I am doing this! Now sit back and shut the hell up!”

Dean scowled at me but said nothing.

I fiddled with the hospital ID pinned to my scrub top that Sam had made me at Kinko’s.

“There has to be another way..” Sam said in a worried voice.

I sighed. We’d had this conversation numerous times already. “There isn’t, Sam. He can’t go to the ER, and Cas is MIA. Dean needs serious antibiotics, and some heavy duty pain meds.”

Sam gave me his classic bitchface. “You know literally everything about this is illegal, right?”

I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at him. “Yeah, because we’ve never broken the law before.”

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How to become a dad?

Summary: Dean found out from Sam that he has a daughter and aslo that you are dead. How is he going to deal with your daughter ? What will happen to them ?

Prompt: Single Parents

Pairing : None

Word Count : 3225

Warning : Angst, Character dead, alcohol, blood

A/N : Hi Everyone. Here is my entry for @curliesallovertheplace celebration challenge, I am sorry i am late for this but i had a hard time writing this and i aslo had personal reason that made me have a writing block. Thank you to @secretlyfurrydragon and @mrswhozeewhatsis for betaing this. Thanks to @thing-you-do-with-that-thing for letting me use her names because i wasn’t impirate for this one. Hope you all like it

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Dean Pov

“(Y/N) is dead?” Dean’s heart broke at every syllable of the words while Sam nodded.

Dean waved him off, not wanting to hear him. He walked toward the stairs, then turned to face Sam not sure of what he just heard.

“What!?” he asked in shock.

Sam sighed. “(Y/N)… (Y/N), she had a daughter, your daughter.”

Dean shook his head. “No. No… I only saw (Y/N) 3 months ago,” he mumbled, not understanding. ‘How could we have a daughter? Unless…’

He glanced up at Sam. Dean could tell Sam knew it was just a matter of time for him to understand that 16 years ago after a night, yeah, a hell of a night with (Y/N), she must have had his daughter. Dean didn’t expect a 16-year-old girl to walk into his life.

“W… Where is she?” he asked.

“Right here,” a female voice said behind him.

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That Time At A Carnival

A/N: This was written for @one-shots-supernatural - Kayla’s Birthday Challenge My prompts were “When I saw you, the world just stopped.” & I) Small town fair/carnival. The dialogue prompt  is bolded. Please enjoy and remember feedback is always appreciated.

Summary: You are on a date with Crowley when he asks about your feelings for him.

Crowley x Hunter!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Slight Angst.

Words: 1057

Beta’d by the wonderful @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname

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You smiled as Crowley took a bite of the cotton candy; you knew he was just doing this for you but it made you happy.


You shook your head, “oh, nothing.”

He rose a brow.  “Tell me.” You stood up from the bench you had been sitting on and grabbed his hand.

“let’s go ride the ferris wheel?”

“Fine, but just so you know, I will get it out of you later.” You giggled as you squeezed his hand and headed towards the ferris wheel.

“I’m sure you will.”

It didn’t take you long to get on the ride; the line was fairly short, probably because it was getting close to closing time and everyone was going home.

Once the ride started going, Crowley cleared his throat, gaining your attention. “I don’t get it; you’re a hunter and you know I’m the king of Hell, yet you keep insisting that I take you out on dates.”

You smiled sweetly at him, “I know it may be wrong; but I’m in love with you. I’ve told you this before.”

He smiled then sighed, “but why?.”

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Kat’s 700 Follower/Blog Birthday Writing Challenge!

I finally hit 700 followers, woohoo!!! And, in just under a month, this blog is turning 1 year old!! So to celebrate, I’ll be hosting my first ever writing challenge!!

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  1. Following me is not necessary but very much appreciated
  2. Please send me an ASK if you wanna join, no reblogs, replies, or PMs
  3. The ASK should include your prompt number (plus a backup just in case), whatever character(s) you wanna write for, pairing or relationship (ex- sister!reader, dean x reader, etc.), and if you’ll be submitting it from a sideblog let me know
  4. Minimum words is 500. No maximum word limit, so go nuts! But if your fic is longer than 1k, PLEASE PUT A KEEP READING OR I WON’T REBLOG IT
  5. Must be reader insert
  6. Sister!reader or daughter!reader is absolutely not necessary but definitely preferred
  7. You can choose whatever character(s) you would like to write about, just no ships please
  8. Please don’t make your submission part of an ongoing series unless you’ve talked to me about it
  9. Can be fluffy, angsty, or any combination of the two, but absolutely NO SMUT

Make sure to tag me @family-business-one-shots and use the tag #kat’s700birthdaywritingchallenge in the first 5 tags. Also, make it clear in the beginning of your fic, preferably the Author’s Note, what your prompt was.

Due Date is 12 AM EST on July 26, which gives you plenty of time!

If I haven’t reblogged or liked your fic (likes will come from @teamfreewill-vs-theworld, my main blog) with 24-48 hours of you posting it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I swear I won’t bite, pinky promise. Just shoot me a message and I’ll check it out. Same goes for extensions. If you need one, just ask me. I’m more than happy to oblige.

And now… the PROMPTS! Fun fact: Almost all of these are actual quotes said by my friends and I that were recorded on our band trip.

  1. “No, wheels only go one way.”
  2. “What’s the turtle, and why should I fear it?”
  3. “This is gonna be horrible because 1) I’m pale and 2) someone’s just gonna pass out.”
  4. “Look! There’s either a plane or a very large bird.” “That’s a big chicken.”
  5. “Mushrooms don’t have hair, dumbass.”
  6. “Why are you wearing a long-sleeve shirt and long-sleeve pants?”
  7. “We already established that Florida was its own America.”
  8. “Normal people don’t love their pillows that much, you weirdo.”
  9. “Listen, bud, I’ve been a Girl Scout for twelve goddamn years.”
  10. “Maryland doesn’t exist.”
  11. “Whose underwear is that and why is it on my bed?”
  12. “How do you want to eat them – like a bite or like a dog?”
  13. “You have the attention span of a grape.”
  14. “It’s sunburn. What do you think it’ll do, cool you down?” “Yes. Sun… cold.”
  15. “Birds don’t talk, but I don’t know what sounds birds make, okay?”
  16. “You don’t think it can get any worse, and then Pitbull shows up.”
  17. “Are those the Wiggles?”
  18. “MUSTACHES!”
  19. “Stop shaking your butt at me!”
  20. “Finding Emo - it happens to every kid in the sixth grade.”
  21. “It’s the ghost of a churro.”
  22. “Why use a napkin when you have a mouth?”
  23. “Jeez, you’re really excited about that pickle!”
  24. “You try reading the damn map upside down.” “I can’t read.”
  25. “You’re gonna cash out the cow?” 
  26. “Stop it. You’re disrespecting the cow.”
  27. “I really don’t need a step by step on how to shake my butt, thanks.”
  28. “I feel like a pirate.”
  29. “You may question my motives, you may question my methods, but no one questions my brownies.”
  30. “I was singing the Cheetah Girls. That’s always necessary.”
  31. “I swear, you have the maturity level of a baked bean.”
  32. “You can’t stop me, I have the esophagus.”
  33. “I have hands but no birds.”
  34. “You know how you have apple smoked bacon? If the pope smokes the weed, then you have weed smoked pope.”
  35. “These sunglasses sure make it hard to see in the dark.”
  36. “I believe the appropriate phrase is ‘Boo-yah.’”
  37. “I gotta warn you – I look damn good in a tutu.”
  38. “I am the hype!”
  39. “Excuse you, I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say.”
  40. “Well, that’s a new one.”
  41. “I have one of those? Oh, god, I have two of those!”
  42. “You’d think hell would have beds with spikes, or spiders, or spikey spiders… Spikers.”
  43. “Oh no, don’t mind me, I’m just a little bit absolutely livid.”
  44. “By the way, I only hit you because I have pent up aggression against your father.”
  45. “I sank their boats… and their whales.”
  46. “Oh, god, natural light!”
  47. “That’s Disney evil!”
  48. “That door just bitch slapped me!”
  49. “Fine, what are you not doing up on the roof?”
  50. “If you two are the best hope for our survival, we’re all doomed.”

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Lyss’ Supernatural/Undertale Challenge

So I hit 300 followers, wow, thank you all so much for whatever reason it is you follow me. I have been a part of so many challenges and I want to host my own so here goes.

I am a fan of the RPG game Undertale, if you have never played or even heard of the game that is totally fine. So for the challenge, you can pick one of the 100 original songs to use as a theme setter for your fic. 

And some rules: 

  • You have until Thursday June 22nd  to post your fic. You can enter anywhere between now and then just need your fic before  June 22nd.
  • If you need an extension just ask.
  • To enter, send me an ask with the number of the song on the list you would like to write. Only one person per song.
  • You can write about any character from the Supernatural universe or you can write an RPF, but it must be reader insert.
  • You can write angst, fluff, crack, AU, just please no smut. Smut makes me uncomfortable and I won’t read it. Implied, however, is fine.
  • There is NO minimum or maximum word count. Only got inspired for 200 words? Cool. Got a little carried away and now you are faced with 10,000 words? I will read it all.
  • Never written before? Make this your first. No need to follow me to enter, it would just be nice. :)
  • When posting your fic, TAG ME and tag your fic with #Lyss’ Supernatural Undertale Challenge (Long I know, sorry)
  • Remember warnings.
  • If I don’t like it within a day or so, send me an ask with the link or a link through messages as tumblr likes to screw with people.
  • After I get all the fics, I will put them into a masterlist, on my masterlist.

All song titles under the cut and how to listen them if you don;’t know where to find them.

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Easter Writing Challenge!

Hey guys, so as you can probably guess I am going to be launching an Easter Writing challenge, just message me for the number and prompt that you want and I’ll put you down! The deadline will be April 20th so you have just over a month.

  • The rules are super easy; No non-con or super underage allowed, angst is allowed but it’s gotta have a happy ending! I will allow Wincest, Destiel or Sastiel but they have to be incorporated in with the reader somehow, and obviously reader insert.
  • Once posted the first tag must be #JaredPadasexyyEaster, that way I can find your submission easily and you gotta tag me in it.
  • Anyone can enter but haters can fuck off, as previously mentioned you can do those ships but only use the characters; Sam, Dean, Cas or Reader please. There is no word count really but it should be at least 1K.
  • Bonus points if you add in something to do with Easter.
  • The prompts are under the cut, they are in a mix of speech, actual prompts and anything else.
  • Hope you all enjoy and participate, tell your friends and get them to join in!

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THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE |  adoringjensen vs galaxystiel
round 28 | Brothers + Favourite Outfits | Dean’s Henleys & Sam’s Red Plaid

Castieltrash1′s 300+ Follower Challenge!

Originally posted by pierce-my-panic


Ok here’s the plan! I’m pretty busy with my own writing and challenges so I making my own! Here all the rules.


-Choose a song from below - there are 10 so sign up quickly!

-Your fic must have the song included in some way - lyrics, based off of, or playing in the background are all good!

-Send me an ask with your song and character/ship - NO ANON

-Can be any SPN ship or an X Reader

-Fluff, angst, and smut are allowed!

-Please tag any warnings or NSFW

-Tag me in it! I’ll reblog it when I can, if I don’t after a day please message me!

-Deadline is June 9th and you can sign up any day before that

-Please message me if you need an extension! I’m fine with that <3

-A master list of all the fics will be made later

-The winner will receive a follow from me and a one-shot of their choosing.

-Have fun!


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